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he Dead Weather - Rough Detective

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he Dead Weather - Rough Detective

  • Rough Detective - The Dead Weather
    "No, no, no .. Your instinct is defective but your cock's on fire I got no perspective when check in the lion .. You keep going faster"
  • Detective Instinct - The Fall
    "You can tell by his fashion That boy's been in prison Detective instinct Detective instinct Always do it Two thugs knocked down an old tree for an old lady's whim Detective instinct They were reasonable"
  • Detective Show - Engerica
    "This is a...this is a...a song About a show, on TV A detective show if you will All about cops and robbers! Shooting guns! High speed car chases! Rolling into the night! Don't believe me? Take a look! Testing!?"
  • Weather - Clifford T. Ward
    "Here's Bill Giles with the weather Good old Bill Everything's changed The new technology More accurate Sophisticated presentation New jargon. Celsius for Centigrade Nice captions Everything's"
  • Little Rough Rhinestone - Soft Cell
    "Little rough rhinestone Where will your love go today? Sometimes you think You had none to start with anyway You will lose the deep pools And the blues will cloud up Your frightened little eyes And the"
  • Wanna Play Rough? - Nas
    "Verse One: Yo, the Lord is my shepard The sword is my weapon Reward is a blessin', that comes from the struggle shoes been scuffled, blood's been shed, another Mother loses a son 'cause where I'm from"
  • Is He Dead Is He Dizzy - The Bear Quartet
    "a nice house where you can hear music play am I there, can you hear me say: is it cold and rainy still come on in step on in tell me is he dead is he dizzy is he cold, have some coffee forget that"
  • We Are Detective - Thompson Twins
    "Somebody's watching me and now i'm nervous and i shouldn't be Somebody's got their eye on me perhaps i should invite him up for tea? We saw him smoking by the newspaper stand there's something odd about"
  • Change In Weather - Aimée Allen
    "I hit rock bottom, Slapped and shot him, Got him black and blue He came back swingin', Didn't know I was dealin' with a devil in the things I do-ooh But not today, not today I'm gonna get a better life"
  • The Rough Side Of Town - Organized Konfusion
    "South side's a town with a lot of hustle and bustle A kid got stuck, for a buck under the trussle Died with pride, he thought he had a big heart muscle He fought back, but the attack was brutal Futile"
  • Ready To Rock Rough Rhymes - Das EFX
    "Intro: Aight, 1-2 yeah yeah yeah (Yeah son) On the mic one time (No diggedy) for your motherfuckin mind (*Ready to rock rough rhymes*----> Redman) Yeah We're gonna set it off one time (*Ready to rock"
  • Pentonville Rough - Babyshambles
    "It's rough It's wicked and rough It's hard Pentonville rough It's tough It's wicked and rough It's hard Pentonville rough Now in Pentonville there's all type of nation Russian, Columbian and Jamaican Latvian,"
  • Play Rough - Night Ranger
    "You can play dirty Or you can play clean Looking for pleasure You're busting out your seams You can play it loose Or you can play it tight Make the boys sweat On a Saturday night Oh yeah you're the talk"
  • Rough boys - Winter rose
    "Don't waste time by complaining They live like most others wouldn't dare Sliding like snakes through the alleys They're raising hell everywhere Fighting so hard survive One of the boys didn't make it A"
  • It's Rough - Smog
    "When you're down on your luck Aand you just can't cope When the times are bleak And the friends are few Don't turn to me 'Cause I'm no hope Don't turn to me 'Cause I don't know what to do Maybe you"
  • Rough Trade - Stiff Little Fingers
    "Record boss said we would be a smash Yeah, go straight to Number One He talked of hits and tours and lots of cash And all the time it wasn't on And I believed every word was true Yeah I swallowed every"
  • It's Rough - Mr. 3-2
    "(*talking*) Huh, it get rough sometime baby Gotta make it over that hump though You know I'm tal'n bout, shit Ery'body feel that, can't frown on that note ha It get strange and crazy sometimes, ha (Mr."
  • Rough Neighborhood - Lil' Rob
    "I got somethin to get off my chest It's a rioting; cause after this, it don't exist I who have nothing, may have nothing But I still got something that you don't, you don't I who have nothing, may have"
  • Detective - No Doubt
    "Peek in, sneak about peek in, sneak about your broken hearted detective hey girl save the liar can't you see his pants on fire hey girl, save the liar can't you see his pants on fire my back it hurts"
  • Detective, Detective - Scenes From A Movie
    "And I don't care about that new angle you used. It's not that clever or new, but relying on suspicions not suspicious at all if its true. And I don't care about that last message I sent. Now keep it"

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