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hays schhol musical

  • Musical Soldier - Jahcoustix
    "Yeah I..... .....Musical Soldier... Yeah I... Don't wanna be a musical soldier (musical soldier) Don't wanna put on a musical uniform (no way) Don't wanna be a musical Vampire (musical vampire) You"
  • Musical friends - Bruce Cockburn
    "Musical friends are keeping me happy they know what I need now I can sleep on anyone's floor without feeling cold inside or outside me the closer we get the easier life be- comes for each of us we can"
  • Musical pictures - The Hollies
    "Musical pictures colouring in the soundTouching the feelings writing my thoughts downSomething that I can share with youI can get carried away carried away carried away by the melodyCause I cant say what"
  • Musical Key - Cowboy Junkies
    "My mother sang the sweetest melody Although she never sang in a musical key I'd hear her through the house My name called out loud My mother sang the sweetest melody My mother's hands were always cool"
  • Musical Therapy - Voodoo Glow Skulls
    "Submerged in a pool of someone else's control They've taken my emotions and imprisoned my soul Forgetting my identity I'm mechanical from head to toe Waking up in a cold sweat and afraid of my own shadow NIGHTMARES!! F**KIN'"
  • Musical Ladders - Adam Green
    "Musical ladders Leaning on mountains Bathed in white laughter Under the sun Somebody's birthday Came stumbling toward us Wrapped in green gladness Under the sun We're gonna make it through this war tonight Someone"
  • Musical Massacre - Eric B. & Rakim
    "How could I keep my composure When all sorts of thoughts fought for exposure? Release, then veins in the brains increase When I let off, make a wish and blow the smoke off my piece Unloadin, unfold and"
  • Living Musical - Imagine Dragons
    "It all begins with a look in the eye That goes beyond the body into Feelings you tried to forgot all about A sudden attraction Between two With a few Of the mind that distracts Of the stars, that it builds But"
  • Musical Chairs - Lemon Demon
    "You walk around in circles, I walk around in squares. Another round of musical chairs, And maybe no one really cares about the way we walk. The record stores are out of stock, And all we want is bloody"
  • Musical Pollution - Voodoo Glow Skulls
    "Musical pollution, We raid the airwaves. Audio ammunition, Emotions set with chords and rhymes. Taking all my chances, Too poor to go for broke, Let others be complacent, My action and my words. I'm the"
  • Musical stampede - Looptroop
    "ChorusWhatever I say over the beat it's a hit cus it's hot./ However I sound better believe that it's hip to the hop./ However you feel all my peops just lick off a shot./ Whatever you do Embee make sure"
  • Musical Massacre - Rakim
    "(Take that microphone from that kid and heat it up) I keep the mic hot I heat it up kid I keep the mic hot I heat it up (x2) Mic check y'all Then throw it to the floor The crowd wanted more so I"
  • Musical Medley - Girls Aloud
    "Baby, look at me And tell me what you see You ain't seen the best of me yet Give me time I'll make you forget the rest I got more then you And you can set it free I can catch the moon in my hand Don't"
  • Musical chairs - Atmosphere
    "(Stop The Fucking Music)Do you want a plight? Well you don't have a choice Stand up alive Cause the music hasn't die yet Suzy was a psycho, but she looked good Little ball of fire, light it up and cook"
  • Musical Fanzine - Team Dresch
    "she wants to embrace her, however the world will change She wants to feel, but she can only describe it Don't let the monster stay under the bed , don't' let the monster stay under the bed Hey you, say"
  • Musical Freedom - Benefit
    "Ben Hated (Guy): Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey Man, hey Check thi-, Stop that lil' shawty right there Stop lil' shawty right there (Who, that lil' girl over there?) Yeah, get her, yeah get here fa'"
  • Musical Chairs - Red Roses For A Blue Lady
    "this is real, five hearts of steal, pouring and beating... we are whole as one, from nothing we will become and make our way... you are the broken wheel of regression that is holding and reporting a disclaimer"
  • Musical Monkey - Guttermouth
    "i've got a fanzine so i should know everything about every band i turned punk 2 years ago i tell my subjects i'm d.i.y. i'll call your band a sellout & i'll tell convienient lies i've got a lot of staples and"
  • High School Musical - High School Musical 3
    ": Whoo! : Come On! : Alright! : Little Louder Now! : Hey! (Troy & Gabriella): Lookin' Forward From Center Stage, Graduation Day, Time To Get The Future Started! What We Leave, What We Take With Us, No"
  • High School Musical - High School Musical Cast
    "Here we go! Whoo! Come on! Alright! Little louder now! Hey! (Troy and Gabriella): Lookin' forward from center stage, graduation day Time to get the future started What we leave, what we take with us No"

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