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good for nothing

  • Good For Nothing - Chicago
    "I helped my good friend's brother Out of trouble when he was in jail I was rushed 'cause I got lucky Paid his lawyer and I paid his bail Glad to be able just to pay the price The price it took to set"
  • Good For Nothing - Stiff Little Fingers
    "you're good for nothing so watch your p's and q's best keep your nose clean and play it by our rules mind your way and don't make waves and you'll get used to knowing you're no use you're good for nothing you"
  • Good For Nothing - Ginuwine
    "Verse 1 Listen Like a bone without a pencil, Like his pimp without his man hoes no Like a field trip and I cant go, Like a bank account with no doe And just like me without you Baby I just know that Chorus Im"
  • Good For Nothing - Eurythmics
    "He works so hard with no holidays but all his clothes are tailor-made his mother said son "you've got it made" "well you had it made" "yesterday" but now it's all for nothing good for nothing he goes"
  • Nothing Good - Ron Sexsmith
    "He sees it coming from a mile away He knows all the rules by heart and so the game is played He's trading love for this sordid night of bliss Though nothing good, nothing good could ever come from this Nothing"
  • Your Good For Nothing Heart - Webb Pierce
    "Your good for nothing heart won't ever let to start Loving someone who would forever be true You don't know what you want it's plain and you're driving me insane As you go cheating cheating cheating round"
  • Good for Nothing at All - Psychopunch
    "Crying in my beer, I feel pretty cool Gonna waste away the night and be someone's fool It's the same old song and dance everywhere I go A sharp dressed piece of shit wanna run the show Stumbling"
  • Nothing - John Newman
    "I came here tonight, I know I’ve been reborn Give you one last chance before I move on I can’t stop remembering, it’s only tearing me apart I’m suffering, I’m struggling to get this all out of my heart "
  • Nothing - Zug Izland
    "Shot down your instincts, turned into a freak You said this was your first time How fast changes come for you to finally see Shallow plains for you to find what you... There's nothing left! For me on"
  • Nothing - Heather Nova
    "Nothing The truth comes over me like wine, like summer heat The world it moves too fast I miss my simple past And I can't see for all the things I think I need Brother take me out to where the reef ands where"
  • Nothing - Crazy Horse
    "I will say good-bye please don't cry I want you to know that I didn't lie Now Im looking at you I thinking about what to do If I could give a time Knowing that later would be mine So I wanna know, so I"
  • Nothing - BeerBong
    "BeerBong Miscellaneous Nothing Time goes by depression, Choosing wise length breaths, I Just walk one meter down A sort of quick-earth-ground. Looking backward and forward For those things I have forgiven"
  • Nothing - Jeremy Camp
    "Well I must have been good I must have been right To see you standing holding, holding me tight With your arms around me I know that you are there You're never in the distance I always know you're near"
  • Nothing - Chorus Line Soundtrack
    "Chorus Line Soundtrack Miscellaneous Nothing DIANA I'm so excited because I'm gonna go to the High School of Performing Arts, I mean I was dying to be a serious actress. Anyway, it's our first day acting"
  • Nothing - Dandy Warhols
    "You want for nothingThat's what you decideAlways on, always goneCause you all want nothingThat's you insideAlways good, always onAnd you only want nothingFor yourselvesAlways want the other sideYou could"
  • Nothing - Chorus line
    "I'm so excited because I'm gonna go to the High School of Performing Arts! I mean, I was dying to be a serious actress. Anyway, it's the first day acting class- and we're in the auditorium and the teacher, Mr."
  • Nothing - Crashdog
    "The winds of change are blowing from the right. Those who oppose are pushed out of sight. Signs of protest around but quickly none to be found, ignorance has got the rebels shoved to the ground. Taught"
  • Stood For Nothing - Sick Of It All
    "Desperate Little You We've seen the act and it won't do Helpless Pathetic you It's always something, It's always something Stood For Nothing (x4) Show some pride, show something You got no heart, you"
  • Nothing Could Be Good - Bee Gees
    "Baby, when there's only one embrace one is just enough for two When do I learn young fingers get burned Never my love Ha.. And when ev'ryone has been a friend Windy day we never knew Now nothing can stand"
  • Nothing Could Be Good - Awaken
    "(B+R+M. Gibb / A. Galuten) Baby when there's only one embrace One is just enough for two When do I learn Young fingers get burned Never my love And when everyone has been a friend Windy day we never knew Now"

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