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  • Kieran Goss Red-Letter Day
    "There she goes With her rain coloured clothes And a heart that never beat so strong Well I suppose Isn't it a shame That I should let her walk away Without a chance to say goodbye On red-letter day If"
  • Kieran Goss Big Tough World
    "These are days of new despair I see it raging everywhere Fast forward lives and neon signs Justify the bottom line Cynicism pays so well Truth is only there to sell We burn our wings upon the sun Tumble"
  • Kieran Goss Tell Me Why
    "I cannot think of your skin Without these tears in my eyes I cannot picture your face There's only empty space No more you and I Sometimes I think I hear you call And hear your footsteps in the night I"
  • Kieran Goss Just Around The Corner
    "You've got no reason To say you're all alone There will be a change of season To win your heart of stone Love is just around the corner And standing out of view Love is just around the corner For you I"
  • Kieran Goss We'll Understand
    "We went up to the old barn Down to the truth Drenched by the rain storm Suffering the dreuth You questioned my leaving You could have changed my mind Led by the bright lights I left you behind Give a"
  • Kieran Goss 3 Part Harmony
    "It took us four days to find this place And three months to leave again We had more time than money or sense When we took the Germany train And we sang that night in a doorway of light Christ, it must"
  • Kieran Goss Salt To The Wounds
    "All is fair in love and war The piper calls the tune You haven't really played the game Til you've broken all the rules So take the best of everything The worst we can refuse I can't say if we'll win in"
  • Kieran Goss Fortunes Rise And Fall
    "You got your days and you got your moments Lady luck was on your side Standing tall, king of the castle Smiling two feet wide You criticise everything around you Sipping wine with the well to do If the"
  • Kieran Goss Driving Home To You
    "Hello Marie, it's late to phone Just to say I'm coming home Say goodnight to our child The radio says the weather's mild I'm driving home to you I'm driving home to you Don't wait up now, go to bed No"
  • Kieran Goss Times Ain't What They Used To Be
    "My auntie's in the parlour sipping sherry from a paper cup And father'd bite your head off, he's working up to nine o'clock Sister's only sixteen and she thinks she's on the shelf And mother says don't"
  • Kieran Goss All That You Ask Me
    "All that you ask me is that I remember That I remember what we've been through All that I'm saying is that I remember That I remember you Some people say that miles makes no distance Miles is the distance"
  • Kieran Goss Words Across The Sky
    "Hold back the wave from the shore Hide every pathway to your door Count all the tears behind your eyes Go tell the dawn it's not to rise To the world, to the moon In words across the sky To the stars I"
  • Kieran Goss New Day
    "There's nothing like the sound of laughter There's nothing like a smile And anything you see hereafter Is it worth the while? I know that you don't believe me I know that you doubt The stone that's in"
  • Kieran Goss Find The Words
    "Oh I can't say a word or you react Oh I, if I say white, you say black Tell me now how you feel so I might know Find the words or forever let me go You, you build a wall too high to climb Oh you, you"
  • Kieran Goss Lean On Me
    "Once there lived a world inside her head She locked it up and threw away the key Thoughts would flow but words were left unsaid A distant shore at each end of the sea She wrapped the world in fragrance"
  • Kieran Goss Twisting & Turning
    "She'd warm feet and pink lips, they slapped her, she gave a cry The patter of tiny feet, from first kiss to goodbye She moved to the city, she phones if she's still alive Lives with a young man, said she'd"
  • Kieran Goss Look My Way
    "It's the first glance just for you alone It's the last dance before the journey home It's a lesson to learn to see the chance is yours to take It's the first kiss, hold her in your arms Oh the nearness,"
  • Kieran Goss You Wait For Me
    "Heroes always disappoint me They ride away when you need them most Oh guardian angel please anoint me Before I turn into a ghost I'm on the bridge, a boat is under I watch it sail into the bay Oh the"
  • Kieran Goss Lucille
    "It's a never ending story It's a way to make amends In a hail of blaze and glory We were lovers to the end Now I'm trying to remember And I'm trying to forget And the moment I surrender Then the deeper"
  • Kieran Goss Out Of My Head
    "Stop where you are I didn't really mean to hurt you If something I've said has torn you away from me We sit on the stairs Hoping that the tears don't come To draw you away And leave me alone again I'm"

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