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good luck

  • Good Luck - Basement Jaxx
    "(feat. Lisa Kekaula) Tell me tell me is life just a playground Think you're the real deal honey And someone'll always look after you But wake up baby You're so totally deluded You'll end up old and lonely If"
  • Good Luck - Kristy Lee Cook
    "I wish you well, I wish you the best And I hope you find, what you haven't yet You had the charm, the brains, and the looks Now all you need is a rabbit's foot Good luck trying to find somebody better"
  • Good Luck - Big D And The Kids Table
    "I've seen 22 years of life And I think I basically know what's going on As far as what life's not about, Well there's a cycle I won't be part of, But not because I don't think it's right, I must keep"
  • Good Luck - Criteria
    "i can't deny i'm ashamed so i try to hide it the fates have provided me with grace and it's been warmly invited i could see my good fortune today with good reason why i'm starting a life without luck today i'm"
  • Good Luck - Ani DiFranco
    "A throat with a heart in it stuck in traffic A ticket and a mind to fly, an alarm clock still drunk and high Sanity painted her mask on all the way across town A compact frown projected on a retina upside"
  • Good Luck - Backseat Goodbye
    "tripped one day in the middle of the road no one saw me, no one told me not to go and so i fell the sky felt tight in the middle of the night but i kept walking no one told me not to sigh 'cause i can't"
  • Good Luck - Counting Crows
    "Larry's in vegas..with some chick from L.A the best things are sevens and sex is just ok so please stay she said just stay cause there's a show at 11 and the drinks are all free you can do better for"
  • Good Luck - Marques Houston
    "Yeah Sick and tired of the same ol thing Seeing the came ol faces Check it out girl Ima sucker for you My homies always tell me Ima fool Cause now I dont do the things that I used too Now I see the"
  • Good Luck - Idiot Pilot
    "Luck out you might But don't rest on it Find out you like Separating hairs from skin If struggle operates As a driving force Then where's the hope I'm fighting for? If struggle operates As a driving force Then"
  • Good Luck - Britney Spears
    "(Chorus) I never promised you a happy ending You never said you wouldn't make me cry But summer love will keep us warm long after Our autumn goodbye, autumn goodbye, autumn goodbye. Thinking of you And"
  • Good Luck!! - Super Junior Happy
    "Hanbuhn mannabwa arabwa jarhaebwa Yuhgi ee nyuhsuhk sogaehaejulge kkotminamijiman ajigeun solo Suhnggyuhkdo gwaenchanhgo uirido jikineun jinjuhnghan chingu Hajiman jinan apeun sarange ajigeun manhi himideungabwa Ijeneun"
  • Luck - The Abs
    "You've got to rise up before you're rooted You're telling me The air of perception gets polluted You're telling me You've got to size up what you're achieving You've got to wise up and start believing Or"
  • Good luck bad luck - Howard Jones
    "The film script lies ahead Change the future, change the past Choose the players, choose the role Cast of thousands, cast of few Imagination decides the plot Play the good guy, play the bad Here's the"
  • Good Luck, Bad Luck - Lynyrd Skynyrd
    "(Ed King -Mike Estes) I ain't the son of the seventh son, black cats won't cross my path Good luck comes I just watch it run and it sure does run out fast I wasn't born under no bad sign, but it was Friday"
  • Good Luck Charm - Elvis Presley
    "(Aaron Schroeder - Wally Gold) Don't want a four leaf clover Don't want an old horse shoe Want your kiss 'cause I just can't miss With a good luck charm like you Come on and be my little good luck charm Uh-huh"
  • Good Luck Charm - Johnny O'Keefe
    "Don't want a four leaf clo-over Don't want an old horse shoe I want your kiss 'cause I just can't miss With a good luck charm like you Come on and be my little good luck charm Uh-uh-huh, you sweet deli-ight I"
  • Good Luck Charm - The Kinks
    "If a black cat crossed your path, little woman, Would you walk along with me? Don't have to worry 'bout a thing, girl, It's all right, you see. 'cause I'm a good luck charm, Honey, don't worry 'bout me. If"
  • Good Luck Morning - Walkabouts
    "Maybe you should disappear, And now I've warned you so. Bury your clothes out in the woods, And hide your letters 'neath the stove. There's a big house down in Wilkeson, where you can dance on tabletops."
  • Good Luck Charm - Jagged Edge
    "She's my light My shining star She's so dear to me yes she is yes she is My rabbits foot, my lucky charm Yes she is yes she is Whoa whoa whoa oooh [1] - Everytime that something good happens in my life- You're"
  • Good Luck Charm - Shades Apart
    "Picture out the window is razor sharp Horizontal lines stretch out so far Reach out for a hand in the dark Watching all the colors drifting by Look forever down that mountainside Feel the cool air rise"

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