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great day for freedom

  • A Great Day For Freedom - Pink Floyd
    "On the day the wall came down They threw the locks onto the ground And with glasses high we raised a cry for freedom had arrived On the day the wall came down The Ship of Fools had finally ran aground Promises"
  • A Great Day For Freedom - David Gilmour
    "(Gilmour / Samson) On the day the wall came down They threw the locks onto the ground And with glasses high we raised a cry for freedom had arrived On the day the wall came down The Ship of Fools had"
  • Freedom Song - Great White
    "(Mark Kendall, Jack Russell, Michael Lardie) Here am I, talkin' at the sky Thinkin' 'bout it all I sometimes wonder at the way my life has gone "Hey boy you stop that runnin'" I heard it from a friend"
  • Great Day - Eddie From Ohio
    "Great day Great day Great day That the lord has made So lets us shout it out and let us sing our praises name our god and king for all he brings on this great dayyyyyyyy Great day Great day Great day That"
  • Great Day - Paul McCartney
    "When you're wide awake Say it for goodness sake It's gonna be a great day While you're standing there Get up and grab a chair It's gonna be a great day And it won't be long, oh no It won't be long, it"
  • Great Day - Madvillain
    "It never really mattered too much me Cause I was just too damn old to m.c All that really mattered is if your rhymes was ill Girl, that's all that really mattered to me, oh baby Looks like it's gonna"
  • Freedom - King's X
    "Freedom to have two mothers and all be friends Freedom to terminate my fetus if it don't fit in Freedom to kiss my brother right on the lips Freedom to make my own concoction and take a sip What a trip,"
  • Freedom - Robert Miles
    "All my life I have searched for clues This is what they taught me Every mystery I pursued Was a secret I already knew Deep down you know - in your soul Love is in control Oh - if you could find the"
  • Freedom - Erasure
    "Freedom will come To real love Heaven will come For real love (Do-Wah Do-Wah Do-Wah) Run away when it hurts from the things that we do (Do-Wah Do-Wah Do-Wah) Don't know why we cry Run away from the truth Children"
  • Freedom - Snow
    "Its been so long Weve been in captivity. People wishing one day to be free. {Snow} Waiting to see the day when freedom will come. Mama working hard in the burning sun. I wish the world were truly happy"
  • Freedom - Blue System
    "Freedom, freedom I'll believe in you More and more I do Freedom freedom Oh I miss you so Oh baby please don't go Freedom gimme gimme freedom Every night and every day I love you more than I can say Freedom"
  • Freedom - New Model Army
    "It's time to rebuilding Dresden, the great machines come a-rumbling in The desecration of the ruins and everything that might have been You showed me the square in the melting snow As the light was beginning"
  • Freedom - Sadus
    "So you think That we're all crazy Can't you see That I'm already there What you need Can't do without it Can't you see That I don't even care I'm on the edge Pound it out Twice as loud I crave the sound"
  • Freedom - Atlantic Popes
    "A better world No hate and no lies This could be the way to paradise So keep on fighting for all your friends A kind of faith that never ends With each and every single fight Every day, every night A"
  • Freedom - Archive
    "I own this place free space This tight ship I own the free, it's all mine All the flavours I taste as far as the eye can see Well it's all me Big steps big strides It's large and back and forth Get out"
  • Freedom - 4HIM
    "An old man once said When the war is over we would be free He said that wed have to drive Those Nazis back to Germany His vote in the post-war years Was a steadfast cast for FDR Cause he thought that the"
  • Freedom - Alabaster Box
    "one day i woke up and noticed that youd always been there for me now i see when the penny dropped then i knew youd stop the world for me now im free CHORUS on that wonderful day you took it all away now"
  • Freedom - Superstar
    "Freedom, freedomOh, there is no guarantyThet we'll lose our destinyFreedom, freedomEvery nigh and every dayWe wanna live in harmonyFreedom giime, gimme freedomOh, there is no guarantyThat we'll lose our"
  • Freedom - Wham!
    "Everyday I hear a different story People say that you're no good for me Saw your lover with another She's making a fool of you Oh If you loved me baby You'd deny it But you laugh and tell me I should try"
  • Freedom - Wham
    "Everyday I hear a different story People say that you're no good for me So you love another And she's making a fool of you Oh If you love me baby Don't deny it But you left me And tell me I should try"

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