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hardwell dare you

  • Dare You (feat. Matthew Koma) - Hardwell
    "We?re a million lonely people All together on this needle in the sky Afraid of heights And your dreams were made illegal By the laws of lesser evil We call I, but not tonight I dare you to love I dare"
  • Hardwell, Afrojack, MC Ambush Hands Up - Hardwell, Afrojack, MC Ambush
    "All of you, hands up before ... The one and the only: Afrojack Hardwell On Air!"
  • Dare - Stan Bush
    "Sometimes when your hopes have all been shattered, there's nowhere to turn. You wonder how you keep going (going). Think of all the things that really matter, and the chances you've earned. The fire in"
  • Dare - Gorillaz
    "It's coming up It's coming up It's coming up It's coming up It's coming up It's coming up It's coming up It's DARE It's DARE You've got to press it on you You just think it That's what you do, baby Hold"
  • Dare - Scout Niblett
    "it's coming up it's coming up it's coming up it's coming up it's coming up it's coming up it's dare it's dare you've got to press it on you you just think it that's what you do baby hold it down there jump"
  • Dare - Buddhuza
    "Hey, Mister Monkey, How did you get in where you are? Hey, paper junky, Is everything you read alright? You're smelling poppies in the dark, Spending evenings in the park, Listening songs of aging larks, But"
  • Dare - Wedding Present
    "And there's one more thing just Come inside, no I'm all alone Danny isn't here today She said she had to get away It's on your right, just by the telephone She promised that she'd try and ring So far I"
  • Dare - Wila Ford
    "What do they see, looking at you could they see a dare? Dazzing eyes and wondering minds are hugging after you as you standing there as he steps your way, steps accross the floor Comming onto you, here"
  • Dare - The Higher
    "I don't dare I'll see you later Everything you think is comfortable, well it is As I stand at the top of this fountain Waiting to be blasted into the air Everyone gets in the way of everything (don't stand"
  • Dare - Bjork
    "i'm a fountain of blood (my love) in the shape of a girl you're bird on the brim (my love) hypnotized by the whirl drink me- make me real (my love) wet your beak in the stream the game we're playing is"
  • Dare!! - Jim Johnston
    "Words and music: jim johnston I just want to shout, it's just a waste of time, it's "impolitical", 'round here to speak your mind. I'm tired of self appointed sages,searching for clouds on the"
  • Double dare - Bauhaus
    "I dare you, to be real To touch a flickering flame The pangs of dark delight Don't cower in night fright. Don't back away just yet From destinations set I dare you to be proud To dare to shout aloud For"
  • Double Dare - Annihilator
    "Across the room, see your eyes watching me, charming lies Watch you squirm, see the need, it's time to go, time to leave I dare you to come any closer, I dare you to cross this line And I dare you to be"
  • Double Dare - Acid Android
    "I dare you to be real To touch to touch a flickering flame the pangs,the pangs of dark delight don't cower,don't cower in night fright Don't back away just yet from destinations set i dare you to be proud to"
  • Dare me - Pointer Sisters
    "I've got a chip on my shoulder with you name on it - knock it off. So don't just stand there foolin' if you don't want it - knock it off. I say you're either a lover or you are a liar. So don't you push"
  • Dare Me - The Pointer Sisters
    "I've got a chip on my shoulder With your name on it (Knock it off) So don't just stand there foolin' If you don't want it (Knock it off) I say you're either a lover Or you are a liar So don't you push"
  • Virginia Dare - Neal Casal
    "you were here, now you're gone hoping just to find some place where you belong let me know before too long how the world's been treating you and if you've finally heard that song to make you wanna stay and"
  • Dare me - Junior Jack
    "Ref : Baby, make your move, step across the line, Touch me one more time, come on, dare me! I wanna take you on, I know I can't lose, I'll be loving you if you just dare me... 1. I've got a chip on"
  • Dire Dare - Alexia
    "Oh Baby , andava cosi bene! mi davi tutto quello che cercavo nell' amore Poi come niente in un instante Tu dove sei? Oh darling almeno dimmi con chi stai! What you gonna do with it? Power glower living"
  • Double Dare - Yo La Tengo
    "I, I should know You shouldn't have to tell me Sometimes it's the way we feel or the way we feel we feel- pretty bad In a double dare He's got wandering eyes And I see 'em look at you looking straight"

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