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gustavo motta boy

  • Gustavo show - Babasonicos
    "Ests de vuelta sos la tormenta la novedad en las histerias no existen causas y ni cuenta te das tu clima inestable me acosa. Empaca todo y terminemos esto por una vez te digo la verdad no especules con"
  • Gustavo Show - Babasnicos
    "Ests de vuelta Sos la tormenta La novedad En las histerias No existen causas Y ni cuenta te das Tu clima inestable me acosa Empaca todo y terminemos esto Por una vez te digo la verdad No especules con"
  • Motto Hade Ni Ne! - Tomatsu Haruka
    "Wakatte iru wa yo deai no shunkan ni Ase ga nijinda Babyface Osaerarenai kodou yasegaman de kakusu Supiido ihan no Driving Datte te o nigire mo shinai kuse ni Tsuyogatte tsuite koi Nante senobi"
  • The Day And The Time (feat. Gustavo Cerati) - Shakira
    "Who's to say that we always have to agree I think we can both can take this one mistake Like some kind of amnesty Why to love and with such brutality? We're compatible Maybe a bit too much That's"
  • Shy Boy - S.E.S.
    "Ichi-byou koto ni anata ga nanka sugoku tookute Me to me de mitsumeau...feel my heart hanasanai! Motto tsuyoku semete mite yo Tsuki ni terasareta mune no oku o... Doko ni demo tsurete itte kokoro o hiraite... Oh"
  • Motto - Kizo & Qry
    "odcinam się daj więcej przestrzeni i nie wchodź z butami na mój teren Odezwę się później Na razie potrzebuję zmienić tlen Ja muszę mieć komfort, on znaczy dla mnie najwięcej Wziąłem sprawy w swoje ręce Nie"
  • Motto - Method Man
    "Yo... aww shhhhhhiiiiiiit! My niggaz, how we do it? You know it like a poet, baby doll Break through it, you know it like a poet, baby doll I spit, chew it, you know it like a poet, baby doll Get in"
  • Motto - Less Than Jake
    "Can you build ?. You know, its something that keeps you sane. And you can't explain what. But you know, it's what's left inside you. And I know its something, you know, its something that keeps me sane. And"
  • Boy - Nelly
    "(feat. Big Gipp, Lil' Flip) Booooyyy oh oh oh oh oh oh So you the kang boy how could this be boy you gotta be blind to sell more records than me boy I can't complain boy don't say my name boy I'm"
  • Boy - Nelly feat. Tim McGraw
    "(Chorus) Booooyyy (Repeat 4X) (Nelly) oh oh oh oh oh oh So you the kang boy how could this be boy you gotta be blind to sell more records than me boy I can't complain boy don't say my name boy"
  • Boy - Trick Daddy
    "(feat. The Lost Tribe, JV) I tellin ya boy I got them boys Dog I be tryin to tell em You can't catch me boy Don't upset me boy Touch me my dog a wet 'cha boy Never disrespect me boy Dog you better"
  • Boy boy boy - Underworld
    "Boy boy boy boywraps his arm around a skinny thingnaked around, naked around, naked aroundnaked around the middleshe's a sleepwalker with an expensive bagcruising cubicles cash thrillscruising and thinking,"
  • Boy - THE BOYZ
    "I’m the only one, your boy Every day, I dreamed (About this moment, it’s finally here baby) Among all the other eyes on you I always dreamed of you, hold my hand I’ll run to you, I’ll show you, magic for"
  • Boy - Book Of Love
    "I want to be where the boys are but I'm not allowed I wait outside of the boy's bar I wait for them to all come out I'm not a boy It's not my fault that I'm not a boy it's not my fault I don't have those"
  • Boy - Anne-Marie
    "Oh geez, you tease, you're pretty much everything that I need Good flirt, nice shirt, I can feel I'm gonna fall head first Golden skin, cute grin, saying all the right things And then you hit me from my"
  • Boy - Kylie Minogue
    "Pretty little thing Making my heart sing When you do-hoo What you do-hoo I just wanna know the score So get up on the floor Let me see-hee Your best for me-hee We can make it up Don't wanna stop You"
  • Boy - Little Mix
    ": Do you remember what he said? : I do. He told you he'd never : ever hurt you Oh, here we go again Another : breakup, make up. When you gonna : wake up? : I'm gon' be the one to call him out "
  • Boy - Tribe After Tribe
    "Boy in the sun, wind in his hair creeps in places that hides in the way lunar mountain, toss that water the river of ancient goes through his veins lifeform (?) is born, with ants of wisdom always arriving"
  • Boy - Jhene
    "BOY I wanna be close to you I wanna feel what cha thinkin' I want cha to feel my...... Emotions no hesitatin' You can be as bold as you want My love is here an waitin' And no longer will I stand For"
  • Boy - Ian Hunter
    "Genocidal tendencies are silly to extreme After all you're still quite small you don't know where you've been You was only swearing yesterday Oh you want to win the world away But now you got nothing to"

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