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henrik wikstrom

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henrik wikstrom
  • Henrik B, Niklas Gustavsson, Peter Johansson Echoes
    "Voices inside my head Echoes things that you said Voices inside my head Echoes things that you said Echoes things that you said Echoes things that you said Voices inside my head Echoes things that you"
  • Stephen Sondheim Later
    "Later... When is later? All you ever hear is "Later, Henrik, Henrik, later." "Yes, we know, Henrik, Oh, Henrik, Everyone agrees, Henrik, Please, Henrik!" You have a thought you're fairly bursting"
  • The Residents Main Titles (God In Three Persons)
    "The Cryptic Corporation presents "God in Three Persons" Written, produced and peformed by the Residents With guest vocals by song stylist Laurie Amat Brass and woodwinds by Richard Mariott Package design"
  • Lumsk Perp?lsa
    "Perplsa tussen budde i en stein i Nordland, i Nordland han Svensk-Henrik var p flukt p sine bein han sprang fr lensmannen i dalen Svensk-Henrik sprang, og han sprang i Nordland, i Nordland Og lensmannen"
  • Prime Time Seven Doors Hotel
    "Fourhundred years back in this time Seven doors hotel A massacre took place and a young man died Opened on gate to hell The Eibon is open use your eyes To read and learn In the end it could be your turn 1981"
  • The Divine Comedy Sweden
    "I would like to live in Sweden When my work is done Where the snow lies crisp and even Neath the midnight sun Safe and clean and green and modern Bright and breezy, free and easy Sweden, Sweden, Sweden,"
  • Prime Time Judging Eyes
    "Cold desserts burn like swallowed rats Face down in irony Inventive horror binding lust to vanity My judging eyes... Like thrown off branches, crumbled, dry, So lie the penalized Like freaks of nature"
  • Godsend Life Must Go On
    "Light shines through the window Down upon your bed Looking in your eyes Longing to be held If I could embrace you Together we would meld Like in an etheral garden Your room is filled with flowers The"
  • Prime Time Touched
    ""Such an awkward afternoon", you say: "All necessities, they fade" After all we're on the move again And we're come to taste the light All we do and all we say, touched by light All I need to know today All"
  • Kinderzimmer Productions Back - Ich Bin Nur Ein Remix!!!
    "Neue Zeilen auf frischem Papier Was ich denke und fhle das sage ich hier Doch das hatten wir schon Und es ist jetzt an der Zeit fr die Postrbenra Seit ihr bereit? Manche sprechen lieber vom Postrbismus Simultanitt"

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