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hangover khan

  • Hangover - Dynoro
    "And I can drink until dawn, dawn Got a hangover, oh Grow up, up And I can drink until dawn, dawn Got a hangover, oh I got a little bit trashed last night, night I got a little bit wasted And I can drink"
  • Hangover - Gomez
    "Be the light from my window Be the time at my table Be my hangover girl Be my headover girl Be my headover girl Be my headover girl Share the wine at my table Out of my mind see me stable Find"
  • Hangover - Hey Monday
    "Hit me out of nowhere like a car crash on the street, Suddenly colliding into me, Now I'm broken, bruised and beat up Tangled in my sheets, How can this feel so bad when you seemed so good for me? Oh"
  • Hangover - Tha Alkaholiks
    "(feat. Bishop Lamont, Styliztik Jones) Geah... it's magic... let's get it This is, vicious, bitches switches what I'm about Lyrics is fire physics and niggaz look out The 45 blows kisses aimed for yo'"
  • Hangover - America
    "Whos that knockin on my door this morninCant they see Im deadThere aint nothin left to do this mornincept to make it to my bedI was out till all hoursRaisin cain once againI dont care about the hoursOnly"
  • Hangover - Big Head Todd And The Monsters
    "She could not control her first love With the politics of suicide Violent and tortured lover With nowhere to run She learned to turn inside Babe you've got to hide you're wounded Shame to leave, you're"
  • Hangover - Cales
    "Everything is broken Chaos in my mind Booze is a bitch And my passion for life is dangerous I have a feeling That I do everything the other way round The inner demon broke silence And you broke into tears If"
  • Hangover - O.A.R.
    "Woke up with a headache from the night before Cause sometimes I drink Spent the night with my head in the toilet bowl It's where I like to think I said cause I don't want no one to take a piece of my heart"
  • Kabhi Khan Khan Khan - Aapko Pehle Bhi Kahin Dekha Hai
    "O Ri Sakhi Ab Lagan Lagi Tere Haath Piya Ki Mehndi Dhol Baje Yun Dhol Baje Dhol Baje Yun Dhol Baje Ki Sari Mehfil Nachdi Kabhi Khan Khan Khan Kabhi Chan Chan Chan Kabhi Hole Se Kya Bole Mann Yeh Rog Jiya"
  • Dschinghis Khan - Dschinghis Khan
    "Sie ritten um die Wette mit dem Steppenwind, tausend Mann Und einer ritt voran, dem folgten alle blind, Dschinghis Khan Die Hufe ihrer Pferde durchpeitschten den Sand Sie trugen Angst und Schrecken"
  • Dschingis Khan - Dschinghis Khan
    "Sie ritten um die Wette mit dem Steppenwind, tausend MannUnd einer ritt voran, dem folgten alle blind, Dschinghis KhanDie Hufe ihrer Pferde durchpeitschten den SandSie trugen Angst und Schrecken in jedes"
  • Genghis Khan - Running Wild
    "He was just a gentile man It was his love to grind He didn't know the fear He never had to hide He loved the glance of metal And the smell of blood The flame of badness burned inside him That was the only"
  • Genghis Khan - Nico
    "I have come to lie with you I have come to die with you On your padded shoulder And your golden chest In a wilderness of glass we rest And all the flowers they are our words And my chances follow dances Into"
  • Dschinghis Khan - Die Apokalyptischen Reiter
    "Order - pay | sow - harvest degrade - regret | buy - sell The price is always the same only death is just for nothing The quality of your pain Only you define it! Price Of Ignorance White - black |"
  • Khan Asparough - Korozy
    "It is year in 681. The mist so thick had scattered away Hazy sunset enlightened majestic silhouette Dark - red shadow set people's soul on fire He was their trusted Leader His armour still flashing"
  • Kublai Khan - Jedi Mind Tricks
    "God hates me, never keep my banger on safety My mother raised me alone, you can't break me My hearts pumpin the blood of Royce Gracie My thoughts dumpin the slug and point straightly You rhyme fakely,"
  • Genghis Khan - Jedi Mind Tricks
    "You about to witness a two five Jedi Minds collabo You know what I mean? The God Jus Allah Megatraum is a martian, feeding off weed and cash I dash from my ship in the Roswell Crash You smash when you"
  • Dschinghis Khan - Berryz Kobo
    "Chansu wo matsu yo ja aitsu ni makeru Uhha Uhha Nido to wa moenai arashi ga fuku ze Uhha Uhha Kira kira kagayaku goden hitomebore shita ano onna Kogane wo tsukamu no sa Jin Jin Jingisu Kan Hei burazaa"
  • Love hangover - Tina Arena
    "If there's a cure for this.. I don't want it If there's a cure for this..I don't need itIf there's a cure for this..I don't want it If there's a cure for this..I don't need it.Cos you left me with the.."
  • Love Hangover - Scarlet
    "Something inside has died And I can't find The way to get to you And although I've tried And I'd kill to revive it But so on it goes There were times that I Would break down and cry Just because of your"

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