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hapy end

  • End - Nancy Sinatra
    "At the end of the rainbow You'll find a pot of gold At the end of a story You'll find it's all been told But our love has a treasure Our hearts can always spend And it has a story without any end At the"
  • End - Groove Coverage
    "My home is in motion, as darkness unfolds. The air overloaded, the sky's dancing gold. But you went away, you left me to stay We'll see us in heaven, I'm counting the days At the end of time, at the end"
  • End - Bride
    "The sun shined through poking holes in the sky Like cigarette burns on the bedsheet Sound the horn step down with a shout The earth and the sun are gonna burn out Til the end Til the end of the world"
  • End - Simple Plan
    "I've been trying to tell you something But you never understand I feel like we've been going 'round in circles You look at me like I've become A stranger on the streets, A skeleton that's been hiding"
  • End - Dimension Zero
    "I'm not going to need your god when the hours have run out can't demand heavenly salvation crying out my pain on holy time These nails are really shining, heaven will you save me now? I can feel you're"
  • End - Saves The Day
    "Cut off my failing limbs Pawn off what's left within Land of the living dead Time to face the end Smile for the camera, suck in that gut don't shame your family, you'll have bad luck oh the whole world"
  • End - Useless ID
    "Nothing to hold on to when you're alone, then you find each other. She heard you're leaving in august. You promise to write, she's waiting at home. An unanswered call. I want you to know I'm alright and"
  • End - Noise Ratchet
    "Our lives are vacant In us again The time its taking we go On and on and on To change what's wrong into real Our suffered scars are healed. We can get there We can go all the way tonight The journey's"
  • End - Secondhand Serenade
    "Now that summer's over We'll wonder what to do We'll finish our last nights in your car Just like we always do. I'll hold you closer and tell you I love you But it won't matter in the end It's obvious"
  • End - My Chemical Romance
    "He calls the mansion not a house but a tomb. He's always choking from the stench and the fume. The wedding party all collapsed in the room. So send my resignation to the bride and the groom. Let's go down! This"
  • End - The Cure
    "I think I've reached that point Where giving up and going on Are both the same dead end to me Are both the same old song I think I've reached that point Where every wish has come true And tired disguised"
  • End - A Flock Of Seagulls
    "It's five o'clock in the morning, Where the hell have you been ?I've been watching I've been waitingSix times I've read this magazine Looking out the window Walking down the long and lonely road Is there"
  • End - Korn
    "(Mike) Hi thereaah...is it okay if I come over and look at your exhaust manifold on yourdodge dart I got a piece of missing somewhere on mine and I'm not sure whatit is I want to see what you got on yours...Throttle"
  • End - Reef
    "'Say' fuck you man. I don't need what you got I'll go my own way. I give you all I got to give but man you just can't take it. You spend up all your nights and days just building walls around you. It makes"
  • End Of Fallens - Meadows End
    "What is life? Burning hungers to be heeded at any cost? Does it differ? Surface-time from afterlife? The passage between the two vast lands. Guarded by the Fallens hands. Sublime practised supremacy. Gods"
  • Dead End Hero - End Of Green
    "every other day, waiting for the point called zero, every other day, take it back, take it back, away from me every other day, living like a dead end hero, every other day. in the end, in the end"
  • End On End - Rites Of Spring
    "I've had days of end on end Where nothing changed cause nothing began. Restless movement in an empty room, Gathering shadows of a darkened blue. And oh- it feels so strange- when it comes again. Cycles"
  • End Over End - Foo Fighters
    "Burn all the candles out Make a wish, but not aloud Re-live the here and now To see you now and then I'm a revolving door I've seen it all before I will begin again But I can't start until I've seen the"
  • Bury Me Down (The End) - End Of Green
    "My love decrease. My heart that weeps. The years, they used me up, Left their mark on my skin. And now I'm old, unfulfilled, So why should i go? My youth - a long gone day. The mood has passed away. I"
  • End has no end - The Strokes
    "One by one, ticking time bombs wonIt's not the secrets of the governmentThat's keeping you dumbOh, it's the other way around - wait...What's that sound?One by one, baby, here they come.He wants it easy;"

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