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gonna not to

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gonna not to

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gonna not to
  • 702 Not Gonna
    ""Intro: I've got to find me a new guy. Uh, supa fly, Orish, 702, hot, come on. Verse One: Oh why, oh why so stupid of me, To take you back so easily. I'm going, going out of my mind, To take you back"
  • Anti-Flag Not Gonna Change
    "the only people that i bow down to are my family it kind of sucks that my loved ones don't let me do what I want to do grandma always says to me "it's just a phase" well wake up grandma It's"
  • Gaither Vocal Band Not Gonna Worry
    "Im not gonna worry,im not gonna fret. i not gonna speculate on contemplate on how it might have been. im not gonna worry,he's got the whole things in his hands. I wont let it haunt me, I wont let it win. Im"
  • Skillet Not Gonna Die
    "Death surrounds My heartbeat’s slowing down I won’t take this world’s abuse I won’t give up, I refuse! This is how it feels when you’re bent and broken This is how it feels when your dignity’s stolen When"
  • Tracie Spencer Not Gonna Cry
    "Yesterday you told me that I was crazy while all this time you said that I was your baby I tried to look beyond your lies but I refuse to waste another tear and cry over you I really should see it comin'"
  • Mya Not Gonna Drop
    "Oohhh Oohhh Oohhh OoOohhh [ Chorus : ] I am stronger than before I have risen from a fall I will break down anything in my way Without looking back at all I am stronger than before Not a thing can hold"
  • Sky Harbor Not Gonna Change
    "Well you look at me, the rebellion I speak, you try to say that it's conformity You think that I am different, well you're right You try to tell me, yo, how to live my life, acting like I'm wrong and you're"
  • Avril Lavigne Not Gonna Run
    "I wake up in the morning Put on my face The one thats gonna Get me through another day It doesn't really matter ...how i feel inside ...this life is like A game sometimes But then you came around me The"
  • The Presidents of the United States of America Not Gonna Make It
    "We're not gonna make it Oh, no! We're not gonna make it cause there's a million better bands With a million better songs Singers who can drum Singers who can sing Deep in my heart, I do believe We're"
  • Natalie Merchant I'm Not Gonna Beg
    "I'm not gonna beg you for nothing I'm not gonna beg you for your love Straight talk, give me the straight talk Tell me what's on your mind if it ain't love I'm not gonna beg you for nothing I'm not gonna"
  • Blackfoot Not Gonna Cry Anymore
    "Well I've been up, I've been down, I've been jilted, jacked around, Treated bad by my best friend. So close to tears again, Not Gonna Cry Anymore, I'm Not Gonna Cry Anymore, Oh no, Ah yes, Tried so hard"
  • Honeyz Not Even Gonna Trip
    "Since you only wanna lie to me I guess I'll forget about all the things All the things and everything u told me (especially the thoughts about your feelings) Found out about the other one I guess you could"
  • Longwave We're Not Gonna Crack
    "We're not gonna crack, Not a bit, We're not gonna stop, At nothing. Anything you do, it's nothing changed Anywhere you go, We're coming in. And when it gets in you, It sets in you, And then you know"
  • Children Of Bodom We're Not Gonna Fall
    "Woah yeow They try kicking and screaming Contation break us apart In life..... will hold you down I'm sorry give my life to you Another day you fall and I get away Pushing and screaming cause They found Hey Take"
  • Peter Tosh Not Gonna Give Up
    "''Chorus:'' I'm not gonna give it up I'm not goin' I'm not gonna give it up I'm not goin' I will be fighting I've got to be fighting I will be fighting Til Africa And Africans are free I said that I been"
  • B5 How You Not Gonna
    "You dont have time To worry bout where i be going Im on the grind making moves Its about to start showing We gonna be fine I want you around when the chips start flowing Dont stop rolling, cuz i be rolling If"
  • R.Kelly Not gonna hold on
    "Can't you see we were meant to be, oh babyDown for each other for eternity, oh baby, babyLet me know if you're out of my life(Don't hang on) Don't hang on to my heart and say bye-byeI used to be the one"
  • Untamed You're Not Gonna Score
    "I caught you last week checking me out, boy what did you think? And then you called and lost your cool, boy wipe your chin, you're starting to drool. Now where'd you get my number? I really have to"
  • R. Kelly Not Gonna Hold On
    "Can't you see we were meant to be, oh baby Down for each other for eternity, oh baby, baby Let me know if you're out of my life (Don't hang on) Don't hang on to my heart and say bye-bye I used to be the"
  • Youth Brigade Not Gonna Take It
    "it's ok to scream out loud that way you feel so helpless and no one seeems to care they say they do but when you need a friend its not their problem they just don't understand now's the time to express"

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