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  • Hanka - Biesiadne
    "Apaszem Staszek był, w krąg znały go ulice, W spelunkach, tam, gdzie czarne życie wre. Kochanką jego była zwykła ulicznica Co gdzieś na rogu sprzedawała ciało swe. I Pomimo to Stach kochał swoją Hankę, I"
    "miałem własny dom sem pod mostem spał miałem dwa kartony tam sem kur* spał nagle co za gnój Hanka straszy mnie już nie miałaś gdzie rozpierd*** się!"
  • Princess - Elton John
    "Haven't you heard what's new There is a rumour Going around that suddenly I've found you Better believe it's true I got a feeling This is for real and nobody else will do You are my princess You make"
  • Princess Princess - Johnny Tillotson
    "Princess, Princess, Princess, my love Princess, Princess, you're a dream Cutest girl I've ever seen You were sent from up above To hold my hand and give me love Princess, Princess, when you kiss You're"
  • Princess - Seal
    "The princess and the liar Her dress is catchin' fire Daddy's little lemon ain't All she's meant to be I almost made you jump The trust you so desire My love is tasting bitter 'cause it almost set you free The"
  • Princess - Arakain
    "Nkdy vzpomnky vlm a jsem rd e je mm roky co kolem pdj radi nepotm Jako dneska to ctm jak jsme dovedli pt tancovaky byly len a ns tak bavilo t Zalo se hrt holky se smt kad z nich v sob mla princess of the"
  • Princess - Paolo Santos
    "the walls of my castle speak they tell me that you're not here the heart of my kingdom weeps knowing you're nowhere near give me one more chance to prove my love is forever true but you're miles away,"
  • Princess - David Byrne
    "I saw a princess, she's riding the IRT She raised her eyes and I thought that she looked at me In a disco I thought that I'd seen her before She got married, and now she don't dance no more She knew the"
  • Princess - Glasseater
    "why do you pester me with your longing to leave i open the door rush out like a bolt what have i done to cause you to leave? i rush to the door and you're not there walk back to my seat i hear a sound"
  • Princess - Matt Nathanson
    "Oh princessyou make the partywith your handsin your pocketsand your innocent eyesand all those thingsrunning around in your headOh princess you make the partyyou've been everybody's darling noweverybody's"
  • Wianek Hanki - Brathanki
    "Stroniła od chłopców, od chłopców Bogobojna Hania, oj Hania Ma w nagrodę zmarszczki, ma zmarszczki A nie zna kochania, kochania Strzegła jak źrenicy, źrenicy Panieńskiego wianka, hej wianka No i chodzi"
  • Princess Ehime - Kokia
    "Princess...Princess...Princess...EHIME ORENJI iro no mikan no tsubutsubu Princess...EHIME ORENJI iro no mikan no tsubutsubu Kazoete ikutsu me? Mitetara Trip Trip... (Time to take a bath) x 3 Princess...Princess...EHIME ORENJI"
  • Pop Princess - The Click Five
    "I lost myself at your show last night Looking at the sparkling eyes In the middle of a fresher crowd You keep living like you're a movie star But tell me who you really are When the lights go down Baby,"
  • Pop Princess - Hannah Montana
    "I lost myself at your show last nightLooking at the sparkling eyesIn the middle of a fresher crowdYou keep living like you're a movie starBut tell me who you really areWhen the lights go downBaby you are"
  • Pop Princess - Miley Cyrus
    "I lost myself at your show last nightlooking at the sparkling eyesin the middle of a fresher crowdyou keep living like you're a movie starbut tell me who you really arewhen the lights go downbaby your"
  • Jewish Princess - Frank Zappa
    "Jewish Princess Lyrics I want a nasty little Jewish Princess With long phony nails and a hairdo that rinses A horny little Jewish Princess With a garlic aroma that could level Tacoma Lonely inside"
  • Princess Valium - Dogs Damour
    "Destiny angel, her breath smelt of mine My skin of wild turkey, oh, lipstick and wine This land has 98,000 dollars of pain, yeah Happily living together behind a stain, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Oh,"
  • Pop Princess - Click Five
    "I lost myself at your show last night Looking at the sparkling eyes in the middle of a fresher crowd You keep living like a movie star Tell me who you really are When the lights go down Baby you're a"
  • Pineapple Princess - Annette Funicello
    "Pineapple Princess, he calls me Pineapple Princess all day As he plays his Ukulele on the hill above the bay Pineapple Princess, I love you, you're the sweetest girl I've seen Some day we're gonna marry"
  • Celtic princess - Van Langen
    "Coming from Dover, now sitting in Paris, got to find a way to get home. No cigarettes, just this bottle of gin and those Pakistanis gave us some food. Thats where we met on a railway-station and a train"

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