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  • Harvey - Ambrosia
    "(Puerta) All This time All This worry All This way to go For nothin' What's the sense Of the hurry You tell me If you Sense somethin' I dreamed a lot when I was younger I'm older now and still I hunger For"
  • Harvey - Młody Jimm x Fabijański
    "Młody Jimm x Fabijański 2020 W polskim rapie do stracenia nie mam nic z tamtych marzeń został tylko pył, wiesz trzymam go w łapie żeby rzucić ci go w pysk nie chodzi o satysfakcje teraz to już żadne zysk nikt"
  • Harvey And Sheila - Sherman Allan
    "Harvey and Sheila Harvey and Sheila Harvey and Sheila Oh the day they met. Harvey and Sheila Harvey and Sheila Harvey and Sheila No one will forget. Harvey's a CPA He works for IBM He went to MIT And"
  • Shine On Harvey Bloom - Sherman Allan
    "+Shine On, Harvey Bloom My name is Mr. Bloom, and I'm from New Rochelle, And I sing this happy tune, Because my son, the astronaut, young Harvey Bloom, Has landed on the moon. My wife and I, we miss our"
  • Shine On Harvey Bloom - Allan Sherman
    "My name is Mr. Bloom and I'm from New Rochelle And I sing this happy tune Because my son, the astronaut, young Harvey Bloom Has landed on the moon My wife and I, we miss our little Harvey so Back here"
  • Harvey Glataman (Your Soul Will Forever Rot) - Macabre
    "He could tie a great knot as a kid Always had ropes in his hands Hanging himself in the attic His behaviour was quite erratic He had such a high IQ But he was a devious killer too He'd tie up the girls"
  • Two Brothers With Checks (San Francisco, Harvey) - Ultramagnetic MC's
    "Yeah this is a story about two brothers with big big checks and pretty white Cadillacs; and they was fly from the South So check it out.. (Ced Gee) My wicky wicky style is unbearable for this world and"
  • This Mess We're In (featuring PJ Harvey) - Radiohead
    "Can u hear them, the hellicoptors? Im in New York No need for words now, we sit in silence You look me in the eye directly You met me, I think it's Wednesday, the evening The mess we're in and ohhh... (The"
  • If I Can't Have You, By Etta James And Harvey Fuqu - Etta James
    "I don't want nobody If i can't have you oh i can't love nobody unless i'm loving you chorus: the way you hug me the way you squeeze me the way you kiss me ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya if i can't have you i"
  • Broken Homes - PJ Harvey
    "''Choir :'' Those men will break your bones, Don't know how to build stable homes. Those men will break your bones, Don't know how to build stable homes. ''Polly Jean Harvey :'' Those men will break your"
  • Satisfaction - PJ Harvey
    "I can't get no... satisfaction I can't get no... satisfaction And I try And I try And I try And I try I can't get no... No no no When I'm drivin' in my car And the man comes on the radio He's tellin' me"
  • Straight Up (No Bends) - Brian Harvey
    "Woah, woah, woah, Woah, woah Oh yeah, oh, B. Harvey Baby you know that I can't stop thinking About the night we had When you and me Made time stand still I need to know now If you felt the same way If"
  • The Mountain - PJ Harvey
    "Above The mountain The mountain An eagle is flying High above the mountain An eagle comes down To the soldier who faltered The soldier on the ground By the mountain I feel nothing For in my"
  • Baby In A Plastic Bag - PJ Harvey
    "There was a man who told us all about his yesterdays He said that come the come, come revolution praise And though we talked about him, walked about his yesterdays No crack could snap the fact, he bore"
  • Claudine, The Inflatable One - PJ Harvey
    "Claudine, I love ya, don't be shy Come round my place, I'll blow your mind I'll show you heaven sure as I can lie Come on Mister Heaven Let me give you my my my my Mister Heaven Um yeah, I'll be my my"
  • Death Is Not The End - PJ Harvey
    "When you're sad and when you're lonely And you haven't got a friend Just remember that death is not the end And all that you held sacred Falls down and does not mend Just remember that death is not the"
  • Eyepennies - PJ Harvey
    "I will return here one day And dig up my bones from the clay I buried nails and strings and hair And that old tooth I believe was a bear's I held my hand in the fire It burned me down to the wires"
  • Green Eyes - PJ Harvey
    "He called me Magdalene So much my eyes have seen Cleopatra Would have wept for these of green I watch the people leave I walk this sorry town When I saw him first He was looking down He called me Magdalene My"
  • Happy & Bleeding - PJ Harvey
    "She burst Dropped off Pick the fruit Realize I'm naked I'm naked too So cover my body Dress it fine Hide my linen and lace Been sewing ever since Since time began More than the hills More than the trees More"
  • Henry Lee - PJ Harvey
    "( Nick Cave ) Get down, get down, little Henry Lee And stay all night with me You won't find a girl in this damn world That will compare with me And the wind did howl and the wind did blow La la la la"

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