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hammill Time Heals

  • Time Heals - Peter Hammill
    "Thinking back, it seems that I can lie beside you as I never truly did, in afterglow - no afterwords at all. Only writing love songs when it's gone and dead; only paying words out in strings of half-forgotten"
  • Time Heals - Jon Secada
    "I love you It'll never be the same, not this way again With someone new, but someone new Will just have to do Cause you never loved me at all You told me yourself Why'd you stay with me baby You let me"
  • Time heals - Jason Donovan
    "It seems all promisesAre made to be brokenAnyone in love would know what I meanAnd nothing seems to changeThe words that are spokenNothing I could sayCould ever bring her back to meHappens all the timeIt's"
  • Time heals nothing - Danko Jones
    "I've got these feelings, alive in my headDon't listen to reason, they only see redAnd I'm coming to get you, coming to get youI know I'm gonna live through this, and when the wound on my back healsI'm"
  • Time Heals Nothing - Crowbar
    "Gone six long years It's been so hard without you Deep in my head I feel the way that you do Never can I forget you're gone Never can I forget you're gone I've been so scared But I have grown so far You"
  • Heaven Heals - Normals
    "Goodbyes are never easy no, and goodbyes never tire Of making me feel guilty for being dragged through time You were standing in my doorway as the seconds raced the snails Because you wouldn't let me"
  • Time Heals No Wounds - Sworn Enemy
    "Just time, too much time. All this pressure it build inside. Just time, too much time. All this pressure it build inside. It's been my enemy. At such an age I couldn't understand, how could you let this"
  • Time Heals All Sorrows - Kotoko
    "== Romanized Japanese == Sashi komu hoshi akari te no hira ni atsumete kasukana kibou sae mada mitsukerarenai Mekakushi de mienaku naru yasashikatta kinou no kaze sotto kata wo daku you ni tsutsumi konde"
  • Head over heals - Boyz II Men
    "Any minute now you'll be walking out your doorWith that vibe I've never seen beforeEvery part of your existence fill with originalityAnd elegence but,I can feel you, loser in this game of loveThe key to"
  • Head over heals - Matt Bianco
    "I see you baby almost every day I wanna tell you things I can't seem to say It drives me crazy when I try to pretend Oh baby that we're just good friends Why when I look in your eyes Do I hide all my feelings"
  • Head Over Heals - Rainbirds
    "Lovely Like a dream come true. How time uncovers without haste Veil upon veil upon veil Until the love shines thru Spin this tender net around you Around me. Keeping it out, the world that bound"
  • Love Heals Your Heart - Third Day
    "Did you think you were immune to this Did you think you could escape without infection You do all you're able to resist Just to avoid the danger of rejection Memory warns you of the past When it"
  • Time Hurts (As Well As It Heals) - Don Gibson
    "You say that in time I'll forget how I feel but time hurts as well as it heals You tell me you're sorry you know how I feel But do you tell me do you know that my love is real The hours pass slowly when"
  • The Wound That Never Heals - Jim White
    "Long about an hour before sunrise she drags his body down to the edge of the swollen river wrapped in a red velvet curtain stolen from the movie theater where she works. Quiet as a whisper, under the"
  • Love Heals - Rent
    "MAUREEN Life a breath of midnight air Like a lighthouse Like a prayer ANGEL Like a flicker and the flare the sky reveals ANGEL & MAUREEN Like a walk along the shore That you've walked a thousand times"
  • Your love heals - Ian Thomas
    "You and I, we don't have to say a thingWords can take you, only so farIt's in the eye, the way your body movesWhen I am weary from the pain that I have seenI can take it, only so longA weakness in my defences"
  • Head Over Heals - Jessy
    "Jessy - Head over heels The phone rings and my heart freaks out Spinning till I touch the ground Counting the days till you'll be mine You're perfect, like a fantasy The words sound like a melody In"
  • Head Over Heals - Accept
    "Late at night in the park I saw them slipping in the dark For heaven sake whats going on Its like someone is here Gotta follow now Like being in a trance for me Theres silence here More than all the noise Spurting"
  • In Slow Time - Peter Hammill
    "Dance the dance dance the dance till show time the show goes on. Dance the dance dance the dance in slow time if that's what you want. Dance the dance in the back of the car dance the dance in the cocktail"
  • Time - De/Vision
    "Time... time changes everything time heals all your wounds a broken heart will heal Time... time changes every thought time changes every point of view you will see things in a different light Fears..."

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