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gora son

  • Gor-Gor - GWAR
    "Gor-Gor Gor-Gor Gor-Gor Gor-Gor Gor-Gor Gor-Gor Gor-Gor Gor-Gor Gor-Gor Gor-Gor Gor-Gor comes and sirens wail Mournful drone of babbling fail Thunderous gnashing firestorm Flames illuminate his form Gor-Gor"
  • Father & Son - Glay
    "Atarashii kazoku Chiisa na kutsu umaku haketara dekake you Sukoshi mae wa hashaide koi ni muchuu de Itsumademo futari dato tanjun ni omotteta Kono goro Oya no kurou ga sukoshi wakaru ki ga shite Majime"
  • Son - Juana Molina
    "las cosas sólo son los rayos, los rboles son las praderas, los desastres son las sombras y el calor el mar, la tierra son las piedras, los pjaros son sólo son sin albedro son los brillos, el color agradezco"
  • Son - Scott Weiland
    "Coolness is staring at the sun Coolness is driving with my son Time and time again I'm not the man Time and time again I'm not the one Now go to sleep you little...child of mine I wish I had the beauty...you"
  • Son - Golden Smog
    "h ello mom, i'm f ine w here the sun is d ying how's the w eather 'ro und my o ld homet own you see no w orry about my l iving s ay that alls forg iven what's l ost is bo und to be fo und -the rest is"
  • Son - The National
    "And if you follow me sonthe window wrap around youcarry from the groundyou will never be aloneYou wait one turn to sunlightthat's falling on a girlyou're still outside the worldShe's reading books from"
  • Son Son - Macaco
    "Qu ms da quin lo dijo? Si fue un profeta o si fue la vendedora del delantal La voz corre de boca en boca, Pidiendo auxilio, muy silenciosa Hay quien dice \"pa qu quejarse?\" Ya que est dicho, olvdate Hay"
  • Rolling son - Lady Pank
    "Hej, Mister Rolling Stone ! Co u pana słychać ? Czy się panu jeszcze chce śpiewem świat popychać ? Niby wszystko gra jak z nut Prawie się udało Rock and rolla mamy w bród Prawdy ciągle mało Prawdy ciągle"
  • Son Of The Son - Metal Church
    "Stabbing through the wind and rain all aboard the nowhere train, the calm before the storm surrounds you In between the here and now, somewhere in the lost and found, a king without a crown who shows no"
  • Sobe son - Gloria Estefan
    "Sobe son sobe son, sobe son sobe son, sobe son sobe son, muvelo que muvelo para gozar. Me limpia en el alma, me cura las penas, su movimiento de cintura me envenena, que es lo que veo, que es lo que pasa,"
  • Young Son - Brand Nubian
    "young young son, yea, dont let me down young son, uh huh, am trusting you young son, uh, dont let me down young son, uh huh, am trusting you young son, young son, dont let be down young son, uh huh, am"
  • Matthew & Son - Cat Stevens
    "Up at eight, you can't be late for Matthew & Son, he won't wait. Watch them run down to platform one And the eight-thirty train to Matthew & Son. Matthew & Son, the work's never done, there's always"
  • Fortunate Son - Bob Seger
    "Some folks are born made to wave the flag Ooh, they're red, white, and blue And when the band plays hail to the chief Ooh, they point the cannon at you, Lord It ain't me It ain't me I ain't no senator's"
  • My Son - Jan Howard
    "My son my son I pray that you'll come home to me my son my son It seems only yesterday the most important thing on your mind Was whether you'd make the baseball team or get the new school jacket Like all"
  • California Son - Adolescents
    "Came to a point, do I laugh or cry? Came to a point, do I quit or do I try? I called out, do you even exist? Why do you ask, came a voice from the missed Life's just begun California son Just have some"
  • Immigrant Son - Magnum
    "When you climb mountains so high And you can't pretend When the time's passed by Every story you have to defend There's a wrong way you could go And you've got to be strong Everyday you will know We'll"
  • Son chapeau - Dalida
    "Il arrivait tout droit de l'Est Ayant travers le Far-West Et les cow-boys du coin Regardaient en tmoins Ses revolvers briller de loin Il arrivait tout droit de l'Est Avec son cheval et le reste A l'htel"
  • Favorite Son - Green Day
    "He hit the ground running, At the speed of light. The star was brightly shining, Like a neon light. It's your favorite son. It's your favorite son. A fixture on the talkshows, To the silver screen. From"
  • Beautiful Son - Hole
    "You look good in my dress i get your friends to clean this mess You look good in my clothes I could feel where the doctor goes My beautiful son My beautiful soon My beautiful sooon My beautiful sooooon yeeeaaah nooo yeeeaaah I"
  • Undead Son - Tarot
    "I hear, I speak, counted the words all of my life. I see, I dream, if world's a womb, I'd be the knife. I run, I flee, your fingers just won't leave my head. I hear you speak for those I left for dead. I"

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