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gotye sambady just to now

  • Somebody That I Used To Know - Gotye
    "Now and then I think of when we were together Like when you said you felt so happy you could die Told myself that you were right for me But felt so lonely in your company But that was love and it's an"
  • Just Looking, Now Searching - Nothing To Lose
    "you have gone away and that's alright with me i know theres much to learn and i know theres much to see but deep inside your heart where our lost love can be found theres a guy that waits for you but he's"
  • Leave Now - King Just
    "(Intro: King Just) Falalalala Yo, this is how we do this shit (Chorus 2X: All) Niggas better move, niggas better get back Niggas better move, don't fake no jacks (Leave Now!) (King Just) I come like"
  • Just About Now - Faith Hill
    "Just about now I'd be watching you wake up Feeling my heart beat with yours Just about now Is when we would make love Like all of the mornings before But I know it don't help to turn the clock back 'Cause"
  • Just for now - Imogen Heap
    "Just for now (x6)It's that time of yearLeave all our hopelessnesss asideIf just for now (just for now) leave awhileJust stop right hereI know we've followed a bumpy ride.Im sinking along your sideHow did"
  • Just For Now - Ariana Grande
    "Just for now (x6) How did you know? It's what I always wanted, You can never have too many of these Will ya quit kicking me under the table? I'm trying, will somebody make her shut up about it? Can we"
  • Easy Way Out - Gotye
    "Seventeen seconds and I'm over it Ready for the disconnect Putting on a brave face Trying not to listen to the voices in the back of my head (But it's alright now) It's a distant memory baby (It's alright"
  • I Feel Better - Gotye
    "There was a time I was down, down I didn't know what to do I was just stumbling around, around Thinking things could not improve I couldn't look on the bright side Of anything at all That's when you gave"
  • In Your Light - Gotye
    "Get up in the morning And I can't keep it in I'm falling all over myself And I could jump out of my skin Wanna break the door down Just to greet the day There is nothing that's more certain To keep my"
  • Learnalilgivinanlovin - Gotye
    "If yer always tryin' to get to the top You don't get to the bottom of nothin'! Then you're gone before you know it; You'd better stop! (STOP!) Learn a little givin' and lovin' It's been done before C'mon,"
  • Loath To Refuse - Gotye
    "If you don't want me now Then you can't have me later Cause I won't wait for you So don't expect me to If you won't love me now Then we'll be nothing after So you had better stay Lest I take my love away You"
  • Just Go - Just Off Turner
    "Wave goodbye I don't need to wave goodbye I don't need to tell you why I don't want you no more Oh, you see this face It's the last time you'll see this face All you'll see is the empty space Next to"
  • True To You - Gotye
    "I'll be true to you (x4) Another former lover man Come crawlin' back again So you wanna make it good You say you needa be understood Well you should know There can't be no understandin' When all you got's"
  • Now - Self
    "Handcuffed to the railroad tracks Gagged and bound, down on my knees My head upon a platter for you I'll offer anything Now, now, any way you want me Now, now, any way you want Now, now, any way you want"
  • Now - Wishing Chair
    "She wants all the toys in the big wide world The power and the glory She's a growing girl She can't swim but she'll hold you down Stand on your head So she won't drown It's just me, me, me, all the time You're"
  • Now - Noa
    "now there is light coming in through the crack in the door now there is hope where id never expect it before now there are so many things but theres nothing at all now you are learning to stand i am"
  • Now - Chihiro Onitsuka
    "Somewhere there is a place waiting for a patient, craving to a violence What can I do to feel it? What can I try to, what can I give to But we haven't got it all figured out just yet And I'm distracted"
  • Now - Scorpions
    "Like it played loud Powerhouse sounds My body wants to rock and let it out Really high born Morning till dawn I'm going all the way just on and on It's gonna be wild, it's gonna be wild It's gonna be wild"
  • Now - Def Leppard
    "I wanna know you better Let's spend some time together I wanna be what's on your mind Look in my eyes, they're calling I need your love to fall in If you could just give me a sign I can't get over baby I"
  • Now - Gotthard
    "There ain't a single day without you on my mind From the very start I knew that you are no kind And every passing day to come I feel I'm incomplete I need to have you closer To give you what you need I'd"

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