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helo darknes my old friend

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helo darknes my old friend

  • My Darknes Cave - Oomph!
    "When will I lose my mask of dirt When will I only stop to hurt Sittin on my electric chair Thinkin that god would meet me there When will I stop diggin my grave When will I leave my darkest cave Down in"
  • Old Friend - Lyle Lovett
    "(Lyle Lovett) Old friend All the stories to tell Old friend Could you bid me farewell Old friend It might be easy for another man to see Old foe All the pain and the scars Old foe Could you lay down"
  • Old Friend - The Allman Brothers Band
    "You know hard time is just an old friend, just an old friend to me I say hard time is just an old friend, just an old friend to me Tell me now, old friend, when you gonna let me be? Can't you feel a cold"
  • Old Friend - Chris De Burgh
    "Old friend, so you're in trouble again, you ask me today, To try and find a little time, and maybe buy a glass of wine, Old friend, I'm coming through... Old friend, Yes I remember you, always a smile"
  • Old friend - Rancid
    "Good morning, heartache, you're like an old friend Come and see me again Good morning, heartache, you're like an old friend Come and see me again Look up you're in Cleveland again A solid line that never"
  • Old Friend - O.C. Supertones
    "What do I know? Somebody tell me. I've been running from You so long. Please help me Lord. Find my direction. I just can't do it on my own. You lift me up. You rescue me. It's good to be with You, old"
  • Old Friend - Elton John
    "I want to be good, I want to be strong But I treated him bad, I've done him wrong I've taken his money, I'm given him hell And he takes it all 'cause he knows me well We can say what we mean and mean"
  • Old Friend - Lifetime
    "here she comes again my old friend emptiness faithfully by my side no dividing us its funny how she comes around like clockwork when i hit the ground i try to concentrate and stretch a smile across my"
  • My Old Friend - Al Jarreau
    "I can recall those warm summer days No decisions, child's play Did they slip away? Gone forever, gone forever Lost to yesterday From the beginning you've been Always there my old friend True until the"
  • My Old Friend - Tim McGraw
    "My old friend, I recall The times we had hanging on my wall I wouldn't trade them for gold Cause they laugh and they cry me Somehow sanctify me They're woven in the stories I have told And tell again My"
  • My Old Friend - John Hiatt
    "I thought we were gonna make that bridge what do I know Me and my expectations was always high "Like a Rolling Stone" was playing on the radio It made you cry But we got by My old friend You make me"
  • Old friend - Tangarine
    "Yesterday an old friend.Today I know my mind wentback to 1983 when I was born.Somethings I know about this life.We are born to die, but not to cry.We must try to fight these lies till tonight.Because a"
  • Old Friend - Blacklisted
    "I was thinking to myself If you keep performing this act You just might lose yourself All of this just doesn't suit you But you wear it with a smile Inside I know you're not happy So I'll bite my tongue"
  • My Old Friend - Emilie Simon
    "My old friend, my old friend come close to me I want to talk about the sunny days It's almost as if the sky fell on my shoulders It's funny 'cause in my mind it seemed easy to talk to you My old friend,"
  • My Old Friend - Bob Mould
    "My old friend / take a moment, and you'll understand All things end / walk away with a lesson in hand You gave your all / so you thought You said goodbye never once My old friend / tug away at the heartstrings"
  • Hello My Old Friend - ELO
    "Early morning day is dawning Cooling towers and factory gates Dirty streets and laughing people Skinny dogs and beer crates Hello my old friend Hello my old friend Sad canals green black water Somewhere"
  • Hello my old friend - Electric Light Orchestra
    "Early morning day is dawning Cooling towers and factory gatesDirty streets and laughing peopleSkinny dogs and beer cratesHello my old friendHello my old friendSad canals green black waterSomewhere bicycles"
  • My New Old Friend - Austin Cunningham
    "Austin Cunningham Let That Poor Boy Sing My New Old Friend It was '76 an' we were flyin' high We were writin' our names in the Texas sky Kindred spirits underneath our cowboy hats Free as the air, we were"
  • Old Friend (Of A Friend) - Tad Dreis
    "Bus benches moist, have you lost my voice? I know you from when we both talked to friends Somehow I doubt you'd know us If we met again Last couple years have gone so easily, tears Fall when I wake up"
  • Hello, Old Friend - James Taylor
    "Paris' rooftops were lovely to see. Switzerland's vertical landscape crossed my mind's eye just now. Canada's shoreline has been calling out to me, but it's been too long a time Since last I crossed that"

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