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gorgon city-saving my life

  • Saving My Life (feat. ROMANS) - Gorgon City
    "Saved my life Do you feel like a teardrop in the ocean? Can you feel the dark force in the air? Is it hard when you get up, and get back in the moment? And you're not moving anywhere Do they tell you"
  • Gorgon - Angel Witch
    "Can you hear the voice Of a thousand years ago The laughter of the gorgon A female that brings doom Don't look her in the eyes Or you'll turn to stone Don't let her deceive you If you sense her don't look"
  • Go All Night (ft. Jennifer Hudson) - Gorgon City
    "Give me what I want And I'll give you what you need Don't play with my emotions baby I'm another breed Don't wanna lose this feeling so don't burn it out I wanna keep on living in the moment now I'm pulling"
  • City Life - Stroke 9
    "What's your story send it over to me I'll take a look and see what there is to see At least jot a few things down Anything to let me know I'm in your head And not on the ground With the cigarette butts From"
  • City life - Lisa Maffia
    "Story of a life what what Streets are so cold do you feel me yeah Money dont make the man man makes the money seems like the worlds changing its so funny people kill people die just for the money mummy"
  • My Saving Grace - Mariah Carey
    "I've still got a lot to learn But, at least I know where I can turn When I'm in my times of need Just as long (As I know all things are possible) Just as long as I believe I've loved a lot, hurt a lot Been"
  • My saving grace - Templars
    "Your sweet smile shines like the sun Your soothing touch feels just as warm Your presence like a gentle breeze Blowing through golden fields CHORUS From the time that we met to the present day Through"
  • My life - Barclay James Harvest
    "In my life i have seen so many thingsSome were true and some were not what they seemedIn my life i've seen love and i've seen lossThere've been times when i did not count the costI have been to a place"
  • My Life - Plus One
    "Wanna go with me? do i have to wear a shirt and tie? we can take a limousine but everybody there will ask us why! ain't nothin' wrong we can have a little fun and play as long as we never forget how to"
  • My Life - Slaughterhouse
    "This is my motherfucking life (my life, oh yeah) This is my motherfucking life (my life, oh yeah) This is my motherfucking life S-L-A U-G-H T-E-R-H-O-U-S-E Yes we are the best in the biz The west in"
  • My Life - The Game
    "Punk ass motherfucka! Bitch ass nigga! What were you gonna do? Kill me in my sleep you bitch ass nigga? Tupac, Biggie shut the fuck up! Fucking dogs, they barking shit... Don't shoot me! Don't shoot me! Fuck"
  • My Life - Ak'Sent
    "May 29, 1987 I was born Picking out my mother's womb I assume, kicking and screaming Momma said I was a little rude Think I saw what I've been going going through Before I went through it City of angels"
  • My Life - Mari
    "And I'm grindin' til I'm tired They say "You ain't grindin' til you're tired" So I'm grindin' with my eyes wide Looking to find A way Through the day A light For the night Dear Lord, you've done took so"
  • My life - Jim Jones
    "Uh huh We back We still on the streets Rap game is now the crack game Watch out for them rap police The rap police is on my ass Searchin for the ratchet Im stepping on the gas while im swirving through"
  • My Life - Thai
    "I'm a young ass G Banging since the age of thirteen You all better go check out my G file Got the gang task force Knocking on my door Knowing I'm affiliated with the gangs So they want to take me out He"
  • My Life - KRS-One
    "{*scratched: "Whattya think makes up a K-R-S?"*} Skinny cat, young cat, with a knapsack strapped to my back 1981 before the crack attack I used to let the Olde English 800 suds bubble In the last car"
  • My Life - B.G.
    "(B.G. Talking) I was born 1980 September 3rd thats the day checks come out and vics gets served so you know I got the blood of a hustla in my vain my daddy had 3 brother that all gave me some game they"
  • My Life - Rachel Stevens
    "Hi Im Rachel, this is myy life. When I was younger i sang into a hair brush. hoping to be like other popstars. look at me now. i sing this song: Hey, hang your red gloves up, Cos there's nothing left"
  • Saving Grace - Planetshakers
    "I'm holding on to You I'm never letting go 'Cause You have saved my soul And You have made me whole You took my brokenness And filled me with Your joy All I long to do is worship All I long to do is"
  • Saving Grace - 38 Special
    "Without direction I walked the night I was alone, a single beam of light One glance and you changed my blues To a prism of light, a thousand hues. Now, I must climb to the rainbows arc Who knows, I might"

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