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gromee light it up

  • Wakacje 2017 (ft. Gromee - Runaway) - Fit Lovers
    "The kiss by the Sun As a stare up into the sky Embrace your shadow 'Cuz I feel your hand in mine In I won’t let go No, I don’t let go And here, in this moment You secrets turning to mine Lingering and"
  • Light me up (feat. Lukas Meijer) - Gromee
    "A part of me is feeling weak I took a chance but now it feels so hard to breathe a lip of faith haunting me what happen to the word that’s only you and me I wanna feel alive When I'm running through"
  • Light It Up - Make It Pop
    "Let's light it up Let's see it all around us We're one and all The fire's gonna guide us Look at the sky We gonna make it shine so bright ooo Get ready now, It's time to put your cellies high I wanna"
  • Light It Up - Static-X
    "I can push your fire Light illumination Turn it up Burn it brightly Destroy this submission Can't push selling weapons Push to terrify them Purity's burning our way Poison information Light"
  • Light It Up - Blood Red Shoes
    "Got a feeling it's a fever it's a fire Talking trouble take it down into the wire Once chance two chance It's a lie It's old and old and old and worn out Light it up for real and watch it work a way Got"
  • Light It Up - Marshmello, Tyga, Chris Brown
    "you a real bitch Light It Up you, bitch Light It Up let your birthday go ‘n it up it’s your birthday go ‘n it up I’m drunk and I’m throwin’ middle fingers up mellow made it right pass me the kush we"
  • Light It Up - Rev Theory
    "Hey, I want a taste You're a black heart devil and I can't explain Why I wait for your face You're a hotel lover on the back end deal of this race Every night she seems to change her name Doesn't matter"
  • Light It Up - Choclair F/ Jully Black
    "Choclair F/ Jully Black Miscellaneous Light It Up And later on maybe you can work your drawers I know sometimes I might get a little raw, but Your candy eyes is I, candy an I, a Can't even lie, I, let's"
  • Light It Up - Behind Enemy Lines
    "Immersed in political strategies Government policies create endless catastrophes and we all pay the price when our movement becomes stagnant, anchored by apathy We can't just give up, we can't just give"
  • Light It Up - Wendy Icon
    "So im driving thru the city, im gonna light my ciggarette these girls just wanna stop this ride, but i keep driving by go on and drive by, IM GONNA DRIVE BY wont stop to pick you up, oh no no Driving"
  • Light It Up - Choclair
    "(Chocs) Like... (Jully) Turn it on, light it up, we gon set this.. on fire (Chocs) Yeea, yeea, ha ha (Chocs) We in the plane, floatin through the cloud, right (Jully) Turn it on, light it up (Chocs) From"
  • Light It Up - DJ Antoine
    "There?s something in the air That?s makes me so loco __ Dancing __ I feel that emotions Brought me in the ocean Forget your problems You don?t have to suffer You got to live your life So let?s come together A"
  • Light It Up - Kottonmouth Kings
    "Everybody time to light up. Time to gather in the circle It's time to divvy up. You got one life to live, start livin' it up. Pull a branch from your sack and lets roll one up. Well I understand if you're"
  • Light Up - Inna
    "Come see the sunshine, let it shine on you And this is the skylight tangled up in you And we go up up up and away Up up up and we stay Close to sun, we’ll be okay All of our days ‘Cause these are the rays"
  • Prendelo (Light It Up - Beatnuts
    "Psycho Les I go uh ahh off the snare drum It's Big Psych long time no hear from Been bangin tracks out So wax out your ear drums Max out Prepare to blackout here comes Open candela Once again it's off"
  • Roll it up light it up smoke it up - Cypress Hill
    "Intro: (*guy toking up*) Fuckin buddha comin at'cha live Direct with the biggest fattest joint Comin in with indo flavours Fuckin buddha comin at'cha like this '95 Verse 1: B Real It's Friday mornin where"
  • Roll It Up, Light It Up, Smoke It Up - Cypress Hill
    "Intro: (*guy toking up*) Fuckin buddha comin at'cha live Direct with the biggest, fattest joint Comin in with indo flavours Fuckin buddha comin at'cha like this '95 Verse 1: B-Real It's Friday mornin,"
  • Light - Darren Hayes
    "Light It flickers Your light Travelling down so deep Illumination I have been cold, I have been blind You have come to change my mind I can put my faith in you Light It blisters Your light Coming down"
  • Light - Alice Ripley
    "We need some light, first of all we need some light You can't sit here in the dark and all alone, it's a sorry sight It's just you and me, we'll live, you'll see Night after night we'd sit and wait for"
  • All Light Up - Pretty Things
    "All light up, all light up All light up, all light up All light up, all light up All light up, all light up Revolution sixty-nine, I was there, it felt fine Paris riots, sixty-eight Dropped a tab and"

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