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guilt nero

  • Nero - Vanilla Ninja
    "Nero He can be anywhere on earth And still be there for you Nero He can do anything in life While you'Re feeling lost and lonely But I swear - He will care Nero Only when dreams have died It's time to"
  • Nero - Theatre of Hate
    "A personal invitation to dance As Nero plays for the last time Tonight you will mix with The prophets without honour Play, play, play Nero The world burns but Nero plays, plays on The criminals who were"
  • Nero - Aloud
    "Rinse, repeat, water it down These boring beats are all around Play it on the radio until you play it out some more Advertise out on the air Sanitize the public square Squeak it till it's squeaky clean"
  • Nero - Mata
    "Siedzę siebie w Nero i pije herbatę potem domawiam ... z kurczakiem a barista mówi a kysz do tych małolatek bo palarnie są nielegalne dla nich, o! a jakiś facet, pijąc latte z dylematem omawiał ważną"
  • Nero - Closterkeller
    "Żegnaj mój miły,dobrze wiesz Za kłamstwo cios, za zdradę krew! Tu bije czarne źródło,jak serce czarnej wody Przemywam nią twarz swoją i wszystko w dal odchodzi Płonie świątynia, którą bogowie opuścili"
  • Guilt - Marianne Faithfull
    "I feel guilt, I feel guilt, Though I know I've done no wrong I feel guilt. I feel guilt, I feel guilt, Though I know I've done no wrong I feel guilt. I feel bad, so bad, Though I ain't done nothing wrong"
  • Guilt - Criminal
    "Rejection, deception World of distrust Division, confusion Blinded and lost The blame of ignorance The weight of misery The threat of violence The guilt of life Aggression, Submission Crawl through"
  • Guilt - The Long Blondes
    "You know what it's like This happens to everyone one or twice You were driving off in a taxi Leaning out the window and shouting your number But I got me, I got away by the skin of my teeth that time And"
  • Guilt - Acrostichon
    "guilt is growing in my head building on a painful past distorting all I think and see my mask is your reality innosense on it's own among the tempting forces i'd so much like to fit in but i'm a victim"
  • Guilt - Imperative Reaction
    "You never cared You never tried To see the one you took for granted The one you left alone To move on to the other things Not a day not an hour could be spared There's always tomorrow Or maybe next time"
  • Guilt - Conception
    "I have crossed the ultimate limit today (a war is half-way won) time and time again I've said to myself; there's a time and place for everyone frozen flame subsides in hunger my heartbeat lingers as I"
  • Guilt - Fingertight
    "i went to sleep last night wondering how i'd feel if i woke up tomorrow and you were almost here if you could use your hands, what would you use them for would it be to strangle me because you just can't... (chorus) hold"
  • Nero Su Nero - Africa Unite
    "Non posso pi aspettare non voglio stare qui rinchiuso dentro a un video spento canzone per juke-box che non vorrei ascoltare mai Grida Babylon keep you satisfied Sorda Babylon musica play so high Rit:Nero"
  • Uomo nero - Giorgia
    "Uomo nero chi sei nelle favole non vinci mai uomo nero lo sai ne diritti ne doveri per voi gli occhi chiusi della gente ferma il tempo e si dimentica che i diversi sono uguali facile vedere che con le"
  • Oro Nero - Otto Ohm
    "C' una nuova luna stasera Con un filo di voce io cerco di cantarla Sono io l'uomo con la valigia Sempre pronto a partire Sempre con la guardia alta E scrivo a fondo per vedere, se pi profondo di questi"
  • Corvo Nero - Negrita
    "Chi parla non morto vive per vivere molto avr grigi i capelli grigio il giardino e grigio anche il cuore ma cerca 100 ragioni per non restare da solo Dimmi che sei qui devo sentire il calore sentire che"
  • Fumo Nero - Pino Daniele
    "Credimi Il mondo non ha angeli Ma pieno di miracoli Perch la vita dura Credimi La Tour Eiffel ruggine E la cultura fragile C' fumo nero nel cielo Guardami Viviamo nell'immagine Ma poi restiamo la margine E"
  • Cuore Nero - Punkreas
    "Ascolto una voce Nell'ora in cui tace tutta la citt La voce mi dice sai che cosa fare Non resistere, lasciati trasportare Io sorrider per farti male La febbre che sale non la fermer Soltanto una voce"
  • Nero Forte - Slipknot
    "I’m never enough you bleed me dry unsing me up dissatisfied and used another key to the empty spot in you I’m sick as fuck I am in my prime whet do you want? I guess it’s time… to see of you’re lost in"
  • The guilt - The Rakes
    "This is true story.Oh, for god sake.I just woke up, everything was fuckedFrom the night before I was beyond repairI had just woke up, everything was wrongAll the cats were dead and the phones were goneI"

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