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  • Herzbeben - Geschwister Hofmann
    "Heut Nacht geht es schon wieder los,mein Herz verdammt, was ist das blo?Mit dir, das ist doch alles lngst vorbei.Mit uns, das war der Wahnsinn pur,vorbei, doch heute wei ich nur,mein Herz, das sucht noch"
  • Herzbeben - PUR
    "I'm almost ready To let you know just how bad I feel I'm almost ready To let you loose and find another heart to steal My friends tell me that they see you Runnin around all over town Please don't"
  • Helene - Charles Trenet
    "Il existe certains chants Qui savent tre touchants. Sur un quai de gare, Par une nuit noire, Un homme seul fredonnait en marchant : Hlne, Hlne, Entends ma voix, Hlne, Hlne, Je pense toi. J'aime ton image,"
  • Bobby Fischer - Deathbot
    "So I lost my mind One more time And they tell me hey 'it'll be on its way' But they stole my heart Been years apart But maybe hey Ill get to play again someday Bobby Fischer You're a cold blooded killer You're"
  • Capri-Fischer - Paola
    "Wenn bei Capri die rote Sonne im Meer versinkt und vom Himmel die gold'ne Sichel des Mondes blinkt, zieh'n die Fischer mit ihren Botten aufs Meer hinaus, und sie legen im weiten Bogen die Netze aus. Nur"
  • Der Fischer - Die Irrlichter
    "Das Wasser rauscht', das Wasser schwoll ein Fischer sa daran, sah nach dem Angel ruhevoll, khl bis ans Herz hinan; und wie er sitzt und wie er lauscht, teilt sich die Flut empor, aus dem bewegten Wasser"
  • Search For Bobby Fischer - Dilated Peoples
    "Yo.. it's like this man Every once in a while when motherfuckers pop off at the lip Somebody get brought into this shit that don't have nuttin to do with this shit right? But none the less You wanna start"
  • Der Fischer Und Der Boss - Reinhard Mey
    "Der Fischer lehnt am Ruderhaus und sieht ber den Bug Den wehenden Schaumkronen nach und folgt dem Wolkenflug Der Kutter liegt im Hafen vorn und achtern gut vertut Ein Tief berm Atlantik, da kommt starker"
  • Helene English Version - Roch Voisine
    "TWO hundred miles from my home a million miles from you living without you on my own u know its hard to do and through the nite feeling its gone you know i need you so lighting and thunder may appear"
  • Helene (Pourquoi tu pars) - Les Enfoires
    "Seul sur le sable les yeux dans l'eau Mon rve tait trop beau L't qui s'achve tu partiras A cent mille lieux de moi Comment oublier ton sourire Et tellement de souvenirs Nos jeux dans les vagues prs du"
  • Snowflakes Of Love (Brent Fischer Instrumental, Bonus Track) - Toni Braxton
    "Toni Braxton Snowflakes of Love On this day, snowy day Let me thank you for the joy you've given to me... I'm so happy.. I have snowflakes of love smiling down on me Winter bliss when we kiss Every"
  • Helena, Helena, Helena - Taiguara
    "Talvez um dia Por descuido ou fantasia Helena, Helena, Helena Nos meus braos debruou Foi por encanto, ou desencanto Ou at mesmo por meu canto Por meu pranto Ou foi por sexo Ou viu em mim o seu reflexo Ou"
  • Whether Or Not The World Gets Better (Duet With Lisa Fischer) - Luther Vandross
    "We don't play any games, my girl and I We get by on the high of love And there's no time to spend on doubt or wondering 'Cause no one else could I ever love You see the world outside can be cold and very"
  • Helena - Axxis
    "Love was a church and you were the priest of my lust I was your toy your loyal disciple of trust I was the slave to your pain I was nailed at your cross Helena, Helena You've given love and massive"
  • Helen - Ariel Pink
    "Helen, are you still there? I can't really tell Where are you, Helen? Helen, you say that it's you Please tell me the truth That you're not Helen, Helen Helen, where are you? Gone on Monday morning Helen,"
  • Helena - Rising Girl
    "We're down by the ocean We're swimming by the sea Oh yeah And there's my darling She's (a) happy as can(a) be Oh, what a day I see her smile I know it's for me I just wanna be The best that I can be Hey"
  • Helen - Kate Ceberano
    "Helen has eyes as dark as blackend pans Shell read your tea-cups and the palms of your hands Shes got this humor that plays havoc with her mouth You may think shes present but her mind, is travelling south Shes"
  • Helena - Bohema
    "Hela jest tak kochana Robi miłe rzeczy z rana Pusto patrzy w moje oczy Krew uderza mi do głowy Mojej głowy Hela płynie w mojej krwi Nie liczy dla mnie się już nic Łóżko gdzieś zapada się Wcale go nie potrzebuję Nie,nie,nie Nagle"
  • Helena - Nickel Creek
    "Helena, don't walk away Before you give me back my heart If it were mine, it would be yours to take I'm sorry I've let down my guard, oh Helena You looked so sweet I should have seen While I was playing"
  • Helen - Nizlopi
    "Hey Helen. Your eyes shining, you're beautiful, So I just has to come and sing to you. And Helen, Made me feel alive last night to meet you, so, This is the best I can bring to you. 'Cos you sent me singing"

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