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gonna shadow

  • Shadow - Austin Mahone
    "You walk into the room So perfect but unaware Making you stop and stare Everytime I heard he broke your heart Can I just fix you girl? Show you a different world I take you anywhere I push you on a throne I"
  • Moon shadow - Cat Stevens
    "Yes I'm bein' followed by a moon shadow moon shadow moon shadow. Leapin' and hoppin' on a moon shadow moon shadow moon shadow. And if I ever lose my hands lose my power lose my land - Oh if I ever lose"
  • Silver Shadow - Atlantic Starr
    "Silver shadow Glowing shadow Shining brightly For all to see I remember gazing on this quiet night The stars were bright as they could be Wonderin' if things would ever go right And if there was a spot"
  • Sister Shadow - Aztec Camera
    "Words and music by Roddy Frame Here she comes now sister in shadow Lights up my day 'til there's no tomorrow Almond eyes set in olive skin, Betray the anger burnin' white within There she goes dumbin'"
  • Shadow Eaters - Edguy
    "The planets are shaking their heads at the earth Oh what has become of their sister in blue Don't be deterred, agent provocateur As you parade while you know someone's aiming at you People's backstreet"
  • Shadow Walker - Mekong Delta
    "He was thinking it out and started writing it down the crazy thoughts in his head He was on a roll to find his self control but it was taking it's toll instead Meanwhile outside as the normal crowd did"
  • Shadow Self - Kevin Gilbert
    "I'm a sick man. A very sick man. I don't expect you to understand There I am - Just look at me I walk among you in talked of men And I am power's most vital friend There I am - You're looking at me But"
  • Touch My Shadow - Ultra Orange
    "This trip is no return and nothing's gonna stop me remember to forget me and don't forget to remember this: nobody will touch my shadow nobody will touch my shadow I emptied my heart down the road I'm"
  • Shadow Of Damnation - Sodom
    "I saw your face in the crowd Impressed so deep inside my heart Nothing gonna stop me now Seduce this little whore Your soul was dipped in venom Your dignity with angel's words Sweetness of your dirty"
  • Me & My Shadow - Robbie Williams
    "Me and my shadow (duet with jonathan wilkes) Written by dave dreyer, al jolson and billy rose (spoken) Robbie: (american accent) johnny and robbie Jonathon: what you talking like that for, you're from"
  • The Shadow Lands - Ala Boratyn
    "Whatcha do when you see their eyes looking from under black hoods they shine as they emerge coming from a very terrifying gate its a place where only you can see the lost faces of souls shiver with cold from"
  • Shadow Of Love - Samantha Cole
    "Samantha cole, berry cosgrove, kevin clark When you came into my life so suddenly Baby I wasn't sure if it ever would be But deep down inside the love was so right Never thought I could feel this way Baby"
  • Black Shadow Symphony - Westworld
    "Shot down in cold blood fever Spread the news as fast as you can Get it out to all the fine people They wanna know But they don't wanna understand Some kid, a little bit hyper Takes his medicine"
  • Shadow Of Def - Brave Saint Saturn
    "''Yo, I'm a, I'm a crazy fresh, crazy fresh, crazy silly fresh DJ. Bam! Cradle rock style!'' Yo Now sit right back as I bust a rhyme I've got the freshest beats and I'm always on time I'm the baddest"
  • Shadow Of Hate - Silent Mourning
    "I hate you and everything, you fucking stand for you fucking walking waste. You take my life and leave the grief, for every fucking minute there is no relief. In my eyes you see the burn, of a flame"
  • Walk In My Shadow - Free
    "Walk in my shadow My throat is dry My knees are weak It's so damned hot I can't even speak Walk in my shadow I can't take it anymore When I get you in the shadows I gonna show you what it's for Yes I"
  • Shadow Of Your Love - Guns N' Roses
    "took my changes carelessly I said I choked on my own cigarette you can hand me another bottle of whiskey baby but you haven’t seen the worst yet now I’m reckless gonna have some fun I had a woman who"
  • Shadow Of The Night - McAuley Schenker Group
    "Shadows fallin' on my face Every night she takes her place Oh! How I wonder The spell she puts me under Only neonlight, takes the place of daylight How broken hearted, when day and night are parted. She's"
  • Walk In My Shadow - Ghost Dance
    "Dont tell me what I want Dont tell me what I need Dont say you know whats best for me Ive had enough of dancing to your tune So listen up Ive got news for you From now on Im gonna play to win And I dont"
  • Shadow Of The Dead - Anti-Flag
    "'''(Verse 1)''' (Tonight, tonight, tonight) I'm gonna stay awake Safe inside this Trojan horse until day breaks (Open it up, tear it up, fuck it up) In the streets runs a river red knee deep Hidden in"

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