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gza - 4th Chamber

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gza - 4th Chamber

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gza - 4th Chamber
  • Genius/GZA 4th Chamber
    "(feat. Ghostface Killah, Killah Priest, RZA) Choose the sword, and you will join me Choose the ball, and you join your mother... in death You don't understand my words, but you must choose So... come"
  • Killah Priest Greyhound Part 2 (GZA Remix)
    "Yo, be for real I was buried on a battlefield I was buried on a battlefield Located near israel The rest of my platoon Was trapped upon a hill I heard mega... ...yo, be for real I was buried on a battlefield I"
  • Resurrection Torture Chamber
    "Torture chamber, test your wil to live Die by nature, this time you must give Take my hand, feel my pain Torchure chamber, kils again Your empty soul, fate of time Torture chamber will survive Your time"
  • The Last Shadow Puppets The chamber
    "Leave yourself alone Leave yourself alone (Leave yourself alone) Can't you see You're only here To be torn apart Based upon And nothing else So leave yourself alone Leave yourself alone Tell your wasted"
  • Blind Guardian Black Chamber
    "I am lost in the black chamber There's no way to turn back It takes me down forevermore And death would be so sweet I'm possessed by the old creature Who had planned all To take my soul Too late for me In"
  • The Ark Echo Chamber
    "(Echo, echo, echo, echo echo, echo, echo, echo) (Echo, echo, echo, echo) No Have you heard the word no, no, no? I thought so 'cos everybody says yes everywhere you go You know If you always must know"
  • Diva Destruction Lover's Chamber
    "Where is he sleeping, my lover's chamber My heart's in keeping, in a world lost Far from me, far away, from me I heard you call me, my love, where are you I heard you call me, my darling, I'll find you Dancing"
  • Abscess Filth Chamber
    "Swimming in Disease Basking in Bacteria Rotten Stinking Cheese Mildew and Malaria Layers of Reeking Skum Vermin Urine and Fecal Matter Mucous Matter Mess Maggot Ridden Meat and Splatters Come into my Filth"
  • Lenny Kravitz The Chamber
    "("The Chamber" to pierwszy singel Lenny'ego Kravitza zapowiadający album artysty zatytułowany "Strut", który ukaże się 23 września 2014 roku.) You’ve killed the love That was once so strong With no regrets"
  • Cephalic Carnage Anechoic Chamber
    "This world is perilous, destroying all we create, bury our dead to have condos built on gravesites, we decimate our old so we don't have to pay social security, and they pollute our air so we don't want"
  • Awesome Car Funmaker Torture Chamber
    "She leads me to the bathroom stall Friends are waiting down the hall She takes my hand she won't let go feels so lonely and so cold so cold, so lonely, and so cold Got so many things to try By the birrors"
  • Aurora Borealis Sixteenth Chamber
    "Trapped, shackled by four chains, strapped to a wall, tormented day by day, living life in Fear, hunger sets in now pain begins, rats naw my flesh, infected limbs are Left, nothing to see, nothing to hear,"
  • Edge Of Dawn Chamber Six
    "What if the soul Corrupts the heart And if the child Corrupts the man The seal is broken A graceful sword Rewards a lie Face the chance That you might die The seal is broken A graceful sword Rewards"
  • Xzibit Chamber Music
    "The official representative, LAC This is phrophecy manifested by X to the Z Victory, strike a B-Boy stance in khaki pants Never get along like red and black ants, advance When your staring and this concrete"
  • Spice 1 Gas Chamber
    "(Chorus) Check muthafuckin 1 check 1-2 Shoot a muthafucka down what a nigga do Check 1 check motherfuckin 1-2 Shoot a muthafucka down what a nigga do Check muthafuckin 1 check 1-2 Shoot a muthafucka down"
  • Gravediggaz Graveyard Chamber
    "Chorus: Rzarector Danger Danger, Danger Danger The Graveyard Chamber Danger Danger, Danger Danger, Danger Danger The Graveyard Chamber Danger Danger, Danger Danger Enter the Graveyard Chamber Danger Danger"
  • Velvet Acid Christ Cyclone Chamber
    "(coughing) there over the sky, walking dust, search your ground, a monster hound, why it hurts flying backwards sewn in space time, preacher. psycho rape to ruin the micro world above you, psycho world"
  • Grade Sixth Chamber
    "I am above from where they are reaching and what they ask of me I am beyond as life unfolds these eleven lessons in chaos I lay before you but should forgiveness play part in this procedure because pebbles"
  • Bronze Nazareth 5th Chamber
    "(Intro: Prodigal Sunn) Yeah, another one, the mad butcher 12 O'Clock, Prodigal Sunn, Bronze Nazareth Two On Da Road, yeah, Think Differently My nigga Dreddy Kruger, yeah (Prodigal Sunn) Sunny shazaam,"
  • Paolo Nutini Chamber Music
    "Sweet little Rosie, my softest machine, Bounces with me on my big trampoline. Childish and silly we're part of a team, me and my Rose on my big trampoline. I was a shadow, I'd smoke and I'd sleep. 'till"

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