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guilt machine - Twisted Coil

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guilt machine - Twisted Coil

  • Twisted - Brian McFadden
    "It's the end of the way that it used to beSipping on my guilt under a willow tree cause I'm...TwistedDancing in my head to a funked up beatTripping on the corner of a two way streetAnd, I smile a twisted"
  • Coil - Opeth
    "She told me why she told me lies Always take care of this I told her how I've always stayed Always waiting for nothing When I get out of here When I leave you behind I'll find that the years passed us"
  • Twisted & Broken - Abney Park
    "From my fathers seed, from my mothers womb From my families mold, from a broken tomb If I am the assembled, from the sins of my father And if I am created, by the actions of my mother If I was brought"
  • Twisted Wheel - Chris Rea
    "I can see him now, standing on a street corner Pastel shades and a candy stripe parallel Good time love, oh that I'd been much older Go messing with the boys from the incrowd But all I could do was wish"
  • Guilt And Regret - Sentenced
    "Guilt and Regret, they are my two inbred brothers Guilt and Regret O god how I hate them both from the bottom of my heart Guilt and Regret and me wake up into a brand new day Guilt and Regret lively"
  • The Twisted Cross - Anacrusis
    "At night the fires burn, cutting like a flaming knife Looking down you see rotting carrions of life Smell the putrid stench, sewage of society Vultures circling, picking flesh off you and me Giving genocide"
  • Guilt - Marianne Faithfull
    "I feel guilt, I feel guilt, Though I know I've done no wrong I feel guilt. I feel guilt, I feel guilt, Though I know I've done no wrong I feel guilt. I feel bad, so bad, Though I ain't done nothing wrong"
  • Bitter And Twisted - Roger Daltrey
    "(Steve Swindells) The psychopath never takes a bath Cause he'll wash away his hate. And we crowd and bark In the damp and dark, as old Scrooge comes through the gate. They whisper in the hall, and he"
  • Guilt - Criminal
    "Rejection, deception World of distrust Division, confusion Blinded and lost The blame of ignorance The weight of misery The threat of violence The guilt of life Aggression, Submission Crawl through"
  • Guilt - The Long Blondes
    "You know what it's like This happens to everyone one or twice You were driving off in a taxi Leaning out the window and shouting your number But I got me, I got away by the skin of my teeth that time And"
  • Twisted And Broken - Abney Park
    "From my fathers seed, From my mothers womb, From my families mold, from a broken tomb If I am the assembled, from the sins of my father, And if I am created, by the actions of my mother, If I was brought"
  • Guilt - Acrostichon
    "guilt is growing in my head building on a painful past distorting all I think and see my mask is your reality innosense on it's own among the tempting forces i'd so much like to fit in but i'm a victim"
  • Guilt - Imperative Reaction
    "You never cared You never tried To see the one you took for granted The one you left alone To move on to the other things Not a day not an hour could be spared There's always tomorrow Or maybe next time"
  • Guilt - Conception
    "I have crossed the ultimate limit today (a war is half-way won) time and time again I've said to myself; there's a time and place for everyone frozen flame subsides in hunger my heartbeat lingers as I"
  • Guilt - Fingertight
    "i went to sleep last night wondering how i'd feel if i woke up tomorrow and you were almost here if you could use your hands, what would you use them for would it be to strangle me because you just can't... (chorus) hold"
  • Twisted And Bent - Trash Can Sinatras
    "I come aboard I sing a lament The world isn't round It's Twisted and Bent But to face doom in a sock-stenched room all by myself Is the kind of fate I never contemplate That reminds me of the time I felt It's"
  • Mosquito Coil - Zeromancer
    "Its looking out From inside A Christmas bonus To last forever You think you"re ready dont you Its a Mosquito Coil Where boys and girls Trying to stop their heads spinning A Mosquito Coil An instant supernova For"
  • Squirming Coil - Phish
    "The Squirming Coil of sunset I keep within my reach Tried yesterday to get away and hitchhiked to the beach I saw Satan on the beach trying to catch a ray He wasn't quite the speed of light and the squirming"
  • Serpent's Coil - Cryptopsy
    "The machines are raping the machines The cum drips down the legs of humanity Slip slide, don't fall Stabilize, won't crawl Under muck spittle soil Within the serpent's coil Within the serpent's coil Blindfolded"
  • Magnet's Coil - Sebadoh
    "I've gotta find a way to loosen up I'm wound tighter than a magnet's coil The longer I try to keep my mouth shut The sooner little brain is gonna boil And if you turn back just to fuck me up I'll cut you"

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