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hear me

  • Hear me - Bell, Book & Candle
    "Where have you been Where are you goin? astray Why don?t you give somebody else a bad name I thought that we two always wanted the same It doesn?t matter if she spends a little bit of time with her Baby"
  • Hear me - Bell Book and Candle
    "Where have you been Where are you goin? astray Why don?t you give somebody else a bad name I thought that we two always wanted the same It doesn?t matter if she spends a little bit of time with her"
  • Hear Me - Jeannie Ortega
    "Looking at the reflections of myself Without a mirror I see someone else Your laughing at me cuz you don't see my soul You think the smile I wear says I'm happy but you don't really know Everydays a fight Soon"
  • Hear Me - Doro Pesch
    "So you better wake up Pay attention to me I need to talk And you need to see What I've been feeling Got so much inside You know you've been stealing My peace of mind You never take the time to listen You"
  • Hear Me - Michael Bolton
    "(Jim Brickman/Tom Douglas/Victoria Shaw) Take these tears, put 'em in a bottle. Don't let these tears I cry be in vain. Take these tears, keep them up in heaven. Water my life with tears like rain Hear"
  • Hear me - SOiL
    "Sad the eyes Distance is your best friend At night it comes Will they hear? Being alone is what you want It's the only way that you feel safe inside The darkness that is me must try and heal Please hear"
  • Hear Me - Imagine Dragons
    "Try, to hear my voice You can leave, now it's your choice Maybe if I fall a sleep I won't breathe right, Maybe if I leave tonight I won't come back I said it before, I won't say it again Love is a game"
  • Hear Me - Judge
  • Hear me - Darkseed
    "A bloody rusted nail piercing through my veins no light to change eternal night to day here human life has no worth I never found what I was looking for do you hear me when I cry I never know what to search"
  • Hear Me - Doro
    "There is a statue - out on an island Lady Freedom's got nothing much to do Just stands alone, her face set in stone It reminds me of me... without you And in case you didn't get my letter I ain't been"
  • Hear me lord - George Harrison
    "Hear me lord Forgive me lord, oh please Oh please when I ignore you Forgive me lord God knows that feeling I have towards you Help me lord, please To rise above this feeling Help me lord, please To love"
  • Hear me out - Vengeance
    "Every Day When I Come Home I Try To Get Some Rest My Lady Drives Me Up The Wall Shes Giving Me A Bad Time Shes Keep's Diggin' Up The Past That Lady Finds A Way To Drive Me Mad I Dont Know What Can I Do"
  • Hear Me Calling? - Michael Nesmith
    "Hear me calling, Calling from deep inside of you While you're crying? Calling and telling you you're fine. Wisdom speaking, Loving you all the while While you are crying. Loving you and knowing that you're"
  • Hear Me Out - New Edition
    "I'm sorry, baby. I didn't mean to do what I did. I mean, it just happened so fast, you know? I woke up out of the situation. And I was like, "Mike, you don't even need to go out like this." And that's"
  • Hear Me Calling - Delta Goodrem
    "World is calling, patience falling Distant dreams and thoughts of you Time is wasted in far off places Wish I could fly and be with you No time for sentimental thoughts in my head Do you keep me in"
  • Hear Me Calling - De/Vision
    "Can't you hear me calling? Can't you hear me calling? Can't you see I'm falling? I believe in your heart Can you believe in me? Would you try me out one day When Our souls are free? I can taste your"
  • Hear Me Now - Texas
    "Where were you when the lights went out I ask you this in your defence You fell for a river when all you wanted Was a drink To me that never made much sense Hear me now With every word I breath Believe"
  • Hear Me Out - Ben Kweller
    "Breaking the Rubik's cube Making me lose the beat Blue jean-baby girl We are an apogee Down in the Christmas tree Hear me out You don't know I'm here I want it all too soon, Faster than laser beams Come"
  • Hear Me Now - Aika
    "I know you and you know me so why can't we stop this fight, this misery and wait for tomorrow? Can't you see that I have to be just the one who still has left some dignity. Oooh Hear me now, do you"
  • Hear Me Out - Silverstein
    "When everyone has left me here, I'll make it on my own, Just wait and see. Maybe if you came back down, You'd see it happening to you, Maybe you'd even care. Hear me out, I don't think you'll make it out. Hear"

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