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heaven knows

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heaven knows
  • Faith Evans Heaven Knows
    "Ummmm hummm Ummm Heaven only knows... Heaven only knows, how much I love you baby... How much I need you baby... Dont want you to leave me, no no woooo ohhh... Heavens in your eyes.... Baby please,"
  • Donna Summer Heaven Knows
    "Baby please (baby please) Please don't take your love from me (Please don't take your love from me) I am yours for ever more (ever more) Till eternity Silence please (so silently) Listen to the words"
  • Jeff Scott Soto Heaven Knows
    "Awoken by the tears & anger, a sudden flood of cries 10 days past the 1st September, 4ever changed our lives How could there be any mortal so soulless & cold? 2 predict our fate, with such ruthless hate Well,"
  • Leo Sayer Heaven Knows
    "nowadays they want a soldier fighternot a preacher writer or a mystery mansomebody told me that the future's brightermake tomorrow lighter put it in your hands but I don't wanna cry anymoretry anymore"
  • Cindy Alexander Heaven Knows
    "Heaven knows Someday you'll be mine Heaven knows a lot more than I Oh I keep wasting my time on the phone back against the wall standing on the tips of my toes for what Heaven knows Room is"
  • Price Rick Heaven Knows
    "She's always on my mind From the time I wake up, Till I close my eyes. She's everywhere I go She's all I know. And though she's so far away, It just keeps getting stronger everyday And even now she's gone I'm"
  • Claire Voyant Heaven Knows
    "Hailstones and daggers give heat without your light ghost of your angel speaks to me tonight heaven knows and I think shes the only one counting the days away pulling up the sun and now you sleep"
  • Taylor Hicks Heaven Knows
    "You took my heart, baby, And you broke it in a thousand pieces I may not have been much to you, But every man still needs a reason See, I tried so hard to love you girl Paid attention to your every need And"
  • Luther Vandross Heaven Knows
    "Heaven knows I love you Heaven knows how much I care Couldn't live without you Look for me and I'll be there But, even though you're a joy to me I think you think, "he's a bore to me" What your thing,"
  • The Pretty Reckless Heaven Knows
    "Jimmy's in the back with a pocket of high If you listen close You can hear him cry Oh Lord, heaven knows We belong way down below Sing it Oh Lord, heaven knows We belong way down below Way down below,"
  • The Corrs Heaven Knows
    "Deep Deep in our hearts Strangers apart Oh please come back to me No more to leave Never to grieve I give my world to you Send Send her away to her grieving I will never set you free No more No more a"
  • Charlie Landsborough Heaven Knows
    "If people dressed in colours According to their deeds Then many leading men Would dress in black And lots of unsung heroes Who never made a name Would be walking round With gold upon their backs"
  • The Mission Heaven Knows
    "Good lord above I'm falling in love I'm falling like a heavy black rain And I know how it feels to be head over heels I'm falling like an avalanche again As beautiful as you are As elusive as the stars As"
  • Rick Price Heaven Knows
    "She's always on my mind, from the time i wake up 'till i close my eyes she's everywhere i go she's all i know 'Though she's so far away it's just keeps getting stronger every day and even now she's gone i'm"
  • Vandross Luther Heaven knows
    "Heaven knows I love youHeaven knows how much I careCouldn't live without youLook for me and I'll be thereVERSE B ONEBut, even though you're a joy to meI think you think, "he's a bore to me"What your thing,"
  • Hall Kristen Heaven Knows
    "why do you call me? i gotta warn my heart i don't ever wanna hurt you but you always make me careful, careful darling you're gonna fall on your face i don't wanna be the one to save you it isn't my place but"
  • Slade Heaven Knows
    "Caught between the jungle and the stars Caught inside a valley full of bars There's a twinkle of hope over there There's a smell of success in the air Who can say where the better wind blows I suppose,"
  • ABC Heaven Knows
    "I have tried To make it on my own And I have survived But surviving is no rival For your love * Now I know that it's true There is no way I can't be Without you Heaven knows that it's true I can't live"
  • Boyzone Heaven Knows
    "Tears run dry on a young man's face Feel the glow of a warm embrace Been on a boat to the edge of somewhere Searched for you almost everywhere No more hills left for me to bear Cause now I'm almost there But"
  • Rise Against Heaven Knows
    "the day I learn to fly, I'm never coming down on perfect wings I'll rise through the layers of the clouds and from there I see the neon grids of cities and six million people that keep their fires lit I"

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