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good bay freddie mercury

    "Mama just killed a man Put a gun against his head Pulled my trigger, now he's dead. Mama, life had just begun But now I've gone and thrown it all away. Mama, ooh, didn't mean to make you cry, If I'm not"
  • Listening To Freddie Mercury (Acoustic/Live) - Emery
    "Every once in a while I think Im lying Take it to the bank; I believe every word I say Then again this is when you start your prying But theres a thought it could be true But this just isnt how I imagined"
  • On Mercury - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    "I've got myself in a masochistic hold why don't you let go shake it off just to redirect my flow come on let's go Sit up straight I'm on a double date I've got to find my way into the light heavy middle"
  • Mercury Towers - Steve Kilbey
    "Well it's been a long day I can't wait to slip out of my skin And it's been a long way I can't decide what state I'll be in I live in the tower It's only an hour away from here I live in the tower Out"
  • Kiss Me Good-bay - Buck-Tick
    "Afureru hitomi tojita mama tsumetaku nureta kuchibiru ni Kiss me good-bye kore de owari to make me cry Kanashii yokanchiri nagara shiroku ukanda kubisuji ni Kiss me good-bye setsunaku daite make me cry Koe"
  • Montego Bay - Amazulu
    "(Oh) Vernon'll meet me when the Boeing lands Keys to the MG will be in his hand Adjust to the driving and I'm on my way It's all on the right side of Montego Bay Sing out Oh, oh Come sing me la (La) Come"
  • Montego Bay - Bobby Bloom
    "Vernon'll meet me when the BOAC lands Keys to the M.G. will be in his hands Adjust to the driving and I'm on my way It's all on the right side in Montego Bay Sing out, oh, whoa, oh, whoa, oh, whoa, oh Come"
  • Omar Bay - State Radio
    "Dear Mr. Omar Bay, Heard news that you left today. You still countin' all them taxicabs, takin' you back to the time you have left? Do you well remember Vietnam, When you had a mother who loved her son? Did"
  • Botany Bay - Molly Maguire
    "Farewell to your bricks and mortar,farewell to your dirty lies Farewell to your gangers and gang planks, to hell with your overtime For the good ship Ragamuffin is lying at the quay to take oul Pat with"
  • Paradize Bay - Europe
    "(Joey Tempest) Lay your hand upon my shoulder say something That I want to hear Time will wash out every trace of sadness If only you are near I've tried so hard just to be somebody But now I'm found And"
  • Oyster Bay - Billy Joel
    "From my room, I see the blue Pacific Ocean Yes my hotel has me right beside the shore Well today it's San Francisco and tomorrow it's L.A. And I feel as though I've been this way before Well my woman helps"
  • Botany bay - Irish Folksongs
    "Oh I'm on my way down to the quayWhere a big ship now does lieFor to take a gang of navviesI was told to engageBut I thought I would call in for a whileBefore I went awayFor to take a trip in an emigrant"
  • Galway Bay - Bing Crosby
    "I need your love so badly, Ilove you, oh, so madly, But I dont stand a Ghost of a chance with you! I thought at last Id found you, But other loves surround you, And I dont stand a Ghost of a chance with"
  • Tokyo Bay - The Academy Is...
    "I'm not impressed, the slightest bit, by anything that you said. Rinse and repeat your opinion of me, and all of my off-beat friends. While we'll be making plans, you'll be too cool to clash between these"
  • Moonlight Bay - Doris Day
    "Our lips shouldn’t touch Move over darling I like it too much Move over darling That gleam in your eyes is no big surprise anymore Cos you fooled me before I’m all in a spin Move over darling I’ve got"
  • Mercury Jones - Agents Of Good Roots
    "Just like Mercury Jones Styles change I stay the same Just like Mercury Jones Message fly Through the door And just like Mercury Jones Breathing all the evil to your mother's bones Now he's knocking at"
  • Au, Revoir, Mr. Mercury - Brazil
    "Mr. Mercury, (U.S. patent No. 55453xx54), a cast iron steam machine, Made the morning tea for the Admiral Gabardine Went out on an errand but came back too late The runabout was idling behind the gate Mr."
  • Mercury - Shamen
    "Mercury ufo, the messenger, from the lord of zion Conveying grace to those below in jericho Mercury ufo, the messenger, from the lord of zion Transcending space to seminate the crystal Mercury ufo, the"
  • Mercury - Ocean Blue
    "Quietly, almost elusively Almost invisibly, I found that I for a moment Had slipped away. Ripped in two, then pasted back again, Then crumpled up inside, Then tossed aside you know that It feels so bad. oh"
  • Mercury - Bloc Party
    "My Mercury's in retrograde My Mercury's in retrograde Merc-Merc-Mercury's in retrograde My Mercury's in retrograde Mercury Mercu-Mercury's in Mercury Merc-Merc-Mercury's in Mercury Mercu-Mercury's"

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