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half a hart

  • Hart Crane - Anniversary, The
    "Anniversary, The Designing A Nervous Breakdown Hart Crane Tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight Stay in the house close all the windows Now you're searching for fire Some"
  • Have a hart - Celine Dion
    "Lying in bed alone Thinkin' 'bout how much I need you Oh, give me one more chance to see you again If only I'd have known It was the last time I'd be with you I would have held on and never let you go Baby,"
  • Half - Kevin Fowler
    "She spent half of her life a lookin for a better half to make her whole Now she spends all her nights waitin' for a man who won't come home She had half a mind to leave him she had half a mind to stay She"
  • Half - JS
    "I started to burn your clothes I started to stratch your car I started to call my brothers But I don't have to go that far Was about to get back at you The way scandelous women do All because you weren't"
  • Half - Paradigma
    "I died mentally but my body lives on Half a life I lead as I linger on Sorrow I breed and sorrow I feed Half a death I suffer as I try to withdraw My sickness is no disease A mind in hell Can such a thing"
  • Half - Soraya
    "It might take sometime, dont ask why some things just happen, in the blink of an eye all that we have has a moments guarantee a transient pleasure destined to flee Today I will love you, like weve only"
  • Half - Aikaryu
    "Feel prickly,have a sticking pain. I'll ever give in to the destiny. Can you see in the darkness of night? The truth about that story. boku wa anata wo aisuru koto ga dekinai anata no sono utsukushii kurokami"
  • Half & Half - Lush
    "( from volume ) So much happened and I couldn't deny That I broke your feelings with the way that I lied So I do understand the reason you became so weak. Oh baby you're not half the person that you"
  • Black Black Hart - System Of A Down
    "Something ugly this way comes, From my fingers, sliding inside All these blessings All these words God lives underneath your covers Search for pleasure, Search for pain In this world, now I am undying And"
  • Stado hartów - Oki
    "Teraz wszystko wisi, jak ja kiedyś na trzepaku Teraz wszystko wisi, tak jak jeden z tych chłopaków Wyjebałem z miasta, nad tym miastem ciąży fatum Mam za dużo skarbów, biegnie po nie stado hartów (let's"
  • Half 'N' Half - Blak Twang
    "(feat. Mystro) Twangsta! Mighty Mystro (Yeah) You take this 'alf bro', I'll take the next 'alf (Aiight) We'll do this half and half (Aiight, speakin' of half blood) Check it.. I'm fully sick, that's"
  • Half and half - Lush
    "So much happened and I couldn't denyThat I broke your feelings with the way that I liedSo I do understand the reason you became so weak.Oh baby you're not half the person that you used to be.Brag your"
  • Hart - Farin Urlaub
    "Ich liebte ein Mdchen, sie liebte mich nicht. Also brach ich ihr das Genick. Ich wollte einfach sicher geh'n, dass kein Anderer sie kriegt. Nachts hab' ich sie dann an der Autobahn verscharrt, denn ich"
  • HART - FONOS x Gibbs
    "To wrócę, zrozumiesz Po co tyle w sobie wciąż tłumię? Po co w sercu trzymam się złudzeń? Na mej drodze stoją myśli, wiem, że blokują mi bieg Chmury gonią nieustannie, chyba że z nich biorę wdech Czeka"
  • The Ballad Of Gary Hart - John Denver
    "Who's that running down the alley In the dark of Friday night As he zippers up his trousers In the inky slinky light Why, of course, it's good old Gary Leaping over someone's fence Yes, it's good"
  • Conversation with W. Cullen Hart - Neutral Milk Hotel
    "But we fucked up that Remedial English class, because we were smoking pot We're not in college. Right. We can't move on to college, can we? So, like- We are not in college, are we? So, how do you"
  • Half A Minute - Basia
    "What is there to say When all the love has slipped away In half a minute. There is always something we can blame, But in the end, it's just the same - Suddenly, you find yourself alone. Half a minute Half"
  • Half a minute - Matt Bianco
    "What is there to say when all the love has slipped away in half a minute. there is always something we can blame but in the end, it's just the same - suddenly you'll find yourself alone. Half a minute."
  • Half A Heart - Willie Nelson
    "I don't love you like I used to but I'm afraid to tell you so I've got half a head to leavin' you but only half a heart to go The words to tell you just won't come to me I guess my courage is too slow I've"
  • Half A Heart - Jill Sobule
    "One leg in one leg out What do you get with a half a heart Part brave soul the rest is not What do you get with a half a heart? A half a mind, a half a spine A half a glass, a half alive One step in, one"

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