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happi now year

  • Year One Now - Entombed
    "Take out the failures Erase the existence Break down the values Break down the system No, can't co-exist It's year one now No, can't co-exist It's year one now Sadistic solutions to mankind's abortion Wipe"
  • Year after Year - Abbott Hayes
    "I try and find a key so I can sing or say A little of my peace in a subtle way This guitar I can barely play Yet I still strum along And I yearn to hear your thoughts Maybe a little praise At first that's"
  • A Year From Now - xLooking Forwardx
    "There was a time not long ago when our support was good enough. What happened? I think I know. Now you've got no time for our petty, kid's stuff. They flashed some green and so long to our scene. You're"
  • A Year From Now - Across Five Aprils
    "In complete and total adoration my gift to you my heart was yours ten weeks you shaped it in one night you murdered it torn from my chest I'm layed at your feet that first step you took was the worst since"
  • This Year - Chantal Kreviazuk
    "This year, is gonna be incredible This year, is gonna be the one All the planets are lining up for me This year, I'm gonna have fun This year, I'll paint my masterpiece This year, I'll be recognized I"
  • Another Year - K's Choice
    "I wish you could adore The way you did before Now you're living through another year Oh, the light you were Will soon become a blur As you're living through another year Oh, what a waste of time it is To"
  • This year - 3LW
    ""I spent this whole year, doin' my thang, just thinkin' bout me, but that's about to change, cause this year it's all about you, baby" I made a lot of promises last year I guess And though I didn't keep"
  • This Year - Christina Aguilera
    "Oh, ooh, oh, uh Ooh, oh yea-yeah, oh, ooh, ah You'll be my New Year's Day, my Valentine Now I ain't gonna stop until I make you mine You'll be my April Fool, my Mardi Gras The music on my tongue when"
  • Year 2000 - Popsie
    "Goodbye 1999, year 2000 future mine Turn your wrongs into rights, we all know there's hope in sight Hope the future only brings delight, lovin' and happy things Party here at the lawn, come on dance till"
  • Another Year - Leo Sayer
    "oh it's twelve o'clockon the old grey wallyet another year'75 is hereI hear all the people celebratingit's another year darkness, darknessinside my headI'm on my own againthat's what I think I saidthis"
  • Next Year - Foo Fighters
    "I'm in the sky tonight, There I can keep by your side Watching the wide world riot and hiding out I'll be coming home next year Into the sun we climb Climbing our wings will burn white Everyone strapped"
  • Last Year - Go Sailor
    "the smell of january makes me think of this time last year when we were still so in love the same flowers are growing in the same place at the same time in the same way as last year last year, when you"
  • Good year - Easily amused
    "Let's get crazy Let's be sure to lose our minds Let your hair down Welcome to your life This is gonna be a good year Right now, right here Everybody Let's all hang around this place There's lots of sunshine To"
  • Favorite Year - Dixie Chicks
    "We were young and so inspired We weren't the only ones who thought We'd change the world No sun would set without us No one we knew could ever doubt us We had our future figured out We knew a love like"
  • Cold Year - Better Than Ezra
    "I have fallen over I am on the floor Could you be the answer to a question i've ignored Everything is you and you are lying here with me I was cold and distant for a brief eternity You told me Ok now"
  • Last Year - Best Coast
    "I used to believe in diamonds and things I used to believe in you and me But now I believe in nothing I used to wake up in the morning And reach for that bottle of glass But I don't do that anymore Kicked"
  • Bad Year - Sicko
    "I don't need this anymore the curse of '94 strikes again killing hopes and things and people stop, stop you're killing me and I tried so desperately to escape it suck days ahead I think I'll stay in bed Life's"
  • Year 2000 - Smith & Mighty
    "Strange thingsare happening but don't be amazed Be conscious of those devious ways The type of shit we see everyday In the year two more problems to face Year 2000 you have to focus Now is the time to"
  • That Year - Brandi Carlile
    "I must have been sleeping I must have been drinking I haven't been dreaming about you for years There was a sharp turn and a sunburn I was to cool for high school that year It must have been New Years No"
  • Zero Year - Black Radio
    "Break will never come Will never stop us fight For better life, for getting what we want And after all, the stronger one survives Peace will never come Don't ever say this word It's nothing more than"

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