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hannah montana forewer

  • hannah - doli
    "Wpierdalam do Pepsi tabletki bo nie chce już gadać Zakładać te twarze jak Hannah Montana Rozjebie telefon bo nieodebrane mam tylko, gdy siano mi wpływa na konto Ona już nie chce rozmawiać, bo nie lubi"
  • Mata Montana - Mata
    "jak byłem mały to się zakochałem nie od braci Grimm tylko na Disney Channel były tam seriale które omijałem byłe jeden taki fajny który non stop oglądałem o takiej pięknej dziewczynie Hannah Montana"
  • Hannah - Michel Jonasz
    "Cette chanson-l, c'est comme un bouquet d'fleurs Qu'on offre aux prima donnas, Un p'tit cadeau d'un grand admirateur, Chanson pour Hannah. Tu sais si bien de n'importe quel coeur Casser les cadenas. Ceux"
  • Hannah - Robin Trower
    "Hannah, walking in beauty, like the night Hannah, soft as the early morning light Nothing I do, brings me to you Hannah, let me love you Hannah, distance surrounds you everwhere Hannah, living in memories"
  • Hannah - Daniel Cage
    "Hannah looked up then she looked down then she through her love around to me When you came a year ago You didnt feel the weight of all the world do you feel it Because the night will come And you wont"
  • Hannah - Ray LaMontagne
    "I lost all of my vanity when I peered into the pool I lost all of my innocence When I fell in love with you I never knew a man fall so far until I landed here Where all of my wounds turn into gold when"
  • Hannah - Robert Downey Jr.
    "There's a dark problem today, as always 'Nother black though as our arms shuffle past In the hallway Hannah, you know Hannah done sleep on my floor every day Simple and slow It grows Now the clock's"
  • Hannah - House Of Love
    "Hannah told me change that lock and key Sift your soul - get down to your knees This is not my sky This is not my sky This is not my sky The devil searched for love and so it seems Carry down the ghost"
  • Hannah - Sheila Nicholls
    "Hannah's friends were watching when she met him at the end of the bar Hannah's friends were thinking that he wouldn't even make it that far 'This is for you,' he said, her gaze unbroken as she licked"
  • Kill Hannah - Kill Hannah
    "and she made such an entrance yeah one blink explode the cinder blocks sometimes it sticks to your lips and sometimes i see battleships stop everything, kill hannah 'cause she knows it's just a game stop"
  • Montana - Frank Zappa
    "I might be movin' to Montana soon Just to raise me up a crop of Dental Floss Raisin' it up Waxen it down In a little white box That I can sell uptown By myself I wouldn't Have no boss, But I'd be raisin'"
  • Montana - Manic Street Preachers
    "Luddite lover Forgiving father Unhappy forever Live it to where you can Those skies must drive you wild This earth around you This silence around you Be with the sky tonight You've ruined more than you'll"
  • Montana - Slowride
    "techniques forgot things fall apart ignore your problems long enough just like a match it burns you down my songs compatable with yours but still you fight your stupid wars when you could drop your fists"
  • Montana - Rocky Votolato
    "driving north on 35 heading into the night the suns getting easier for me to look at I've been singing these songs about you Montana for so long without ever even knowing it the things that you can't see if"
  • Montana - Venus Hum
    "Panic start it's 8o'clock 28 Mach 10 to get to the school on time Throw a dress on over my head Jump in my freedom ride Fill me up with sound The world sings with me a million smiles an hour I can see"
  • Hannah doot - Undertones
    "Lets sit down and talk about your life Hannah Doot - Hannah Doot And tell me why the tears are in your eyes Hannah Doot - Hannah Doot She's crying - I'm trying Not to feel so sad But its time to say goodbye"
  • Dear Hannah - Metro Station
    "Dear Hannah. Dear Hannah. Get a friend to get my things, Back from your place while you're away. I'll get the chance to say the things, I should have said, but couldn't say. Hannah dear, forever friends. Sincerely"
  • Hardhearted Hannah - Ray Charles
    "They call her Hardhearted Hannah, The vamp of Savannah, The meanest gal in town Leather is tough, But Hannah's heart is tougher She's a gal who likes to see men suffer To tease 'em and thrill 'em, To torture"
  • Louisiana Hannah - Webb Wilder
    "'''Louisiana Hannah''' I take four stands of your hair, baby And a five dollar bill I'm gonna put'em in a letter yeah Drop'em in the mail Gonna send them to a woman A friend of mine told me about Well"
  • Loving Hannah - Isobel Campbell
    "I went to church on Sunday My true love passed me by I knew her mind was changing By the roving of her eye By the roving of her eye By the roving of her eye I knew her mind was changing By the roving of"

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