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gucci dj endriu p1nx bootleg pp

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gucci dj endriu p1nx bootleg pp

  • Round 1 (Gucci Mane Vs Jeezy) - Gucci Mane
    "Talking: Ay man check this shit out, This just for da Rucker man, The nigga young jeezy, the nigga fakin' man That nigga is not a thug man, That nigga's a wanksta, I mean gangsta Actor, I mean rapper NBC,"
  • Bootleg - John Fogerty
    "(J. Fogerty) Bootleg, Bootleg; Bootleg, Howl. Bootleg, Bootleg; Bootleg, Howl. Take you a glass of water Make it against the law. See how good the water tastes When you can't have any at all. Findin'"
  • Bootleg - Creedence Clearwater Revival
    "CHORUS: Bootleg, bootleg, Bootleg, howl. Bootleg, bootleg Bootleg, howl. Take you a glass of water; Make it against the law. See how good the water tastes, When you can't have any at all. CHORUS Findin'"
  • Faux Gucci Girl - Stroke 9
    "This night is not over yet Not everybody's got what they came to get Swing on by, you won't regret If you meet at my place at three Neighbors never understand My post-party parties are never planned Bring"
  • Gucci - Jacuś
    "Gucci Kocur Gucci kot Gucci lampa Gucci płot Gucci nie wie ze to ty Gucci, co ma wielkie kły Gucci /4x Gucci /4x Pale fajkę razem z Guccim za tym pierwszym, a nie trzecim lambo stoi, mercek stoi nawet"
  • Gucci - Partners N Crime
    "(feat. Prime Time) Whoa, we gone do it like this It's 96 mother fuckers It's all about that click mother fuckers Bitch I got Gucci Bitch I got the green, got the black I got Gucci bitch I got the"
  • Black Beatles (ft. Gucci Mane) - Rae Sremmurd
    "That girl is a real crowd pleaser Small world, all her friends know me Young bull livin' like an old geezer Let’s release the cash, watch it fall slowly Frat girls still tryna get even Haters mad for whatever"
  • Spudorata (Pi-pp?) - Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso
    "L'ossido di carbonio mi strapazza i polmoni, mi distrugge i colloni, perso nei pantaloni, cosa fare di pi, pi-pp pi-pp. E cos faccio il pieno, faccio un pieno al veleno e col sole va bene, che"
  • Bootleg Flyer - Mudcrutch
    "I'm a bootleg flyer, and I work alone. I'm a radar hider, turn your head and I'm gone. Gonna set her down easy on a dirt road. I'm gonna land her on sand. Moonshine on the Redwood Forest with money"
  • Bootleg John - The Stanley Brothers
    "In the land of Breathed County was raised a crooked man Made the county dry and the prices high For the bootleg whiskey man His age was barely twenty-one, his family was ashamed They had a son who left"
  • Understanding - Pp The Primes - Primal Scream
    "(marriot/lane) When people ask me what love's all about There's one thing I can say Some people believe just what I'm putting down Understand your troubles away Chorus You got to do this thing we're"
  • GUCCI BUCKET - Wac Toja
  • Gucci Bandanna - Soulja Boy
    "Ey, Gucci Bandanna, Gucci, Gucci Bandanna, Ey, Gucci Bandanna, Gucci, Gucci Bandanna, Ey, Gucci Bandanna, Gucci, Gucci Bandanna, Ey, Gucci Bandanna, Gucci, Gucci Bandanna, Ey, Gucci Bandanna, Gucci, Gucci"
  • Gucci Mane - Deemz x Bedoes x Young Multi
    "jedna loża, 4 grupie w niej każda chce Gucci bag na twarzy wypisany lód tak jak Gucci mane przejmujemy klub tak jak Gucci mane trap, trap, aż po grób tak jak Gucci mane Gucci mane, Gucci mane trap, trap,"
  • The Bootleg Saint - Sam Roberts
    "Come make your complaint to the Bootleg Saint He's been gone, keepin' on, keepin' on for your freedom Black boots, brown skin he has chemical roots He's taking back the city one sinner at a time He'll"
  • Gucci Coochie - Die Antwoord
    "Yeah, I know, she's so hot right now But look out for that one She'll fuck up your whole life with that little Gucci coochie Ooh ah She grab the mic and go 'da da da da da dan' here I come She like"
  • Gucci Gang - Lil Pump
    "Gucci Gang / 10x spend 10 track on a new chain my bitch love do cocaine I fuck a bitch I forgot her name I can’t buy a bitch no wedding ring rather go and buy Balmains Gucci Gang / 10x spend 10 track"
  • Gucci & Fendi - Chamillionaire
    "The past they want me to be a retro But I'm so George Jetson, that the future what you get bro Materialisticness is what they all respect though So Esco can let the hook go (what you expect ho?) Yeah,"
  • Gucci Peacoat - DaBaby
    "coz i've been missin' my bro look at my nice look at mu nephew"
  • Pogrzeb (Peter Gang PP Diss) - KACZOR BRS
    "dobra opowiem wam tu szybką historię jak nazywa sie pacjent, który pluje na człowieka pojebało się po lekach, Peter rzuć hydroksyzynę je** konfidentów, który kur* przecież kryjesz powiedziałem że z nim"

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