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heather nova burning

  • River Of Life - Heather Nova - Heather Nova
    "I wanted to feel like a bird on the wings of time But it was not our time I wanted to lie for a while in the fields and dream But it was not to be Cuz sometimes you've gotta let love go Even though it's"
  • Mooie Dag (Met Heather Nova) - BL?F
    "De zon, het zand, de hitte en de rustige rivier De stilte en de droogte, en de leegte van dit hier De hemel en de aarde, de weidsheid van het land En de wijsheid van n man, dat is genoeg Er is niets waar"
  • Nova - Sense Field
    "I've held this fire and I've walked through fire and it's burning outside ask for a feeling for a direction and it's burning inside I know of a temple holding a spirit holding a spirit I know of"
  • Nova Akropola - Laibach
    "compagna dei maccella: eja, eja, alala! Ne razpihumjo ognja iz ust zivali, bojmo se zanamcev, skrivajmo svoje namene: eja, eja, alala! Izostrimo cute, eja, eja, veter zge med zitom, eja, eja, nase meso"
  • Super Nova - Saxon
    "Deep inside the Heavens, far across the Milky Way The star that shines the brightest in the sky is ready to explode! Lighting up the universe, implosion of the core Planets turn, planets die in this celestial"
  • Heather - Tizzy Bac
    "Heather Heather Heather Heather Heather don't you cry Heather Heather Heather Heather Heather don't you cry Heather Heather Heather"
  • Bull In The Heather - Sonic Youth
    "10, 20, 30, 40 Tell me that you wanna hold me Tell me that you wanna bore me Tell me that you gotta show me Tell me that you need to slowly Tell me that yr burning for me Tell me that you can't afford"
  • Heather - Wedding Present
    "I tried to call. You'd just gone out We've got to talk. You going to be about? Oh you don't have to tell me where you've been It's bad enough I know you were with him What makes you want to take him there? What"
  • Heather - Sense Field
    "I'd have to say you're a good friend I know you'd never leave me here in a town by the ocean, shall we pass another year you're so much more than a girlfriend I know you'd never leave me here in a town"
  • Heather - Conan Gray
    "I still remember 3rd of December Me in your sweater You said it looked better On my than it did you Only if you knew How much i liked you But i watch your eyes as she Walks by What a sight for Sore eyes Brighter"
  • Comets (Nova I) - Atargatis
    "A burning nova in far spheres expands and burns Out of the inner core and sending comets through the skies Shot with flaming trail Boundlessly they rush through the spheres and enter earth The atmosphere"
  • Nova - Gilberto Gil
    "(by Gilberto Gil & Moreno Veloso) Um brilho no cu Uma constelao Bem longe daqui Uma nova cano De fora maior Pro universo habitar Qual sempre a matriz Supernova ser gua pra benzer Ouro pra enfeitar A"
  • Nova - Verdena
    "Distinguimi se puoi e so che tu lo fai bene in lacrime consumi vuoti blu in piu' colpisci a fondo e sfiorami ma resti ancora immobile distendimi ed inventa un senso per poi sorprendermi adorami, dudu... conquistami"
  • Nova - Unexpect
    "When the parallel spiral unravelled Before the firm grasp of my abominable Came my birth in the well of the wretched Novae, braggart of a last jest My non-Sylph spread down In the core of the hideous"
  • Nova - Dimitri vegas & Like Mike Vs Tujamo & Felguk
    "All right is everybody ready All right is everybody ready"
  • NOVA - Sylwia Przybysz
    "może to nie jestem ja może tak naprawdę chowam się w szafie maskę mam na każdy dzień może taka chcesz mnie znać ale to już czas aby pokazać twarz teraz mam nowe zasady, zaraz poznasz je wiem że mnie zechcesz zbyt"
  • Redbird - Heather Nova
    "I saw the redbird fly bright flame against the sky burning against the sun, am I the only one? I watched the rose unfold Secrets we left untold The rose, the red red rose, still nobody knows I split"
  • One Day In June - Heather Nova
    "Thanks to Bajo Philip for submitting the lyrics One day in June I slipped away Caught by desire Drawn to the flame My virtues disappeared Light on my feet Whispers as sweet as honey Callin' to me One"
  • Walk This World - Heather Nova
    "I have slept beside the winter and the green is growing slow I have watched you find the places hidden by the snow I have tripped into a valley that is blue till you can see I want you to come walk this"
  • Heather Graham - Da Vinci's Notebook
    "I love a girl She fills up my whole world When she appears I forget Britney Spears When I see her, I feel mushy Robert Downey touched her tushie I want to root around her pantry I bet she tastes like"

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