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hand to month

  • Month of Sundays - Metronomy
    "I see we're similar But I've never thought much about it 'Cause I've got young Mystery And I couldn't live without her We're kind of sleeping when you laugh Say I'm cheapening your love But it's with young"
  • Winter Month Novelty - At The Drive-In
    "bite the hand that feeds biting off more than you can are you sure you got the right hand skilled and all because your left hand spilt... have you been crying over your spilt milk? swallow your refils swallow"
  • A Month Of Sundays - Don Henley
    "Don Henley - A Month of Sundays I used to work for Harvester I used to use my hands I used to make the tractors and the combines That plowed and harvested these great lands But now i see my handiwork"
  • Girl Of The Month Club - Vanna Bonta
    "Streams of semen into the night Millions of men holding on tight. Hand on the throttle eyes on the page waiting for the gears to engage, the gears to engage. (chorus) Different cities all round the world men"
  • Fifteen Month - Baez Joan
    "Baez Joan Blessed Are... Fifteen Month The cats are sleeping here in the autumn sun Your dog has flushed a deer ans hes on the run And the cofee cup is cold And the mornings feeling very old. Fifteen"
  • One Month - Tegan & Sara
    "One month to the day That you said That you'd never change And if I am right Then you were always wrong You gotta handle This while An old man behind his walls And all day long he's fielding calls Said"
  • October Month - Marit Larsen
    "I'm surrounded by walls They grow closer when I sleep And the ceiling falls When I try to stand up on my feet I'm looking for doors They disappear when I breathe There are plenty of floors But they can't"
  • Hand To Mouth - Eddiebingo
    "Chorus: I'm tired of living hand-to-mouth and check-to-check, Don't know what's next, get no respect, the dough is what you hoes expect, This flow and poetry don't pay none of my bills yet, I steal to"
  • The Honey Month - Augie March
    "This honey month I'm telling you don't go turning your radio on, A one and a two, should I talk to you, like the others do? Get yr knees up beneath the bar, I'm leaving now but I won't go far... This"
  • Month Of Sundays - Charlie Louvin
    "Well I ain't been loved in a month of Sundays ever since you left me blue and lonely Tried to find somebody else but none would do My poor heart keeps on a yearnin' for your sweet love just started burnin' I"
  • Month In Passing - Yellow Second
    "my friend the flower taking flight on end of any open field alight tell me the shadows standing still miss me just say that you will a month in passing never noticed you a month of passing time in solitude while"
  • Month Of Sundays - Experience Tnt
    "I thought I knew the answer to the question It feeded in, it turned away For myth of time, for sun if I didnt fagments? That fed into an endless day Looking for whatever and I never learned the candlelight"
  • A Month Today - Ben Lee
    "Just 18 I've seen the world Done more than some their whole lives unfold Still at school just saving face But a month today I'll be leaving this place I've lived a million lives so far But I'm still"
  • A Month Dead - Stephen Lynch
    "I lie next to her in the bed She's the kind of girl I'd like to wed Nevermind the fact that she's dead It turns me on It turns me on Sure, she's a little cold to the touch But that doesn't bother me much Because"
  • 3 Month Curse - Brodie
    "We've f**king been through this before Last time I told you I won't argue anymore And now you are headed out that door I'm realizing I don't like you anymore And that's alright I'm just losing my mind Well"
  • 3 Month Curse - Brodiepunk
    "We've fucking been through this before Last time I told you I won't argue anymore And now you are headed out that door I'm realizing I don't like you anymore And that's alright I'm just losing my mind"
  • Another Month Yellow - Across Five Aprils
    "For so long I've been thinking What I can do Day and night I've been thinking What I can do To forget about you to forget about us Do I exist in your so called life Will this drama ever end I am having"
  • Three Month Weekend - No Use For A Name
    "It's a thursday morning 4 AM and you won't let me go, If tomorrow never comes, I guess I'll never know. Even in the darkest hour it's the brightest time of day, Even when I go to bed I'm still awake. Eyes"
  • 3 Month Weekend - No Use For A Name
    "It's a Thursday morning, four a.m. and you won't let me go if tomorrow comes I guess I'll never know even in the darkest hour it's the brightest time of day even when I go to bed I'm still awake Eyes"
  • One Month Off - Bloc Party
    "Well there were seven years between us Seems that all my friends were right That we can't survive on your bedroom eyes And a Spanish guitar When we started this it was paradise Not just Bethnal Green And"

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