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grave of strangers text

  • Coffin Text - Unwritten Law
    "There was a time when men would prosper They saw a sign that would offer them the key Immortality The desert sand held a place of recourse Their motivation driven by higher source A higher source They"
  • Text Book - Lana Del Rey
    "I guess you could cal lit tekst book I was looking for the father I wanted back And i thought i found in Brentwood It seems only approriate You’d easily had my back And then there was the issue of her I"
  • Strangers - Nena
    "Well, there are strangers, strangers, strangers Everywhere are strangers Strangers, strangers, strangers, strangers There are strangers, strangers, strangers Everywhere are... Look at the people in the"
  • Strangers - James
    "Found a message in the sand It read 'just do the best you can' This world's not how I planned You're on your own No one can hear you They're just talking all the time There's the world and you're outside Your"
  • Strangers - For Amusement Only
    "Its over now there's no use talking Its over won't you just let go Its over tell your story walking Its over but you just forgot to say What you want is all you've got What you need is everything I"
  • Grave - Nodes Of Ranvier
    "Where is the man who came around? I pulled him down, I pulled him down Where is the man in grave and around? I pulled him down, I pulled him down, I pulled him down Drown with me, drown with me The times"
  • Strangers - Elton John
    "Music by Elton John Lyrics by Gary Osborne Two people caught on a string A high-wire act above the center ring While the audience is wondering If we'll make it back Two people up on a wire Overhead and"
  • Strangers - White Lies
    "i pressed my ear to your chest and heard something personal a whisper that knew my name is this how your heart treats all strangers, with love and affection? then i feel cold and empty i've got a"
  • Strangers - Sigrid
    "just like in the movies it starts to rain we’re the broken beautiuies blindfolded minds collide and we fall when the curtain drops our touch is just a touch not like in the movies our stories after the"
  • Strangers - Julia Totoszko
    "just like in the movies it starts to rain we’re the broken beautiuies blindfolded minds collide and we fall when the curtain drops our touch is just a touch not like in the movies our stories after the"
  • Strangers - Ed Harcourt
    "Deliciously I drink up all your tears On a piano ouy of tune I sit and persevere Deliriously I eat up all your words And jumble them around 'Til they become absurd Remember how it was They said it wouldn't"
  • Strangers - The Kinks
    "Where are you going I don't mind I've killed my world and I've killed my time So where do I go, what do I see I see many people coming after me So where are you going to I don't mind If I live too long"
  • Strangers - Will Wakefield
    "Well let the warm water run down And I sit on the washroom floor, Sipping on a drink that someone left the night before The mascara runs down your face, It tattoos streaks of sadness down your cheeks And"
  • Strangers - Fisher
    "From the mp3 DAM cd: Minus One, Released 12.99 Sittin' on the front porch Wasting our abundant time Hoping for a friendly face To pass and smile We would even wave To folks we didn't recognize Nothin'"
  • Strangers - Yoko Kanno
    "We've found a kind of paradise In a flowers bloom. We've seen the end of a mystic land So close it meets the parting sun. We've shared the thoughts that two could share, We feel the truth, magic that we"
  • Strangers - Marion
    "And now you've faced it, ran away Tried it all and deserved it And now the places you love are The places I hate to go Lost in music that can send You to sleep She's been lonely like you Wouldn't believe Wrapped"
  • Strangers - Puressence
    "You think that you can make things easy on yourself But in truth you make them harder everyday. Full well I know your folly Full well you'll guess my aim If I could be the one you sometimes turn to in"
  • Strangers - Mad Marge And The Stonecutters
    "Wrapped up in the hands of evil I fail to see the good in people Lies and deceits, you know, They're makin' me feel so small Yeah, yeah And everywhere we go We sing the same old song Help, oh help me"
  • Strangers - Portishead
    "Ohh........ Can anybody see the light Where the morn meets the dew and the tide rises Did you realise, no one can see inside your view Did you realise, forwhy this sight belongs to you Ohh........ Just"
  • Strangers - Frida
    "Is she somewhere in the city? Is she somewhere in this town? What's her name? What does she look like? Is she fun to be around? Does she make you feel like I did? Oh, so long ago CHORUS: I wanna hear it"

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