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good lucky

  • Lucky - Lucky Twice
    "You can fool yourself I promise it will help Now every single day I just wanna hear you saying Laughing through the day Thinking you are never boring(?) Speeding through the night Maybe you not count"
  • Lucky - Eiffel 65
    "Music:lobina/randone, lyrics: lobina/gabutti Mixed by:angelica villella I've been lucky in my life I've been lucky I've been lucky in my life I know I've been lucky in my life I've been lucky and I thank"
  • Lucky - SR-71
    "I drown my girlfriend in her wishing well, I'm not afraid of afterlife hell. Cuz I live it everyday, I live it everyday. I lit a fire in my neighbors lawn, I dont know them, to me they were my pawns, Cuz"
  • Lucky - Warren Brothers
    "Sure looks good in the picture books Makes me stop and take second looks Yeah, lots of white sand on big white beach Everything right within my reach I wanna go where the grass is green But I guess I'll"
  • Lucky - Dead Milkmen
    "(1.2.3.huh) Little Billy drunk on beer Plops down behind the steering wheel His prom date pukes on her brand new dress He wonders who'll clean up the mess His car skids goes off the road Hits a tree and"
  • Lucky - 311
    "I'm takin' to the bridge and there's a different country I'm bringing with me the people I know deep down are funky Oh yeah we dap we got the juice it's on tap Never take the time to rewind all the weak"
  • Lucky One - Agents Of Good Roots
    "Lyrics: Winn Music: Winn Lyrics: I'm looking through the window Looking around For memories bound In a scrapbook I'm trying to remember What was the date When fate hit the stake And was burned down (chorus): But"
  • Lucky Lucky Luck - Evangelista
    "When I was a baby I was sweet as can be, I had a good heart but I had to kill it. 11 years old my blood ran cold...by 13 I had to spill it. I'm gonna take 5 minutes thinkin bout it baby. 13 years old"
  • The Lucky Twice Song - Lucky Twice
    "Lalala lalalalalalalalala Lalala lalalalalalalalala I heard you're daddy said That I messed with your head But I'm only setting you free Your mommy's uncool When I called you a fool And she tried to"
  • I'm so lucky lucky - Yuna
    "You can fool yourself I promise it will help now every single day I just wanna hear you saying laughing through the day thinking you are never boring speeding through the night maybe you not count the"
  • Lucky Me Lucky You - Lee Roy Parnell
    "Got a sack full of old lottery tickets I guess I oughta throw 'em away I threw a lot of money at the race track ponies But I never even won one race And you say every chain letter you ever got You passed"
  • Lucky Arms - Montgomery John Michael
    "He's got lucky arms He gets to hold her The way I know I never will again They're dancing close With her head on his shoulder Lucky arms, lucky heart, lucky him They don't see me standing in these shadows She"
  • Lucky Lips - Cliff Richard
    "When I was just a little baby I didn't have many toys, But my mama used to say, son, you've got more than other boys. Now you may not be good looking, and you may not be too rich. but you'll never ever"
  • Lucky Girl - Patti Scialfa
    "I never wanted nothing Baby you know it's true I never wanted nothing The way I wanted you I kept me hands clean I walked a good line I knew someday baby Someday you'd be mine And when fortune came to"
  • Lucky Man - Hurricane #1
    "Outside see the main street, people crying I'm not allowed to walk home after dark mama screams as dad jumps out the window I'm just another wasted soul here in the dark But when i turn the lights on and"
  • Lucky Town - Bruce Springsteen
    "House got too crowded clothes got too tight And I dont know just where Im going tonight Out where the skys been cleared by a good hard rain Theres somebody callin my secret name Im going down to Lucky"
  • Lucky Lips - Ruth Brown
    "When i was just a little girl with long silky curls Mama told me, "honey, you've got more that other girls. Now, you may not be good looking but you'll soon wear diamond clips And you'll never have to"
  • Gettin' Lucky - Head East
    "Gettin' lucky is the name of the game What you call it, it all means the same Put on your good looks and your dancing shoes Go downtown and try to shake those blues But you know, another night Another"
  • Lucky One - Admiral Freebee
    "It was summer's first spark Felt like finding the switch in the dark Hey, how little did I understand When she accidentally toutched my hand That the odds were in my favor They came in eighteen to one And"
  • Lucky Jim - McLusky
    "one line one lucky lucky jim she needs to be the story at the centre of the blast but all i wanted was a chance to get away since 1987 she's been living in my ass and her instincts are like anyones instincts fight"

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