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harmony to my heart sally seltman

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harmony to my heart sally seltman

  • Harmony - Elton John
    "Hello, baby, hello! Haven't seen your face for a while Have you quit doing time for me-- or are you still the same spoiled child? Hello, I said hello! Is the only place you thought to go? Am I the only"
  • Harmony - Kylie Minogue
    "The colours I see looking in your eyes Colours of the universe in the way they shine Everything's so surreal when you're close to me My soul just finds it hard, we were meant to be Oh, there's only"
  • Sally - Mika
    "Clap, clap Sally Clap, clap Sally Clap, clap Sally She took a ride on another train She couldn't cry cuz her face was bleeding She booked a ticket in another name. She never thought it would be so easy She's"
  • Harmony - Gordon Lightfoot
    "Harmony, oh harmony Where are you tonight, where are you tonight Harmony, oh harmony Have you gone away, have you gone to stay If you pass me by I will miss you And if you can cry I can cry too Harmony,"
  • Harmony - Susie Suh
    "I dont know your name But it seems that were all the same Cause when I sing to you You are singing back to me And we sing in harmony Harmony, we sing in melody Harmony, harmony You and I we sing in rhapsody In"
  • Harmony - Barry Manilow
    "Harmony Unforgettable harmony Harmony First there was harmony And there was rhyme This was our time Harmony Did we have harmony And that's just about all we had! Suddenly A little harmony And the poverty's"
  • Harmony - Slade
    "Harmony in my life. There ain't nothing in this big old world you care about There ain't nothing in this world that I can't do without, Oh it's gotta be me, oh it's gotta be me I can change you, rearrange"
  • Perfect harmony - Natalia Kukulska
    "1. When I was a little girl In my cosy little wonderland Didn't know why it always seemed That the princess should wait And I tried to imagine how I could be sure That ( the ) arrow that may strike your"
  • Sally - Grand Funk Railroad
    "Oh little Sally, you know I love you baby. Sally, I said I love you baby. Sally ... it's alright, it's alright. Remember girl when we both was younger. It was the days we had so much fun girl. Rememberin'"
  • Sally - Petra
    "Words and music by Greg Hough You remember Sally, used to be so happy Walkin' down that street with a smile upon her face Never had a worry, she never had a care And when she came to see me she would"
  • Sally - Dudley Perkins
    "Show me things I ain't ever seen before. The whole universe is off to explore Founding through the fabric of space and time; Lady you blew my mind. Is this dream or is this reality? Like waking up in the"
  • Sally - Gino Vannelli
    "Sally, she says the sweetest things But words won't stop the pain She's painting skies of blue While I'm standing in the rain I love her still I always will Sally, she sings the sweetest songs But the"
  • Sally - Gino Vanelli
    "(she Says The Sweetest Things)Sally, she says the sweetest thingsBut words won't stop the painShe's painting skies of blue While I'm standing in the rainI love her still I always willSally, she sings the"
  • Sally - Ian Thomas
    "Well you say that I'm uncoolAnd I seem like such a tool'Cause my blue jeans are not quite fadedThat I should try to non-conformKeep my distance from the normAs for my taste... it just don't make itYou"
  • Sally - The Police
    "I was blue and lonely, I couldn't sleep a wink And I could only get unconscious if I'd had to much to drink. There was somehow, something wrong somewhere, and each day seemed grey and dead The seeds of"
  • Sally G - Paul McCartney
    "Sowhere to the south of New York City Lies the friendly state of Tennessee, Down in Nashville toen I met a pretty Who made a pretty big fool out of me. And they call her Sally, Sally G, why d'you wanna"
  • Sally Ann - Great Big Sea
    "All eyes on her from dawn till dusk Hanging on her every word Kings and Queens never saw such a fuss Servants are waiting to serve Chorus Sally Ann Sally Ann Ah, when you dance Every move that you make"
  • Morning song to Sally - Jerry Jeff Walker
    "As the morning light stretched in across my bed I thought of you, um um um Remembering your laughing eyes and all we said I love you too, um um um And as all my thoughts of you pass 'fore my face a thousand"
  • Electrric Harmony - Damnwells
    "the clock would ring just like a bell the green in her eyes dropped out and fell everywhere but I don't care I can see that she's made of something else entirely has she completely gone crazy she kissed"
  • Endless Harmony - Beach Boys
    "Beach Boys Keepin' The Summer Alive Endless Harmony Ocean lovers who like to harmonize They're all cousins friends and brothers And they make their mamas cry They're record-making heart-breaking Just west"

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