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hercules and love affair - Raise Me Up

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hercules and love affair - Raise Me Up

  • Hercules - Aaron Neville
    "All you fear, is fear its self Check our your own back yard before you check out someone else Railroad track, in my neighbourhood Aint no trains around that part just aint no good Wanna know, whats"
  • Hercules - Mercury Rev
    "In the morning your face cracks and falls to the sea The sun follows your step end leads you back to me You keep telling yourself that you're here but you're not alone And you get the feeling that your"
  • Hercules - Meat Puppets
    "Chorus: If you don't look you won't see Everybody is Hercules If you don't watch you won't be cool And nobody will like you You just experienced the latest invention In a place that's too miserable to"
  • Hercules - War Rocket Ajax
    "Look into these eyes and see. I'll not be what you want me to be. Shake my hand and stake your claim. You'll only fan the flame. Seeds of love. Won't leave you cold or flat oh no. More effective than"
  • Hercules - Paul Weller
    "All we fear, is fear itself Check our your own backyard before you check out someone else Railroad track, in my neighbourhood Aint no trains around this place, just aint no good And all I know, is"
  • Hercules - Midnight Oil
    "My life is a valuable thing I wan't to keep it that way, I won't cry My life's such a valuable thing Some things don't fade away, I don't mind We give the best we can give We won't forget, we can't forgive Keep"
  • Raise Up - Saliva
    "Straight out the poorhouse eating lobster for breakfast Two new tour buses, cause my voice is infectious Now the super models never call me a sexist I got the new style that is leaving them breathless I'm"
  • Raise Love - Brad
    "Welcome now where we belong We hit 'em while we're new Givin' up my action I swear that'll come to you And tell me if it seems that They'll be given you to find And what will you define the world That'll"
  • Hercules (Soundtrack English Version) - Ricky Martin
    "Once I dreamt that in some place I could be somebody if I able to love and I also dreamt that if I must triumph my grasped pride I'll have to overcome. One day I'll arrive it doesn't"
  • Raise it up - Jamia Simone Nash
    "No father figure in the house and i'm wonderin' how i'm gonna work it out oh my friends keep on tellin' me how i don't need that man but they don't really understand there's far too many pressures in reality"
  • Raise up (remix) - Petey Pablo
    "In the time of need When the world is going through so many changes So many ups and downs, so many obstacles So much confusion I take it upon myself as one of them new leaders of hip-hop To make a change,"
  • Raise It Up - Juice
    "(Juice) super lyrical, nigga, juice a miracle fans say "we love you, we so used to hearing you" flow boost the spiritual, more proof I'm tearing you vocal booth imperial, I'm so used to stereos bumping"
  • Raise up - Aaliyah
    "This Is David Nevermind And today's controversy is coming from yet another member Or should I say members, of the hip hop community Petey Pablo, a new artist signed under Jive Has teamed up with Timbaland,"
  • Raise Up - Petey Pablo
    "This is David Nevermind And today's controversy is coming from yet another member (Aiyyo tell 'em that we not gon' be playin) or should I say members of the hip-hop community: (I'll blaze 'em niggaz) Petey"
  • Magical Love Affair - Magic Affair
    "Mystical, magical Mystical, magical Mystical, magical, mystical, magical Mystical, magical, mystical, magical Oh yeah Life with me could be so fine Especially when my love for you is on my mind"
  • Raise Me Up - Westlife
    "When i am down and all my souls surround me, and troubles come and my heart burden me, and i am still am waiting here in the silence, until you come and sit awhile with me you raise me up so i can stand"
    "You’re my whole world I can’t live without you You make me crazy when I think of you My heart bits faster I like to be sure that you’ve only main Raise me up Even for the moment Raise me up Where we will"
  • Passing Love Affair - Jean Shepard
    "Be sure before you say I love you that no other love you share I love too deep to have your thanks dear am I just a passing love affair Don't feel my hopes and watch them tumble tell me how much you really"
  • English Love Affair - 5 Seconds Of Summer
    "It started on a weekend in May I was looking for attention needed intervention Felt somebody looking at me With a powder white complexion feeling the connection The way she looked was so ridiculous Every"
  • Foreign Love Affair - Hank Locklin
    "I wonder how many poor boys like me are still in love with a foreign memory And how many poor girls are waiting over there With their hearts tied to a foreign love affair Foreign love affairs distant lands"

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