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half of heart

  • Half - Kevin Fowler
    "She spent half of her life a lookin for a better half to make her whole Now she spends all her nights waitin' for a man who won't come home She had half a mind to leave him she had half a mind to stay She"
  • Half - Aikaryu
    "Feel prickly,have a sticking pain. I'll ever give in to the destiny. Can you see in the darkness of night? The truth about that story. boku wa anata wo aisuru koto ga dekinai anata no sono utsukushii kurokami"
  • Half A Heart - Jill Sobule
    "One leg in one leg out What do you get with a half a heart Part brave soul the rest is not What do you get with a half a heart? A half a mind, a half a spine A half a glass, a half alive One step in, one"
  • Heart Half Empty - Stephanie Bentley
    "There's some leftover wine in the cupboard 'Bout a half a glass left for the road Here's a toast to the time we were lovers Then I'll go Should I laugh or should I cry Love you, hate you, live or die Is"
  • Half My Heart - grandson
    "I Don’t know why I’m running away If I end up back at the start With half of my heart Take a good thing Throw it away And I end up Back at the start With half of my heart Yeah Another moment passed look"
  • Heart Half Empty - Ty Herndon
    "There's some left over wine the cupboard About a half a glass left for the road Here's a toast to the time we were lovers-then I'll go Should I laugh, or should I cry? Love you, hate you, live or die? CHORUS Is"
  • Heart Half Full - Bacon Brothers, The
    "Bacon Brothers, The Can't Complain Heart Half Full Written by michael bacon Water is to glass as _______ is to heart. a. blood b. love c. taxi d. happiness mb As you stare off to one side and appear"
  • Heart Half Full - Bacon Brothers
    "Written by Michael Bacon Water is to glass as _______ is to Heart. a. Blood b. Love c. Taxi d. Happiness MB As you stare off to one side and appear to be listening I can see in your"
  • Half Of Your Heart - BrainStorm
    "Half of the night is evening, then morning and night is gone Finished doesn't mean done Half of the way is a mirror the rest is left where to hide to be on the other side Heros, old saints, gentle freaks,"
  • Half of A Heart - Stan Rogers
    "(This piece is for all of you who've sat in the bars and watched it all happen - another one of the reasons Stan didn't like performing in very many bars.) That one behind you on the padded velvet throne, Don't"
  • Half Of My Heart - Roxie (Roksana Węgiel)
    "I forgot to lock the doors before I saw somebody like you so no I am falling back every boy reminds me of you it’s not about the compliments you’re putting my way lately it’s not about me giving me /2x I"
  • Half A Heart Tatttoo - Jennifer Hanson
    "She was touching up her makeup I was standing next in line I couldn't help but notice 'Neath those powder room lights It was China red outlined in black On the left side of her shoulder In plain view I"
  • Half Of You - Varsity Fanclub
    "Allright Ooh Yeaah I heard a sad song playing in the radio About a girl who loves him, but she never really let it show Outside the rain keeps falling down my window I'm crying inside, gotta see you tonight I"
  • Half Of You - Brownstone
    "(Nicci) Now and then I wonder where you are & where you've been We were friends But deep inside my heart, I always knew I only needed one not two I wish that I could say the same for you Everyday"
  • Half moon, half centuries - Catamenia
    "From the stairway he threw with the languages unknown,the words of truth and the cohort of fools.Named the man of black for the back of his hands,where marked in numbers fourteen and two fours.From below"
  • Better Half - Tarkio
    "Tender the light, I left you for your better half. Tender the light, I left you for your better half. It's not better by half. But, I'm not the only one who let you down. I'm not the only one who I'm"
  • Half Asleep - Ben Folds Five
    "Half asleep, half a billboard, half a street, that's my window, All in all, If you wanna know, I'm half asleep Old friends and strangers, they treat me like a little girl, But not you dear, you were"
  • Half Asleep - Hem
    "I want to tell you I've watched the waves That wake the sea The lightning that wakes up the ground And my heart has been half asleep inside of me It wakes up when you come around I want to tell you I've"
  • Half Acre - Hem
    "I am holding half an acre Torn from the map of Michigan And folded in this scrap of paper Is the land I grew in Think of every town you've lived in Every room you lay your head And what is it that you"
  • Other half - Within Temptation
    "Over the hills lies a new beginning Over the hills Over the hills, there is a way, I know it Over the hills You cant bring all the gloom Your heart is frayed and so empty You glorify the future Living"

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