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gummy bear football'

  • I Am A Gummy Bear - Gummy Bear
    "Oh Im a gummy bear. Yes Im a gummy bear. Oh Im a yummy tummy funny lucky gummy bear. Im a jelly bear Cause Im a gummy bear Oh Im a movin groovin jammin singing gummy bear. Oh yeah oh Gummy Gummy Gummy"
  • Football - Iggy Pop
    "I'm a football baby, Rollin' round the field. I've been passed and fumbled, Till I don't know what I feel. Everybody's the same, They're all footballs too. Setting up the big play And trying to score. I'm"
  • Ricky Tidwell's Mama Is Gonna Play Football - Cledus T. Judd
    "(Tim Wilson/Dean Daugherty) Timothy Wilson Music (BMI)/Admin. by Copyright International/Lowery Music (BMI) Tim Wilson lyrics Ricky Tidwell was a great athlete He was a big strong boy that was quick"
  • Bear - Jacks Of All Trades
    "Follow these thoughts through the maze of life Amazed by the little things that catch my eye Not knowing what to do, where to go, what to be But I need you there to rest at ease At best that is worth wasting"
  • Football crazy - Vengeance
    "I remember the night we tried to watch the game Adrenelin pumpin', you stuck your face in the screen I had the six packs ready, I took the phone off the hook We all sang rock steady and later got in a"
  • Red Football - Sinead O'Connor
    "I'm not no red football To be kicked around the garden No no I'm a red Christmas-tree ball And I'm fragile I'm not no animal Though I am to you I'm not no crocodile Like the one in Dublin Zoo Who lived"
  • Red Football - Sinead O' Connor
    "I'm not no red football To be kicked around the garden No no I'm a red christmas-tree ball And I'm fragile I'm not no animal Though I am to you I'm not no crocodile Like the one in Dublin Zoo Who lived"
  • Football Fugue - Pete Townshend
    "I was listen to a guitar, bass drum thing Started hearing chest screech, thought I had a gut strength Then I saw a big band, right on the pavement Violins and heavy boots, wondering where the wave went You! What? I'm"
  • Talking Football - Chad Mitchell Trio
    "Every Fall when the leaves turn brown Friday evening rolls around I sit down in my TV chair And my face assumes a TV stare Goodbye world, goodbye family It's football time It's highlight films of last"
  • Football song - Chumbawamba
    "Season's end And the stands come down One less heart In one more town Boxed and warm And quiet as stone See the animals feed On animal bones It's oh so nice And it's oh so nice It's oh so dull But it's"
  • Football Hero - Al Stewart
    "In the center of the field stands the favorite player The ball comes floating in, they say a silent prayer for him. Fifty yards away, a minute left to go The ref looks at his watch; Oh, oh He cuts it to"
  • Yogi Bear ((Naughty)) - Yogi Bear
    "I know a bear that you wont know, Yogi, Yogi, I know a bear that you wont know, Yogi Yogi bear. Yogi Yogi bear!! Yogi Yogi bear!! I know a bear that you wont know, Yogi Yogi bear. Yogi's got a girlfriend"
  • Highschool Football Hero - A.F.I.
    "A.f.i. Answer That And Stay Fashionable Highschool Football Hero Wanna be a highschool football hero with an s.a.t. score less then zero. I wanna try to drink my weight in beer. I wanna be a highschool"
  • Highschool Football Hero - AFI
    "I wanna be a highschool football hero. With an S.A.T. score less than zero. I wanna try to drink my weight in beer-o. I wanna be a highschool football hero. I wanna score a touchdown so I can score after"
  • Penn State Football - Jodi Benson
    "The penn state football team Is for you and not for me I better be the cheeleader And let you be the teacher Of course you never know me But if you ever see me I can't resist my thoughts If I had to do"
  • Football Fairy Story - The Adicts
    "Playing world cup in the street Making magic with my feet I'm spotted by a scout "Bring your boots, you'll turn out" Put on the shirt for my first game And scored a hat-trick won the fame Local boy is"
  • Football Stolen Cheers - Bring It On
    "Toros: Let's go TOROS 4x claps All right were sweet, we got the whip we cant be beat Were the best our team's too cool We got the class to rock this school CLOVERS: Ohhhh yea We bad we got the team we"
  • Bear Away - Murder City Devils
    "The Vesta is landing The Vesta is landing Without a captain Without a crew Down in the hole Tied to the wheel This ship of death This ship is filled with rats You better find your mother You better look"
  • Bear Cage - The Stranglers
    "I work hard, I'm saving my marks Watch what I do when I swim with the sharks A new race and a new way to race Feel ashamed as I live a disgrace Gee, (G.) I'm (M.) living (B.H.) in a bear cage Gee,"
  • Panda Bear - Of Montreal
    "I'd go down on you if that would make you happy my panda bear my panda bear please stop bombing my lullabies to pieces my panda bear my panda bear you dont understand what the morning does to me in the"

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