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heal the word

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heal the word

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heal the word
  • Sacred Reich Heal
    "I remember, every word you said I'll remember all until my dying day I can't forget just what you said meant But I'll try my best still anyway Every promise broken I remember Don't ever think I don't"
  • The Moffatts Heal the pain
    "I know it's pretty crazy to call you up, In the middle of the night. But I just had this feeling, I could make things alright. Maybe it's time to feel the pain., And maybe love will Heal the pain. I see"
  • Leaves' Eyes Heal
    "I will escape from here. Since you went, I have counted one year. Wherever you go I will follow you. Let me heal (Let me heal!). I want to rest in your embracing arms. Let me heal (Let me heal). Whenever"
  • Heather Nova Heal
    "Fall for me, my southern cross, my star Shine for me when love has gone too far I've got you belly-deep in me Just a little breath on the water is all we need Just a little strenght in our hearts Enough"
  • Westlife Heal
    "Even though you're near me I need you far away To be an ocean To build another way I'll be broken And I know it But I just can't seem to find Another way Though you want to Though you try to You"
  • Down Below Heal
    "You're back from your fight You're so sad, Yes I can see... oh oh... But you mustn't lose your light You're so tired, Yes I can feel Please"
  • Catherine Wheel Heal
    "It's how high you are and the time it takes to heal It's how high you are and the time it takes to heal I can climb a tree and push up through the leaves 'cos Only when I try am I happier to see My head's"
  • Sylvan Heal
    "You could be the air I breathe in The flood that will shape the stones You'd symbolize shelter for me The stars like to shine on You'd give me reasons to exist And take away my pain you would Heal all"
  • Blood For Blood Heal
    "Do you know how hard I tried but I fail Do you know that I tried my best but I lose Don't you know I'm so envious I've got nothing Dead to this world cause I'm all alone Time goes by another wasted year"
  • Backlash Heal
    "Remember the days when I couldn't see the colours and I used to pray but I couldn't hear my mind speak an everlasting moment of purity where the silence sings for you and me Healed by the hands of love feels"
  • Midnight Oil Time To Heal
    "In the cities and the towns The word is coming down No more doubt, no more pain There's been a dragging of the chain Now there's a price we gotta pay No way out, no way round Where is the town that we"
  • The Sounds Heal me
    "ref.I wanna heal, I wanna feelsomewhere I belong!1.Heal me hard! Heal me in my finger top!Heal me hard! Heal me to the sun goes up!ref.I wanna heal, I wanna feelsomewhere I belong!2.The doctor he is coming,"
  • Chapman Gary Heal Me
    "Chapman Gary The Light Inside Heal Me by Gary Chapman Heal me! I'm not sure how much more I can take I can't tell at what point I will break But I can feel it coming on I can feel it coming on I'm so"
  • Tanita Tikaram Heal You
    "Baby, there'll be time Time alone - this tired old body Time alone - and tired old body Will be healed Baby, they'll be blessed Just a walk away Just a walk away, baby Heal you, heal you My oh my, my"
  • Freak Kitchen Heal Me
    "18 hours a day 7 days a week Locked up in this godforsaken joint Anything you say I turn the other cheek You'd be amazed what one will do at gun-point Heal me, please heal me I need something bad, something"
  • KT Tunstall Heal Over
    "It isn't very difficult to see why You are the way you are Doesn't take a genius to realise That sometimes life is hard It's gonna take time But you'll just have to wait You're gonna be fine But in the"
  • Ronan Keating Heal Me
    "Heal me, steal me, feel me, heal me When things don't turn out right And it feels like you've lost the fight When things don't work out quite the way Friend you can look my way Oh...let's start thinking"
  • Gamma Ray Heal me
    "When I wake up at the end of the dayThe moon comes out, the sun fades awayI get myself out of my bed and cryIs it really me now - could this be the real thingIs there someone else to ease the painSo easy,"
  • Melissa Etheridge Heal Me
    "Ain't it crazy For a moment there This felt just like dying But now I see that something inside Is coming alive Ain't it crazy No use running from a revolution I just surrender to this evolution Heal"
  • Boyzone Heal Me
    "Heal me..Steal me..Feel Me..Heal Me When things don't turn out right And it feels like you lost the fight When things don't work out quite the way Friend you can look my way Oh..let's start thinking with"

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