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happy birthday to you

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happy birthday to you

  • Happy Birthday - You, Me, And Everyone We Know
    "Happy Birthday youre 18 the only thing that means is youre old enough to strip Still to young to have a grip On the high cost of each dollar The impact of our father Every shitty guy youll date Every piss"
  • Happy Birthday - Altered Images
    "Happy birthday, happy birthday Happy birthday, happy birthday Happy birthday, happy birthday Happy, happy birthday in a hot bath To those nice nice nights I remember always, always I got such a fright Seeing"
  • Happy Birthday - New Kids On The Block
    "Happy birthday to you, this is your day. On this day for you we're gonna love you in every way. This is your day, your day, happy birthday to you, to you, to you. Happy birthday to you, you're still young. Age"
  • Happy Birthday - Familiar Faces
    "Just look at u now Your all grown up Ready to go out into the this world You're like a flower That's blossomed in the morning sun This is your special day No one can have it or take it away Ohh.. One"
  • Happy Birthday - Koyote
    "Nan jigum jichyo isso nowa heojin hu onjenga tonal su inun nol nomu goerobhyosso hajiman irohge nal borijinunma urin jal majin anhjiman soro usumul jujanha Onuldo nanun ibon noui sengire amuron sonmuldo"
  • Happy Birthday - Loretta Lynn
    "(Roy Kitson) Well I know where you're going and who's gonna meet you there I know how late you'll be coming home but guess who doesn't care Tonight I'll step out too and since I won't be here Happy birthday"
  • Happy Birthday - Blast
    "kikoemasuka jibun no kodou myaku wo uchi inochi wo kezuru hito ga ikiru sore wa nagaku totemo tsurai nanika mitsukeyo kodomo ni mita ano hiroi basho ima de wa totemo semaku boku wa dare nani wo shiteiru"
  • Happy Birthday - Lor
    "Happy Birthday to you Do you remember when I Was holding you in my arms? Look how tall you are While I'm getting shorter now I didn't know what to give you so You can just take what you want And you never"
  • Happy Birthday - Click Five
    "hey you, i know i'm in the wrong time flies when you're having fun you wake up another year is gone you're 21 i guess you wanna know why i'm on the phone its been a day or so i know its kinda late but"
  • Happy Birthday - The Click Five
    "Hey, you I know I'm in the wrong Time flies When you're having fun You wake up Another year is gone You're twenty one I guess you wanna know Why I'm on the phone It's been a day or so I know it's kinda"
  • Happy Birthday - Will Powers
    "Happy birthday, happy birthday How old are you, how old are you? I'm 32 and I have to lose 20 pounds to be attractive, to be the kind of person I want. this is the year I'm gonna do it. Have you ever"
  • Happy Birthday - Aerosmith
    "(Chorus) I got a new nurrrse for the makeup (Chorus) We got a birthday in the house Tom Hamilton (Chorus) Can we sing Happy Birthday For Him? (Chorus) Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday"
  • Happy Birthday - Kyuss
    "Happy, happy birthday Two years dead today You can't keep me running You can't keep me from hiding from you Don't mess around with me I'm down to the wire And I'm burning I'm burning higher and"
  • Happy birthday - Stevie Wonder
    "You know it doesn't make much senseThere ought to be a law againstAnyone who takes offenseAt a day in your celebration'Cause we all know in our mindsThat there ought to be timeThat we can set asideTo show"
  • Happy Birthday - Carly Simon
    "(Carly Simon) It's all of our birthdays this summer One number older, another year younger I'll go to your party, you'll come to mine We've given up cigarettes, we've given up wine We've given up caffeine"
  • Happy Birthday - Flipsyde
    "Please accept my apologies, wonder what would have been would you have been a little angel? or an angel of sin? tom-boy running around, hanging with all the guys? or a little tough boy with beautiful brown"
  • Happy Birthday - Uriah Heep
    "In the magic garden Some were singing Some were dancing While the midnight moon Shone brightly overhead The stars so gaily glistened And the sphinx in silence listened to The magician tell of Lives that"
  • Happy Birthday - Andreone Leah
    "Andreone Leah Veiled Happy Birthday You're nice and warm the water's deep I'm kicking while you sleep Muffled words I don't understand But it sounds like talk is cheap You're pushing hard it's cramped"
  • Happy Birthday - Nick Cave
    "Cave Nick Miscellaneous Happy Birthday It's a very happy day We are at lots of fun fun fun And it's ice-cream and jelly and a punch in the belly How much can you throw over the walls? And see how his"
  • Happy Birthday - Leah Andreone
    "You're nice and warm The water's deep I'm kicking while you sleep Muffled words I don't understand But it sounds like talk is cheap You're pushing hard It's cramped in here Is this what warps my head The"

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