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  • Hardest Part - Lucky Boys Confusion
    "Stand up, you don't need anyone Stay up, you don't need anything Just tie your shoes, and out the front door Stand up, you don't need anyone It's the hardest part Don't let it wear you down It's the hardest"
  • Hardest Bastard - The Tiger Lillies
    "He's got the girl he's got the car he's got the knife and bullet scars And when he hits you you're going to fall He is the hardest bastard of them all He's got the look he's got the gab he's got the left"
  • Hardest time - Ceaser
    "Ceaser Miscellaneous Hardest time This is the hardest time, I can't define it's never easy When you said goodbye We're all inclined to act like nothing's wrong I am the one, he said Who never had"
  • Hardest Thing - Mad Marge And The Stonecutters
    "I am not at will To contemplate just how I feel. And I still hesitate To tell you what is real and fake. And I will not obey To all this mortal sin. And I will bring you down So that you come around And"
  • The Hardest.. - Kurupt
    "(Intro-MC Ren) Yo Fredwreck turn this motha f**ker up man So it can f**k with my eardrums a lil' bit (Verse 1-Nate Dogg) Some try to repeat my flow Others neva try 'cause they know I told ya that the"
  • Hardest Part - Blondie
    "Twenty five tons of hardened steel, rolls on no ordinary wheel Inside the armored car, ride two big armed guards In a bulletproof vest, shatterproof glass, overdrive we're gonna pass Twenty five tons of"
  • Hardest Pit - Big Pokey
    "(*talking*) Say cuz, I'm off the chain mayn And it go down for real, niggaz can't see me Know I'm talking bout, I'm ean that Take a trip with me, as I infiltrate your noggin I'm to the point of nine"
  • The Hardest Part - Yesterdays Rising
    "The feet beneath me. Carry creation. The hardest Part. The hardest part. The dreams in which I dream. Are the keys to my life. The feed into my mind. Breaks apart what's hard to try. The hardest"
  • Hardest Way Possible - Rustic Overtones
    "Another elephant grey sky and it's cold outside. I've been a phantom with no place to hide. Is my fortune searching for the love inside? Or am I tortured, scorching 'cause I'm burning alive Inside I am"
  • The Hardest Part - Ryan Adams
    "Pay my respect to the company store I ain't got no money don't want no more Pay my respects to the company boys now just move along I worked hard for every little bit I got And got lucky once on some advice Met"
  • The Hardest Heart - Blank & Jones
    "Caress the hardest heart (x2) Let the morning sun proclaim The light of the world Let the golden day unfurl On every wave On every hill Each angered fist uncurl Caress the hardest heart Stir"
  • The Hardest Part - Coldplay
    "And the hardest part Was letting go, not taking part Was the hardest part And the strangest thing Was waiting for that bell to ring It was the strangest start I could feel it go down Bittersweet, I could"
  • The Hardest Thing - Van Zant
    "He's got a mountain of bills He's got dirt on his hands There's been 3 generations that's been working the land Here's his grandaddy's ghost saying "Son everyone gotta face their own hard truth And might"
  • The Hardest Part - Allison Moorer
    "(Allison Moorer/Doyle Primm) Children say that words will never harm you Only sticks and stones will make you cry But they'll grow up one day and learn the real truth When the one they love says goodbye The"
  • Hardest Easy Thing - George Morgan
    "I listened when they said that things about you And when they told me I should leave you on the run And they said just walk right out there's nothing to it But it's the hardest easy thing I've ever done It"
  • Hardest Easy Thing - Jack Greene
    "I listened when they said bad things about you And when they told me I should leave you on the wrong And they said just walk right out there's nothing to it But it's the hardest easy thing I've ever done It"
  • The Hardest Time - Los Lobos
    "(David Hidalgo/Louie Perez) A toast to love with paper cups And a vow to never part They're saying to each other there's a fire burning Deep within their hearts But at her darkest hour he's gone far away She's"
  • The hardest thing - To
    "I sleep all night right by your side i love to hear you breathing, breathing the morning light opens my eyes its nearly time for leaving, leaving I know that it seems like it's easy for me oh, I wish"
  • The Hardest Thing - 98 Degrees
    "We both know that I shouldn't be here This is wrong And baby it's killing me It's killing you But both of us trying to be strong I've got somewhere else to be Promises to keep Someone else who loves me And"
  • Hardest to Love - The Weeknd
    "No, yeah Oh, yeah Oh, yeah Yeah, uh You try with me so many times, yeah You're cryin' out behind the smiles And I can see right through the lies Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah And what we had is dead"

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