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here's a health to the company

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here's a health to the company

  • Here's To Your Health - Belson
    "Every piece like you is delicate When puzzles count for more than rhetoric. Your answers, your questions, your half-held head. So we're taking the time to see through If everything you said turns out true,"
  • Here's To... - Slade
  • Company - The Waifs
    "In my head looking to the sky screaming will this pain ever end? you know I'm lonely, I won't understand it I want someone to talk to Someone who'll feel it and hold me Cause I am feeling down down inside"
  • Company - Justin Bieber
    "Can we, we keep, keep each other company Maybe we, can be, be each other's company Oh company Let's set each other's lonely nights Be each other's paradise Need a picture for my frame Someone to share"
  • Company - Tinashe
    "What? I don't need the loving, nope So don't make this something See, I'm nothing like a girlfriend, no! I'm not like someone I'm supposed to be And I just want some company, company, right? And I just"
  • Company - Simon Townshend
    "Looking in the mirror, what do I see but me? Trying to forget her it was never meant to be And that's not clever, cause she didn't mean a thing The morning after what do I see, tell me what do I see No"
  • Company - Ani DiFranco
    "What's the point Of all this pointless proximity If you won't talk Take me for a walk Through a little story All these years Have made me sick to tears Of such mysteries Why should I keep you If you won't"
  • Company - Third Eye Blind
    "Start your engines Can we get the chemicals in Cause anything's better than this Mix it up with vicadin Cause anything's better than this Little cuts on your wrist, To try and get back the feeling"
  • Company - Stephen Sondheim
    "JENNY: Bobby... PETER: Bobby... AMY: Bobby baby... PAUL: Bobby bubi... JOANNE: Robby... SUSAN: Robert darling... DAVID: Bobby, we've been trying to call you. JENNY: Bobby... LARRY: Bobby... AMY: Bobby"
  • Company - Dean Friedman
    "words by Stuffy Shmitt music by Dean Friedman Got a rich man's dream. Wanna swap my taxi on a limousine. Wanna cash it in. Wanna give it all away. Got a poor man's needs. Beans in the bucket and love"
  • Company - Flybanger
    "Everyday in our bones the feeling of being fucked with beyond tired sick of this bull shit what the hell is with all this were gonna change this Twisting our minds with the lies I don't ever want to"
  • Company - Megan Slankard
    "As I sat the moon started rising I'm swinging on the rocking chair It's kinda dark on the horizon But that's only 'cause the sun ain't there As I sat the moon started rising And I remembered like it were"
  • Company - America
    "Some can see its poetryCome as you are in your broken carThe companyCarousel is wishing wellAs a wonder night that spoke delightTo the companyCan you hear the summer calling youCan you hear him call you"
  • Health, Wealth, Self - KRS-One
    "Yeah.. yeah.. yup! You know what? I was just downstairs and I was on my way up here to the studio and a guy bumped into me and and he said.. he said, "Yo Kris! How is it that you stay in this music? You"
  • National Health - The Kinks
    "Nervous tension, man's invention, Is the biggest killer that's around today Let the tension out or it will build and build inside And strike you down some day Nervous tension, man's invention Is the"
  • Health & Happiness - The Wallflowers
    "Maybe it's not That I don't care anymore Maybe I just never did You can't say That I have ever lied Because I keep the truth well hid Tell me what's wrong Is something wrong? You can't be sad When something"
  • Mental Health - Zebrahead
    "Let's Go! The lights are on but there is no one home Yeah I'm the type of guy that shouldn't be left alone They say just one more night of observation There's nothing like a permanent vacation I break"
  • Metal Health - Quiet Riot
    "Well I'm an axegrinder Piledriver Mother says that I never never mind her Got no brains I'm insane Teacher says that I'm one big pain I'm like a laser 6-streamin' razor I got a mouth like an alligator I"
  • Planet Health - Chairlift
    "When I arrived on planet health In the state of being well So I altered my self conscious messes And body images I visited the food pyramid In the desert of vitamins I found a desired heart rate And a"
  • Health & Theory - Deadsy
    "The first thing's first, if you didn't know That thing in the hearse is a fucking joke The truth, the mind is well above There's a plan to kill a dove When it all appears to you, then we'll start to fade Throes"

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