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hang your stocking by the fire

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hang your stocking by the fire

  • Hang By, Hang By - Razorlight
    "I just got off the plane about ten minutes ago And I'm nine drinks down, I've got nowhere to go But I ride a single star That generates no heat in your hand And I'm a boxer bucking on the back of the"
  • Hang fire - The Rolling Stones
    "In the sweet old country where I come from Nobody ever works Yeah nothing gets done We hang fire, we hang fire You know marrying money is a full time job I don't need the aggravation I'm a lazy slob I"
  • Hang wire - The Pixies
    "They're going higher wind is whistling on the barbs your head's a hammer hang wire, hang wire hang wire (meet you at the) hang wire that man is a liar the day is like a warm night salt rusts the cold line"
  • Hang On Rose - Gary Brooker
    "(Brooker) A quiet night here in my home Was interrupted by the 'phone The caller said he'd got my name from someone found out in the rain 'You've got it wrong, it can't be me. Who could I know?"
  • Don't Hang The Mistletoe - Marty Robbins
    "Hang the holly on the door just the way we did before But don't hang the mistletoe this year When you decorate the tree hang a special star for me But don't hang the mistletoe this year Christmas eve"
  • Grand Hang Out - Nelly feat. Tim McGraw
    "(feat. Fat Joe, Remy Martin & Young Tru) (Chorus: Nelly) I see you niggaz ain't rentin and leasin these cars Frontin like you buy and buy and buy and buy 'em Claimin that you makin so much paper but"
  • Grand Hang Out - Nelly
    "(feat. Fat Joe, Remy Martin, Young Tru) I see you niggaz ain't rentin and leasin these cars Frontin like you buy and buy and buy and buy 'em Claimin that you makin so much paper but I know That I know"
  • Hang Wire - Pixies
    "They're going higher Wind is whistling on the barbs Your head's a hammer Hang wire, hang wire, hang wire (Meet you at the) hang wire That man is a liar The day is like a warm night Salt rusts the cold"
  • Hang Tough - Pretty Maids
    "Alone in the streets It's not easy to survive You gotta walk tall And carry your weight to stay alive All night You have to fight to hold on You pay the price And sacrifice to hold on Hold tight Hang"
  • Hang On - Smash Mouth
    "Things are getting weird, things are getting tough, Nothings making sense but you keep on looking up They'll tell you to be true, they'll try it everyday To keep it on the real still you got to find"
  • Hang On - Michigan
    "Come here Let me show you what i can give you Show no fear All these years have passed me by In Lies Disappear In the clouds where I can be free God is near And the rose of fading love Will appear Then"
  • Hang On - Gerry Rafferty
    "When life gets tough When this old road gets rough What happens to me and you What do we do -- we hang on. When you confess Your life is in a mess And only you can muddle through What do you do -- you"
  • Hang Time - Kilgore
    "Been pounded by the powers that be Stripped of everything that is me Lookin' back I'm being chased by my ignorance And up ahead there ain't nothing but a fence Right now I'm hanging on To my friends and"
  • Trial by Fire - The Banner
    "kill yourself all by yourself your eyes cried dry and you've gained nothing hearts in shreds your own knife refuse to escape your self made torture alone by yourself only hurts if you need someone to need"
  • Hang On To Your Life - The Guess Who
    "Thinkin' bout the people gone by Screamin' that I don't wanna die You can push your head But don't you push it too far... Thinkin' bout it's here and it's real Wonderin' how I really should feel You can"
  • Hang On To This - Days Of The New
    "Keep me past the gate I've worn the world without a word And I don't care too much for what they say Grip my smothering end Another day will pass again Keep My fire alive for I'm not afraid Can I make"
  • Shimmy Down The Chimney (Fill Up My Stocking) - Alison Krauss
    "Tonight, I waited but my heart is so cold 'Cause you never stay more than a minute, so I'm told I know you're just doing your job But what am I supposed to do? When all I want for Christmas, darling, is"
  • Trial By Fire - Testament
    "Accuse you of a crime sentenced to endless time the price you have to pay won't get away! sworn in by the stand your rights are gone the system's banned they think you are a liar a trial by fire Hey! this"
  • Baptism By Fire - Marduk
    "Baptism by fire Feel the wrath of Satan's relenless flames Ungodly desires When god is lost and on his planet hellfire reigns War master makes his call As death descending out of clear blue sky A hailstorm"
  • Hang On To Your Emotions - Lou Reed
    "When your imagination has too much to say When the chill of the night meets the sweat of the day And you have trouble understanding what other people have to say You'd better hang on to your emotions"

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