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gore gwizada
  • R.U.T.A. Gore!
    "Hej gore! Co gore? Hej gore! Co gore? Hej co gore, co gore? Wyjrzyj Gośka na pole Jeśli karczma daj nam znać Pójdziemy ją ratować Jeśli dwór Nie mów nic Bo tam bardzo biją żyć Bo bez karczmy bez żyda"
  • Hum Tum Gore Gore
    "Gore Gore Yeh Chore Gore Gore Yeh Chore Yeh Ishq Ishq Chilaatein Hai Oooh Yeah Yeh Gali Gali Mand Raatein Hai Oooh Yeah Yeh Ishq Ishq Chilaatein Hai Oooh Yeah Yeh Gali Gali Mand Raatein Hai Oooh Yeah Shaadi"
  • Suicide Gore
    "Assailant but victim Anti-humanitarian has fate Formidable arised Took the soul then the rest Possessed unstable, untamed Evolved and flourished Locomotion like apes Awakened hostile to the core Sages"
  • Junjo Romantica Gore
    "itsumade matte mo dare no koe mo kikoenakatta oshiete? BIRU no hazama ni jibun no kage ga ochi sou na toki mo hateshinaku owari no nai mainichi ga kuru to shinjite ita yatto kidzuita motto tsuyoku naru"
  • L.Stadt Gore
    "Changed in two days When he was sixteen Everybody talked so loud how badly it was seen Moved around in places And whispering his name like prayer Oh, Im not afraid to die for the other kind of love Oh,"
  • Lord Gore Lord Gore
    "Raise my banner drenched in blood, as I hold my hammer high. Smash it down, splitting your skull, as I ravage all life across the land. No one, shall endure my wrath. Feasting, upon the flesh I lack. Fetish,"
  • Lord Gore Gastric Gore-Met
    "Welcome to my kitchen, it crawls with disease. But people come for miles to consume the sick cuisine. A taste for the exotic, delicously grotesque. For a price you can obtain anything you can ingest."
  • Aashiq Gore Gore Gaal Mere
    "--FEMALE-- La La La Lai La Lai La Lai Lai Lai Lai La - 2 Lala Lala Lala Lala Lala Lala Lala Lala Ay! Gore Gore Gaal Mere Baheki Baheki Chaal Hai Dekh Meri Patli Si Kamariya Har Aashiq Behaal Hai Haan,"
  • Alice Donut Tipper Gore
    "Alice Donut Donut Comes Alive Tipper Gore Stick it in, pull it out, twist it. Spread your information, Tipper gore. Mount the situation, Tipper gore. Penetrate these problems long and hard. Yeah strain"
  • Broken Hope Gore Hog
    "Uuuhhhh !! gore hog brings death !!! Tusks... Soaked with warm blood... Immense pig of doom... Snout basted with gore. Tusks disembowel... Entrails pulled out Blood encrusts it's hair Ribcage, lungs, intestines"
  • Dead Infection Pulsating Gore
    "Your rotten gore is still pulsating All core of body is polluted All your glands are vomiting with pus All your insides are still pulsating Stomach, rectum, kidneys and liver All your organs are damned Pulsating"
  • Cattle Decapitation Total gore
    "Time to raise a simple question.Do you want to die?But not before you've outlived the livesOf everyone you knowAnd everything you've held close to that blackened heartOr have your loved ones look onAs"
  • Wehrmacht Gore Flix
    "(Words: Brian, Riffs: Duffy) Addicted to the horror, I love to see the blood, excitement runs through my veins as I watch them kill the young adrenalin is strong, I thrive brutal death depicting scenes"
  • Jungle Rot Gore Bag
    "dead arise at night they're craving blood out to kill at will psychotic bodies out to maim their victims eat the flesh of the dead tear your limbs apart they're taking over human gore bag of parts are"
  • Enej & Natalia Szroeder Gore Gwiazda
    "Gore gwiazda Jezusowi w obłoku Józef z Panną asystują przy boku, przy boku Hejże ino dyna, dyna, narodził się Bóg dziecina W Betlejem, w Betlejem Hejże ino dyna, dyna, narodził się Bóg dziecina W Betlejem,"
  • Artrosis W Gore
    "Poca³unkami, w których ¿yje noc Otulasz cieñ zastyg³y w Twoich ramion ¿ar Wznosiæ siê pragniesz w górê razem z ni¹ £ez szczêœcia krople opadaj¹ zdobi¹c uœmiech Tak mocno czujesz iskrê, która wznieci³a"
  • Alice Donut Tipper Gore (3'02)
    "Alice Donut Donut Comes Alive Tipper Gore (3'02) Stick it in, pull it out, twist it. Spread your information, Tipper Gore. Mount the situation, Tipper Gore. Penetrate these problems long and hard. Yeah"
  • Broken Hope Swamped In Gore
    "A grave - robbed corpse is a souls disgrace, smother the decay of carcass into your face, Septic wash drowning in a retched river of excrement, shriek soundlessly, Eyeballs burst as skull begins to crush,"
  • Nunslaughter Perversion Of Gore
    "Excrete upon the cross of God Severed heads adorn my palace Entrails strewn upon the cross of God Divine agony sacrifice Your God has fallen into Perversion of Gore Rotting zombies kill with hate Violent"
  • Avulsed Blessed by Gore
    "disguised by a soutane prasing the name of god concealing his perversity behind a forced smile respected parish priest none would suspect on him keeping people away from sin he was just selecting pedophilia"

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