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hellow darknes

  • My Darknes Cave - Oomph!
    "When will I lose my mask of dirt When will I only stop to hurt Sittin on my electric chair Thinkin that god would meet me there When will I stop diggin my grave When will I leave my darkest cave Down in"
  • Kolin Loves Addicted Girls - Hellow Dog
    "to be fucking straight to be straight to be fucking straight to be to be seen to be seen I must save the queen but to save the queen I must be like a fearless queer I must see the light in the darkest"
  • Whoosh! - 2Cresky
    "Round, round and round Will You call my name Hellow presure Hell on you pleasure -- I had jus find my place"
  • Love Like That - JC Stewart
    "Your voice still echoes in the darknes Telling me you're so alone Your heart is trapped in this empty apartment You are in deeper than alone Yeah, you needed me butI was in my worst Oh, I should have"
  • Blue Highway - Billy Idol
    "Show my dear friends It's to put your hands I ought to start this here Rain for a day glow But when you wants to boy so And I wake up in the USA Oh you know we're gonna ride On a blue highway Walk with"
  • High - Paulina Lenda i Kruki
    "Hellow, hey Tak to właśnie ja Nie wiem znów, Czy Mam płakać czy się śmiać Dzwonie bo nie dam rady już w tej umowie trwając Planów dalej snuć Chyba więcej nie spotkamy się Co? Żebym życie jest nie fair Wiesz"
  • DRAMA (official DISS music video) - TEAM BATSU
    "Zaczynamy walkę miedzy pokojami 3 dziewczyny. jeden chłopka Zostajemy sami Tak jak PrzeKOsa twoi fani Nie bez powodu zostałaś ostatni dodany Hellow Seba Twoje IG bliskie zera Nie udawaj przed Nicolą bohatera Przed"
  • You Will Be Found - Sam Smith & Summer Walker
    "Have you ever felt like nobody was there? Haver you ever felt forgotten in the middle of nowhere? Have you ever felt like you could disappear Like you could fall and no one would hear? Well, let that lonely"
  • Darkness And Death - Watain
    "Darknes and Death! What are your secret enchantments? Where lies the beauty of your oppression? For I am entranced... What innocence could have such splendour? No naked beauty nor a warm smile. But the"
  • Aloha, It's You - Huntingtons
    "you're callin' to say hellow now it's been 14 days and i don't know how to deal with you not bein' here it breaks my heart you sound like you're havin' fun and i wish you'd miss me more than you do i'm"
  • The Change - Peccatum
    "Slowly, as I speak, The could darknes behind me My glance stiffens And further and further it goes Too far away is that I crave The fatal distance kills me Yet I can never die The change arise from within Not"
    "Alarm goes off Ring ring a ling Whenever our eyes meet I notice but just spin around Yet i keep getting closer I know it’s too late I my heart i already know Sooner or later I’ll stop over the line I"
  • Crow Killer Blues - Rob Zombie
    "apocalypse prepare as you approach the Edge prometheus into the flesh youcarve the pledge deceivers eternal howling of your needs paradise the serpent laughing as it bleeds darknes judgemenr shall Begin heretic"
  • By Your Side (feat. Tom Grennan) - Calvin Harris
    "When you wake up in the morning and the shadow by the darknes of the night When you wake up in the morning, darking i will be By Your Side when you get a little lonely and you lose tour rhythm don't"
  • lovely (with Khalid) - Billie Eilish
    "Thought I found a way /2x But you never go away So I guess I gotta stay now I hope some day I’ll make it out of here even if it takes all night or a hundred years need a place to hide, but I can’t fide"
  • Serenity - Lunik
    "it seems as though everything has grown during the night the trees are giants and the sky is light this morning's pure and quiet wrapped in the sheets you grab my hand when I wanna get up and pull me"
  • Spawned By Evil - Necrophobic
    "As a cloak of darknes is streaming down A grayish mist hits the ground As moroii leave their graves They suck the blood of all thy race Communing with the ghosts of the ancient dead Summoning the spawn"
  • Devil Walks - Anti Tank Nun
    "Whoh! Huck! /4x Everyone could see him They knew he felt at home His dazzling ways would rim Moscow, Berlin, Rome High time to go about His captin ___ A loud: "Hallo, hellow" rang out First from his bag"
  • Heart of the country - Frida Lyngstad
    "A candle burns in the heart of the country the flame fades though I see to it sadly it takes me further away than I have ever been I wait and the darknes comes I pray for my only one and I wonder if you"
  • I'm Going Down - Gorky Park
    "Did you ever get a feeling you just can't deny It happened yesterday when I saw her walk by She had that kind of rhythm that drives me insane I said hey, hellow, how are you do you wanna play She gave"

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