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hasley colors

  • Colors - Lazy Town
    "Open your eyes And tell me what you see A great big world as colorful as it can be Mix and match 'em Creating something new Whatever you want The choice is up to you Colors, colors The world is full of"
  • Colors - Sean Kingston
    "(Rick Ross) (*The Game) Yah mon!!! JR!!! Sean Kingston yuh know (Ross!) (*And the doctor's advocate) Beluga Heights! (*Let's go) (The Game) Miami have colors, colors, colors, colors, colors (Californ-i-a) Jamaica"
  • Colors - The Game
    "(Rick Ross) (*The Game) Yah mon!!! JR!!! Sean Kingston yuh know (Ross!) (*And the doctor's advocate) Beluga Heights! (*Let's go) (The Game) Miami have colors, colors, colors, colors, colors (Californ-i-a) Jamaica"
  • Colors - Genevieve
    "Show your colors girl in the morning light It's on again, it's on again Recreate the world in your own good vibes It's on again, it's on again Show your colors girl, Show show your colors girl, Gotta"
  • Colors - Crossfade
    "Can you feel it crush you? Does it seem to bring the worst in you out? There's no running away from These things that hold you down Do they complicate you Because they make you feel like this? Of all the"
  • Colors - Morandi
    "Chorus: Beautiful sunrise in your eyes, burning like a flame! Beautiful colors inside me, calling out your name! Verse: You came down on me like summer rain Wearing nothing, but your love I can't explain"
  • Colors - Amos Lee
    "Yesterday I got lost in the circus Felling like such a mess Now Im down Im just hanging on the corner I cant help but reminisce When youre gone all the colors fade When youre gone no New Years Day parade"
  • Colors - Kira Willey
    "I am green today I chirp with joy like a cricket song. I am gray today Gloomy and down like a morning fog. I am orange today Loud and messy like finger paint on the wall. I am red today Hopping mad like"
  • Colors - Loona
    "Summer, the leaves are green winter the naked trees springtime a new age is born in the fall there's an early dawn and the colors embrace the sun Tell me what, (what) is wrong (is wrong) we all wanna"
  • Colors - Portugal. The Man
    "Ahhh Ahh ah All the needy still need and all the losers still lose all the preachers still preach but they ain't bringin no change I'm not afraid to die 'cause all these colors will change All the low"
  • Colors - Bread
    "I don't know day from nightAnd I don't know dark from lightAnd I believe that life is more than just a gift of sightRainbows I'll never seeDon't mean half as much to meBecause I've found a heart and soul"
  • Colors - Shadow Gallery
    "Out of the blue Everything seemed so new The sun rising lights up my face Fading from green No more thoughts to deceive For seasons of lost hope may change Ahh - so many different colors Ahh - The"
  • Colors - Saigon Kick
    "I can see the future deep inside tomorrow I can smell the money, the way you feel Guarding all the children, is not love the answer you cannot pretend your life is real... CHORUS (2x) Can you see the"
  • Colors - Face Down
    "Look at you now, pathetic and weak Slowly walking down on loser street Bound to live your life without dignity Self-inflicted misery Trust is something that you earn Deceit from trust is what I've learned What"
  • Colors - Everdae
    "So take a look around and see all the different colors But don't make a sound or he might just take advantage Such a pretty gown but he took it off already No you can not lie no you can not to a liar Uh"
  • Colors - Halsey
    "Your little brother never tells you but he loves you so You said your mother only smiled on her TV show You’re only happy when your sorry head is filled with dope I hope you make it to the day you’re 28"
  • Colors - Ice-T
    "Yo Ease lets do this.. I am a nightmare walking psychopath talking king of my jungle just a gangster stalking Living life like a firecracker quick is my fuse Then dead as a deathpack the colors I choose"
  • Colors - Barcelona
    "It's hard for me to say what I want from You I have had 22 years of Trying to form the words that somehow Might mean I am feeling So many colors in this distraction Brown hair makes her lips more red Words"
  • Colors - Lil Lonnie
    "I just want the money i never met a bitch that i need all I see is colors blowing green One thing I never seen was a bitch I need all I need is money what the fuck you think? tryna sip away my problems"
  • Colors - Eldritch
    "What color are you God? What side are you on? Sure you're conceiving love? We are born to wage wars! Check it out from your high throne Rabid dogs sinking teeth into skin Hear the screams getting"

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