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  • I Am A Gummy Bear - Gummy Bear
    "Oh Im a gummy bear. Yes Im a gummy bear. Oh Im a yummy tummy funny lucky gummy bear. Im a jelly bear Cause Im a gummy bear Oh Im a movin groovin jammin singing gummy bear. Oh yeah oh Gummy Gummy Gummy"
  • Nuki Nuki - Gummy Bear
    "nuki nuki nuki how i love my nuki it's mine alone until the end nuki nuki nuki sweeter than a cookie i'll share it if you are my friend i'm off to school play on my computer my nuki never leaves"
  • Czekolada - Gummy Bear
    "Wiem, że nikt nie kocha czeko-czekolady Tak jak gumi gumi miś Nie próbuj mi zabrać czeko-czekolady - będę bardzo, bardzo zły! Gdyby był fan-klub - to jestem w nim Za czekoladą pójdę w dym Nie mów mi o"
  • Smoczek, smoczek - Gummy Bear
    "Smoczek, smoczek, smoczek jak ja kocham smoczek To mój kumpel - ten mały gość Słodki jak cukierek lepszy jest niż berek I tylko spróbuj mi go wziąć Gdy idę do szkoły gram na komputerze - on nigdy nie"
  • Gumi Miś - Gummy Bear
    "Ja jestem Gumi miś Tak tak - twój gumi miś Najmilszy miś na świecie Wie to nawet Krzyś i Zdziś Jestem taki gość Chociaż leniwy dość Co kiedy gra muzyka zawsze tańczę - hop hop hop O tak! Gumi Gumi Gumi"
  • Escape From You - Miza & Adam Sky & Gummy Kid
    "haaaaah I‘m cutting your spot there’s nothing that I could do so won’t you escape form you form you haaaaah I‘m cutting your spot there’s nothing that I could do so won’t you escape form you form you"
  • The Puppy Love - Antioch Arrow
    "Hey! What time was it to preach, what time was it to peak. She was found under her house just like a gummy worm, Why she was found under her house just like a god damn gummy worm. She cried, "You should"
  • Gummi Bears - Suburban Legends
    "They're dashing and daring, Courageous and caring, Faithful and friendly, With stories to share. They march through the forest, They sing out in chorus, Marching along as their song fills the air. (Chorus:) Gummy"
  • Intro/Where Does My Mind Go - Ariel Pink
    ""Hello! Welcome to another installment in the ongoing Ariel Pink saga. The sounds you hear before you are mainly recorded by me, Ariel Pink, with you, the listener, in mind - 'you' being R. Stevie, of"
  • Hello California - Austrian Death Machine
    "Hello there. I'm the Govenator, also known as the gummy bear of Candy Cornia. First off, I'd like to implement new rules. There must be a new gym in every city of the great state of California. It'll be"
  • Chewin' gum - Ella Fitzgerald
    "I don't like stakes or fancy cakeI'm full of ice cream foodI have just one effectionI really love to chewLollipop or chocolate dropHave no effect on meBut when I have some chewin' gum I'm as happy as can"
  • Rap Candy Bars - Andre Nickatina
    "Rap Candy Bars -Andre Nickatina man im caught up in a candy world lemon head drops in a candy world my style be something like a candy kit you can get a cavity if you bitin it be'cause you know ill step"
  • Tidal Wave - The Apples In Stereo
    "A foot in the street and a foot in the gutter That's one foot in the morning rain Just round the corner, a hole full of water, And hot dog, it's a holiday Splish splash in a pool of puddle, Don't trip"
  • Born Headless - Cryptopsy
    "You're not emoting: one of us will have to dig deeper; These are my cheek nails: Penetration, though unclean, can make you bleed in so many interesting ways; I rend your flesh and caress your fears"
  • When I'm Cleanin' Windows 2 - George Formby
    "You've heard about my capers when windows I've to clean. Now I'd like to tell you of a few more things I've seen I've seen Miss Thompson in her flat take off her shoes her coat and hat I've seen her take"
  • Am I Losing You ? - Jim Reeves
    "Bimbo Jim Reeves Great Country Hits Volume 1&2 RCA Bimbo, Bimbo Where you going to go e o , Bimbo, Bimbo What you going to do e o. Bimbo, Bimbo Does your mommie know, that your going down the road to"
  • Street flash - Animal Collective
    "does anyone in here get hit with inside fever? so bad sometimes it's hard to move around they'll show you all the things you are not doing instead of helping you they'll lock you out and you're whining"
  • Kandi - Trina
    "Kandi girl (kandi girl) You are my world (you are my world) You look so sweet You're a special treat Kan-di girl You are my world (my world) You look so sweet You're a special treat Wow ta dow watch"
  • This Is Not Paradise - Death In June
    "Many blurred dead king's faces Move photolike through time's gape and gauge The dull drum's thud and drone Is not heroic battlebeat This is the grey clock's cog There are not the banners of heroes Or flags"
  • Natural Quaternion - Mechanical Poet
    "I see the border of the wild wood An endless raving tide Electric view from altitude The forest spreading far and wide I'm staring on these discomposed seas Imbibing gummy smells The blankets rise above"

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