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head high

  • Head High - Autovein
    "Somebody tell me where all this insanity ends Show me a place where we all see the faces of friends Promises broken and lies are all spoken at will Brothers and sisters; we're armed and we're ready to"
  • Head Held High - The Velvet Underground
    "My mama told me, ever since I was seven, Hold your head up high. My parents toldmy ever since I was eleven, "Hold your head up high." They said the answer was to become a dancer, Hold your head high. Oh,"
  • Head Held High - Velvet Underground
    "My mama told me, ever since I was seven, Hold your head up high. My parents toldmy ever since I was eleven, "Hold your head up high." They said the answer was to become a dancer, Hold your head high. Oh,"
  • Head Up High - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
    "You feel, no one listens, before saying you're through You fear, nothing takes you as far as you'll go This song is not about you The life that stands without you Your body and blood Your body and blood You're"
  • Head Held High - Warren Barfield
    "They say you learn from your mistakes Well I guess I should be a genius For all the times I've fallen on my face Tangled in my weakness Wishing someone would say Keep your head held high Don't stop"
  • Head Up High - Firewind
    "You're a dreamer and you Live in a world of lies Full of sinners You'll never understand Quick deciever I'm a joke of a System that's failed Always haunt you command This is a time to change And make"
  • High head blues - Black Crowes
    "Sometimes I have a ghetto in my mindOther times sunshine high head fineIn between I get cold, old meanIntertwined with country pride open and kindThis draws a lineSorry to coin a phraseOn either side is"
  • High Head Blues - The Black Crowes
    "Sometimes I have a ghetto in my mind Other times sunshine high head fine In between I get cold, old mean Intertwined with country pride open and kind This draws a line Sorry to coin a phrase On either"
  • Hold Your Head High - Argent
    "Argent Miscellaneous Hold Your Head High And if it's there Don't let it get you down, You can take it. And if it hurts Don't let them see you cry, You can make it. Hold your head up, oh Hold your head"
  • High above my head - Moody Blues
    "High above my head There's a silver lining In the sky, I tell you no lie. I know that we can make it, I know that we're gonna make it, That's what I said, 'Cause we've got a silver lining above our heads."
  • Hold Your Head High - Heartless Bastards
    "I've made a lot of choices Most have not been wise But I have some really good friends I've been fortunate to find They get through the lonely days When I want to stay inside myself They get me out of"
  • High - Whethan, Dua Lipa
    "you don’t have to be so cautions if you practice what you preach counting up the stacks on the counter a fucking disease don’t ask me to be righteous if you practice what you teach counting all your blessings"
  • High - Little Dragon
    "I guess we’ll never get started Let’s stay … and soul, mate No need to talking about it Sometimes the quiet is so right High over the North Star Sleepless so far Together we’re high Checked in a holiday"
  • High - The BossHoss
    "Wake up in the morning,wondering where you are Thinking to youself,well, this is not my car You're trying hard to remember, what was going on Oh yeah, the night out with the boys and the weed that was"
  • High - Richie Kotzen
    "I am so innocent i swear to god o but you pressure me And i cant help but unwind By now you know im not the stable kind But you keep on testing me Until i make you cry how long can i take you You should"
  • High - Speaks
    "Will it ever be? I've tried so hard to find sweet serenity Are you still afraid? Just close your eyes and dream, and feel it fade away. Time won't flow, everyone knows When the pain fades away And dreams"
  • High - Yukka
    "You picked me up when I was weak I didn't expect it You made me feel so high A woman gave a man The gift of a woman So simple and so fine Now it's been a long time, baby, Since I've had such addiction"
  • High - Feeder
    "Guess I'm stuck in a dream Surrounded by coloured leaves on the ground As I stare at the trees I see one fall down on my hand As I start to explore I can't ignore a man He turns his head around His face"
  • High - Birdbrain
    "She was trying to hide away Hoping nobody will find her there People making so much noise There was nothing left to hurry now oh well Found her floating in her room All the colors that surrounded her Tell"
  • High - D12
    "{*"Yo yo, yo yo yo yo yo-yo" repeated in background throughout the whole song*} Yo.. uhh, where your mom at? Uhh, uhh Watch these motherfuckers macks like Guilian, a hooligan Niggaz see my face and"

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